Debunking the GOP Propaganda: Only 34% Want Obamacare Repealed

Republicans and conservatives would like you believe that Americans hate Obamacare, but a new poll found that only 34% of those surveyed want Obamacare repealed.

When likely voters were asked in the latest Suffolk University poll whether they thought the Affordable Care Act should be repealed, modified, or left alone, only 34% thought that the law should be repealed. Thirty two percent thought the law should be modified, twenty three percent want the law to be left alone, and eleven percent was undecided. Fifty three percent of respondents said that the healthcare reform law was intended to expand coverage. Eight percent thought the purpose of the law was to control costs and nineteen percent believed that it was supposed to do both. Interestingly, 70% of those surveyed thought the goal of healthcare reform should be to both expand coverage and control costs.

The right argues that Obamacare has made the lives of people worse, but sixty percent of those surveyed said that the healthcare reform law has either made their lives better (20%), or has made no difference (40%). Only 33% of respondents believed that they were worse off because of Obamacare. These numbers are more important in making the argument for healthcare reform than the standard approve/disapprove question that most pollsters use.

These numbers show a country that wants healthcare reform, but the majority of Americans don’t think that the Affordable Care Act has been effective. (A main reason why they think this is because the bulk of the law does not take effect until 2014). The high disapproval rating for health care reform in many polls reflects the success that the Republicans have had in framing the issue, but conservatives would be wise to not confuse messaging success with policy agreement.

A 2011 poll found that 13% of those who have a poor opinion of Obamacare feel that way because they don’t think it goes far enough. Overall when taken with those who support the bill, 56% of Americans wanted the same or a more liberal healthcare reform law. For this reason, a Supreme Court ruling against the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act could provide President Obama with a political opportunity to argue for a better healthcare reform bill.

Polling data consistently demonstrates that those who are most opposed to healthcare reform are already going to vote Republican. Railing against Obamacare is a nice tool for Republicans to use in order to fire up the base, but no matter how the Supreme Court rules, President Obama shouldn’t be politically damaged either way. Much to the disappointment of the GOP, the data indicates that campaigning against healthcare reform is not their path to victory in 2012.

If their recent pattern of extremism holds true, the Republican Party and their Supreme Court enablers may help Barack Obama get reelected by ruling against the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act.

8 Replies to “Debunking the GOP Propaganda: Only 34% Want Obamacare Repealed”

  1. The President needs to once again…explain the ‘Affordable Care Act’ to the American people…very simply with easily understood examples.
    This is where Obama shines!

  2. I don’t know how he gets people to listen! I see just tons of articles about it, and the different parts of it, what it does, what it will do later, but if people aren’t open minded about it, or aren’t paying attention, it’s difficult.

    One thing on Pres. Obama’s side, I think, is that virtually everyone recognizes that something has to change with our health care system. Everyone knows the present day (pre-ACA) system is broken; it’s way too profit driven and selective about who it covers. While the ACA isn’t perfect, it’s a far sight better than what we have now, which for many of us is nothing at all. I hope it’s upheld, and I hope as time goes on, he can find ways to streamline it and make it more cost effective, and bring down the insane profits drug companies make.

  3. The RightWing propaganda these last few years is the worst I have ever seen in all my life.
    Even here in Blue-State CA…there is so much hatred directed toward Obama.
    I believe it’s BIG MONEY…instead of jobs they’re giving money to the GOP/ThinkTanks to influence the voters. All across our nation great numbers of people are being tricked and influenced against their own best interest!

  4. I am not sure in this case that the Democrats have done a very good job of describing that affordable health care act to the general public. It’s probably somewhat difficult to reach everyone the still, they are going to have to do a vastly better job of this.

    And what will happen if it is repealed? All the discounts that seniors have been getting on drugs will be gone. I can only suggest at this point that they will be celebrating and voting Republican. All the people who have insurance now who didn’t have it before could conceivably lose it. Will they be voting Republican?

    And notice that not one Republican is talking about your healthcare. In other words, we will go right back to the status quo of people being dropped, people being denied insurance. Is that what America is all about? We know that’s what the free-market is all about

  5. I read last night (aloud to my hormonal bondage partner) an article sighting a poll that only 25% are for repealing the act…and I can’t find it this morning or I would link it.

    We both shook our heads and moaned,’it’s the same statistic all the time; same people who want a theocracy, no taxes, and all the same trash and trinket republican memes. Same voter block. It’s always the same 20-25% consisting of the same demographics; white, southern evangelical…

    Personally, I can’t wait until October because I can sign up for the new program that will cover retirees like a “long-term care insurance”. Basically, you pay into it for 5 years only, (before retirement age) and it covers most home care visits until, you know, until your kids institutionalize ya’.

    It is better than most LT insurance “contracts” because most won’t cover new/unseen future technologies…and they are very costly unless you have plenty of money to throw into the coffers and then find out when you need the care, they don’t cover the latest products and technologies…good luck with that 80’s model wheelchair, grandma!

  6. Obama should take a leaf from Reagan: anecdotes. “Such-and-such in Boise wrote to me about how her brother has hit his lifetime cap on benefits.” Even my orthodox-Republican mom was aghast at the Wellpoint Healthcare policy of instantly canceling the insurance of any woman diagnosed with breast cancer, and approved of the Obamacare stricture on this policy … though she backtracked and repeated that Obamacare “has to be repealed.”

  7. The problem is the AMA monopoly. Corporations, stockholders and the politicians they pay all add to the cost of healthcare.
    For profit healthcare is a defective product.
    No re-packaging or re-branding will change this.

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