As Thousands Protest, Rush Limbaugh Defends Trayvon Martin’s Killer

As thousands protest in Sanford, FL, Rush Limbaugh defended the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman as getting a little, “overzealous.”

Limbaugh said,

Jerry, what I’ve read is that Mr. Zimmerman — who, again, the New York Times refers to as a “white Hispanic” and the rest of the media has now picked that up, ’cause that fits the template. You need white-on-black here to gin this up. I understand. He wants to be a cop. He just loves law enforcement, and he’s a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch commander, and he wanted to protect his neighborhood, and he just got a little overzealous and so forth. But we still don’t know what the real facts of this are, I don’t think. That’s why this is… It’s a month ago that this happened, and yet it’s being portrayed as though it just happened last weekend or something, at least with the attention that’s being focused on it. But it really is troubling that there are people trying to fan the flames of this rather than cool it down. I mean at the highest levels. I mean we know who the people trying to benefit from this are, but at the highest levels of our government, you would think — with a powder keg like this — that people would want to try to douse it, cool it off a little bit. I just don’t see any of that.

Limbaugh’s remarks then turned toward an attack on President Obama and the left for injecting race into the killing of Trayvon Martin.

The idea that Zimmerman’s actions which led to the murder of a 17 year old teenager were nothing more than overzealous is far-fetched at best. It is almost as crazy as a white right wing talk show host who spends his days launching racist attacks against the President of the United States complaining that the left is racist.

It is important to note that the protesters in Sanford, Florida today were not calling for a conviction or any violence against George Zimmerman. All they are seeking is an arrest and a full criminal investigation. With the city of Sanford latching on to Zimmerman’s fairy tale defense of being attacked by Martin in order to avoid a lawsuit, it seems unlikely that an arrest will be forthcoming. (The reason why I believe Zimmerman’s defense is a fairy tale is that the shooter outweighed the victim by almost 100 lbs. Are we really supposed to believe that a grown man was attacked from behind, taken to the ground, and his only defense despite his physical advantages was to shoot the young man?)

Zimmerman appears to be sticking with the stand your ground defense, but it is impossible to know the truth without a thorough criminal investigation. For some reason, Sanford, Florida refuses to investigate. Now that Rush Limbaugh has jumped into the fray, the great trifecta of ignorance and racism is complete.

From Fox News blaming Trayvon Martin’s hoodie and Michele Bachmann telling Martin’s supporters they are imagining things to Rush Limbaugh’s offhanded dismissal of murder as an overzealous action, the right is doing everything they can to try and make this story go away.

But until there is an arrest and a full criminal investigation, there will be lingering doubts about whether or not justice was really done for Trayvon Martin.

Image: Voice of Detroit

26 Replies to “As Thousands Protest, Rush Limbaugh Defends Trayvon Martin’s Killer”

  1. Thats right, lets douse it, hide it under a bushel basket. Make it go away. Its just another black to Rush. If we hide it, the next one wont be publicized Rush, and then even you can go out a shoot a skittle holder.

  2. Seems to me that the real question here is the absurd legislation, stand your ground, and the radical agenda of the NRA. The police departments and DA’s were against such a law, and now their worst fears have come true–the tragic death of a young person. Gun ownership is a privilege that requires responsibility. I am truly horrified by the idea of thousands of citizens walking around armed–we have too much violence already–and this legislation will only lead to more. Rush, and the other Republican responses are just trying to justify their support of the NRA.

  3. If their is a hell there is a special beach on the lake of fire for Rush.

    Welcome to The Divided States of Embarrassment.

  4. rush is the permanent esteem leader of the 25% conservative republicans,that suffers from chronic ICP. it is manifested by blurred vision,plugged hearing and a strong foul smell from close association to the heritage foundation. INNER COLON PERSPECTIVE cannot be cured. there are three methods currently used to free their minds.

  5. Rush as usual tries to deny racism exists except in the minds of the victims. It’s people like him that slow the progress as we gain tolerance each generation. They protesteth too much and we all know racists. Had it been a white boy it is likely this would not have happened. Geraldo blaming the hoodie was insultive as well. I’m a 55 year old white guy, though I tan so well people question my race (though usually I’ve found the lower the IQ the more likely I am thought of as hispanic even though I don’t have the subtle physical charaterisitcs) but I often wear a hoodie as they are called now. I’ve always had ear infection issues and cold especially with wind is not good for me and I need to keep my ears covered in certain weather. I mowed my yard some tonight and had to wear a hoodie because it was cool and breezy. I also have an ex-son in law who is one of my very best friends and he is black and has told me of being stopped by police more than once for driving while black. There was a study in East St Louis a few years ago on that subject and blacks were stopped at a FAR greater rate by police. One black man who lived in a mostly white higher end neighborhood was stopped over 20 times in his nice SUV in a few months. The guys who are cop wannabees have the same mindset and target minorities especially blacks. This Zimmerman guy created the situation and is responsible for the results no matter what the facts were at the end of the incident. Martin may have even attacked him as he was in fear for his life. He may have thought this guy stalking him was some pervert and may have been pushed to take defensive action. Also this stand your ground thing is partly a property issue where people feel they are entitled to kill someone who might be stealing their tv or whatever. In my mind this is insane that a human life is given the same value as a tv. In the civilized world we live in most of us have insurance for such things.

  6. Ask any police officer in Illinois what the standard report/arrest report race column has for an option and you will learn that indeed White Hispanic is one of the options.

    But, Rush Limpballs and the right are only interested in hyping the Blame the Media argument and for now and forever it is about Race.

  7. Rush Limpdick is not even worth listening to. This child was murdered as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. There is no stand your ground your defense that can change that. DOJ needs to investigate….talk to the people the Sanford police won’t even spend the time on. Any one of us could be in this position. It is indefensible. These parents need justice not spin from an old drug addicted blow hard. This incident stinks and everyone knows it!

  8. First,… Limbaugh should NOT be called Rush. There should not be any terms of endearment or first name fame for this charlatan.

    Second,..there are over 65 deaths over this law that have never been prosecuted.

    This law is a result in many states of A.L.E.C the dreaded American Legislative Exchange Council.

    They work like termites in state legislative bodies enacting laws under the radar of the public state by state. They are supported by the gun lobbies, the Koch Bros. and the John Birch society.

    Most people don’t even have a clue who these people are.

    Please look up ALEC watch, and you will find out who these people are.

    Limbaugh is closely associated with the Koch Bros. as is several of the supreme court justices.

    Have you ever wondered what is happening in so many states with the WAR on women? Trust me it is ALEC working in tandem with all of the right wing Governor’s and legislative bodies put in office in 2010.

    This is why there is so much of the same legislation going on on all at the same time across the nation.

    It breaks my hart to know there so many uninformed people who are victims of ALEC but do not have a clue who they are.

    Wake up America. Google ALEC Watch and find out who these people are.

  9. I’m curious why the defenseless Mississippi State student that was shot to death Saturday night is not getting any airtime.

  10. First of all, that’s start with your statement, “Gun ownership is a privilege that requires responsibility.” Yes, gun ownership requires responsibility, in fact, it requires a great deal of responsiblity and respect for the weapon but to say it is a privilege is absolutely absurd. Gun ownership, according to the Constitution, is a right not a privilege. As a law abiding citizen, any person has the right to own and bare a firearm. This is not about guns, so do not make it about guns and gun control. This is about the death of a young man under unknown circumstances. An investigation is warranted into this tragic event but until more information and some hard evidence is available we can not condemn a man as guilty.

  11. I’m gonna guess it’s because the suspected shooter wasn’t allowed to walk free with no investigation.

    Think that might be it?

  12. That’s not the right answer. You feel there’s been no investigation in Florida? Wow. You don’t read much.

  13. I’m amazed at the mob justice mentality..There *have* been calls for violence against Zimmerman..In fact there was a $10k bounty put out on him “dead or alive” by the new black panthers. I let myself get drawn into the media’s portrayal of this incident, but the bottom line is not all the evidence has been made public. Let the justice system do it’s job and if there’s enough evidence for a trial then there certainly should be.

    I can armchair quarterback this and say that the actions Zimmerman took wouldn’t be the one’s I took if I were in the same situation. But again, let all the evidence come to light and let the justice system work.

  14. Jake, that’s far too logical. That doesn’t provide for the likes of Jesse Jackson and Sharpton to come in and stir the pot so they can extort more money. Why did the mother already trademark her son’s name?

  15. Limbaugh is just jumping on the bandwagon of defending Zimmerman and demonizing those who are rightly calling for an arrest and a thorough investigation, things the Sanford PD utterly failed to do. Zimmerman’s actions were motivated by racism against young black males, and he attributed the bad behavior of some onto all of them. So, HE introducted race into this issue, which led him to murder Trayvon.
    The harm of racial bias was compounded by the conduct of that police department, which obviously thought Trayvon was a nobody who wouldn’t be missed, which is why they collaborated with Zimmerman to engage in a coverup. Why else would they investigate Trayvon’s record, but not that of Zimmerman, which they falsely called “squeaky clean?” Why else would they test Trayvon’s body for drugs and alcohol, but not Zimmerman? They also were dismissive of witness accounts which didn’t conform with the narrative they wanted to go with, namely Zimmerman’s ridiculous claim of self-defense. The fact that there’s an investigation at all now is because the boy’s parents and their attorneys wouldn’t let this issue die, not because the police there did their job.

  16. I’m certain the name was trademarked for the same reason that Arnold Schwarzenegger trademarked his name, to control the use of it.

    Since the young Skittles toting youth was once an embryo, where’s the outrage from the right? Ohh wait, he’s a minority and DEAD!

  17. There is a likelihood that a grand jury will be called to consider the facts, and that Zimmerman, the local police, and reported witnesses will be subpoenaed to testify. Other than that, does any commenter or the news reports add anything new to the dialogue that doesn’t inflame the situation?

    None of us have first hand knowledge, but as the story goes on, we pick and choose what we hear, what we want to consider, and people are making conclusions either in support of Martin or Zimmerman.

    The only common ground is that someone died and it caused hurt for many.

  18. It’s not a matter of “pick and choose” to note that Zimmerman should have listened to the operator and stopped pursuing this kid. Everything that transpired was a direct result of his decision to keep following Trayvon. It’s also not a matter of “pick and choose” to note that the Sanford PD did a horrible job. Chief Bill Lee didn’t earn a “no-confidence” vote from the commission there for nothing, nor did he step down for nothing.

  19. limbaugh js unashamed self righteous bigot. I want to know when the punishment for possible trspassing (at best) became the death penalty. This is a night mare.

  20. We should cool it down. Right now a semi political group is putting a bounty on a private citizen who doesn’t have any formal charges on it.

    I’ll agree we need to hear about this every day as a nation wide event when every other teenage gun shot victim that has been killed since his death gets the same national coverage. Statistically saying 1 in 2 major cities in the US have had a teen die to a gun shot since this unfortunate accident.

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