Fox News Has Lost 17% of Their Viewers in March

Not only is the Republican primary pushing away voters, it is also turning off cable news watchers. Case in point, ratings leader Fox News saw a 17% decline in viewership in March.

March 2012 has been a big downer for Fox News compared to the same time in 2011. With only the Republican primary to cover, Fox News is down 17% overall in total viewers and 27% with younger viewers. The Fox decline in prime time was only 9% overall, but they dropped 26% with younger viewers. Only two shows in the entire Fox lineup grew from March 2011, Fox and Friends and On The Record With Greta Van Susteren. For the first quarter of 2012, Fox News has lost 5% of their total viewers, and 10% of their younger viewers.

Remember when CNN decided to sell itself out, and climb in bed with the tea party? Compared to what is happening over at CNN, Fox News looks great. In March 2011 CNN surged in the ratings thanks to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but with only the Republican primary to discuss, CNN’s viewership has taken a nosedive. Compared to March 2011, CNN has lost 50% of its viewers, and 60% of their younger viewers. For the first quarter of 2012, CNN is down 21% in total viewers, and 60% with younger viewers. I guess maybe putting all of their eggs in the 2012 Republican basket wasn’t such a hot idea. (Run, Anderson Cooper run)!!

MSNBC, which has not been devoting as much time to the Republican primary, saw their viewership grow by 3% in March, even though their numbers with younger viewers fell by 3%. For the first quarter of 2012, MSNBC is up 1% overall, but down 6% with younger viewers. MSNBC also has two shows on the rise. Hardball was up 23% in March, and Politics Nation with Al Sharpton was up 32% over what Cenk Uygur did in the same time slot in March of 2011. (It looks like MSNBC made the right call on Uygur, and honestly, he is a much better fit on Current than he ever was at MSNBC).

The Republican primary is such a downer that it is hurting the ratings of the two networks who gave it the most coverage. The reason why Fox News stopped dedicating so much airtime to the GOP primary is that it was hurting their ratings. (Not even Republicans want to watch this stuff). It is also starting to look like CNN made another epically disastrous decision by climbing in to bed with the tea party. CNN’s shift to the right has been an epic failure. CNN gambled that GOP 2012 would be just as hot with viewers as the Obama/Clinton Democratic contest was in 2008.

The problem for those who were expecting a 2012 ratings boon is that Romney/Santorum has been the complete opposite of Obama/Clinton. The only thing that Mitt Romney’s gloom and doom, and Rick Santorum’s Old Testament revival tour have accomplished is the alienation of millions of voters.

The Obama/Clinton contest was unique because it not only got Barack Obama elected, it also rehabilitated Hillary Clinton’s image and turned her into one of the most popular political figures in the United States. It can be argued that both Obama and Clinton came out winners after the 2008 Democratic primary.

In contrast, there are no winners in the 2012 Republican primary. Instead of evolving into a good candidate, Mitt Romney has devolved into oatmeal. His opponents, Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul have become some of the least liked candidates in modern primary history. Republicans are so unenthused about their choices in 2012 that they are depressed by their own primary.

The Republican primary has accomplished something incredible. It made viewers turn off Fox.

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  1. Perhaps FOX viewers are finally catching on to the fact that they’re listening to nothing but lies…not that they want to hear the other side, but all the different sides and flip-flopping of their candidates must be terribly confusing. So much fun for the rest of us, though!

  2. When considering younger viewers in particular, you must also consider that fewer and fewer people under 35 actually WATCH television news. These people increasingly all have devices in their pocket which can serve them news in any form they like. I know more and more people every day who watch very little, if any television, and a few that have gotten rid of their TV completely, and use the internet for their entertainment and information needs.

  3. i wish the UNITED STATES would adopt the same law that CANADA has,which says you can’t be called NEWS if all you tell is lies.thats why FOX news (propaganda) isn’t allowed to broadcast in CANADA. wake up america & stop watching foux lies

  4. That is great news, funny thing about the republican candidates, they never want to appear on MSBC and seem to be afraid of Rachel (who is doping real well)

  5. I told CNN to get rid of Wolf. I feel for their morning news lady, cant remember her name (O’brien) because I really liked her when she was on a few years ago in the AM. Maybe they can real quick decide liberal is in and get their ratings back. Or start advertising with Rush

    As for Fox, gee Im sorry. If they all were not such invertebrate liars it might have helped

  6. It would be wonderful to think that even the dumbed-down audiences of today can finally get tired of malice and lies.

  7. Under the circumstances- it’s too bad the Republican primaries couldn’t continue forever. It’d bleed Romney dry paying 3-4x what all the other candidates are spending on ads, as well as continuing his gaffe machine campaign stops.

    He’d probably do better not claiming to be all things to all constituencies, since he’s hardly a middle class mid-Westerner, grit-eating Southerner or a far-right GOP candidate, but if his campaign guys and Romney are trying to sell that…? I’m all for letting them try…

  8. Gotta say watching CNN take a hit for their right wing slobbering is pretty cool. Fox deserves what it has coming. It’s viewers are dying off. The death panels are taking them to the commie heaven on Medicare scooters. Justice.

  9. Even with all their money, think tanks and news outlets the far right has failed to convince Americans that their philosophy of fear, hate and lies is the one to follow. In fact, with all their purges to further purify themselves, they have made themselves a dwindling minority that will not be tolerated, let alone elected to public office, much longer.

  10. It used to have such a law. When media was using the public airwaves, they had to “broadcast in the public interest”. When their license was up for review, people were invited to comment about the station to the FCC. Cable isn’t under the oversight of the FCC, and the FCC was completely gutted by GW Bush.

  11. Listen, Fox’s ratings are down for the very same reason every other mainstream media channel is down. We are SICK of being lied to by way of omission bc you’re all owned by the same people who own our government and political systems. And when one of your reporters TRIES to tell the truth…they get FIRED!!!! You people amaze me…and then you try to say your ratings are down because all you can report on is the republican primary???? How about reporting on our Hitler style president and what HE has been up to such as the NDAA or NDRP???? Oh yes, I forgot, you’re OWNERS won’t let you tell the truth.

  12. Yes, we stopped watching CNN when they made their shift to the right and the Republican Primaries was the final call. Look at that panel on with these dumb elections. Those Republican guys & gals turn our stomachs. Anderson has ‘butch’ air to him now which he can’t quite pull off, as he’s too short. Yea, we miss the old CNN. As for FOX, all they do is lie and praise these awful candidates. Romney is such a rich puke and Santorum’s put down of women is what you’re left with after just 10 minutes. Life is tough enough out here, why does FOX and CNN have to rub it in with these hateful dudes?

  13. I was unaware of that law but must say I’m strongly in favor of adopting that law here. Is there anyway you could provide either a link or frame of reference. I’d love to start up a petition to do that here in the USA.

  14. They still have not figured out that Republicans are the most disliked people in this country
    There is no one they have not offended an for these two networks to keep promoting them is insane but let them keep on
    We are all now focused on MSNBC because they are talking about real issues we are concerned about an they not demonizing minorities an or inviting host to do it for them
    People are sick of that crap an we are not going to reward you for doing it anymore
    Republicans are liars, cheats an thugs We are not fools We fully understand what their doing
    The only real fools are the few that continue to watch an vote for them an they are even becoming less an less

  15. More interesting to note is that Reagan pushed to have the Fairness Doctrine repealed. In 1987, the FCC killed it. That’s about the time Fox started up it’s machine. Also, probably helped by the Koch bros.’ pappa, who was head of John Birch society, which is now Americans for Prosperity for all intents and purposes., may be able to start a petition to bring it back, but with this congress, good luck, and the FCC is now so political and partisan. I’d love to see fox and cnn go bye-bye for good.

  16. The FCC was gutted. We used to have all kinds of laws about ownership and what company’s could own news. Advertising used to honest or face fines.
    Famously, Mrs. Graham, of the Washington Post got into trouble for owning a Radio station in Florida while owning a news paper on the same coast, that was in the 80’s. Now Rupert owns 180 something news and media outlets in America. And will America prosecute Rupert for his crimes in England, NOT A CHANCE!

  17. The NDAA was attached to a budget bill and yea,maybe he should have pulled out the veto stamp anyway. The problem will soon go away. Two lawsuits have been filed and the AT has said it is pretty hard to defend it. That translates to, the case will get assigned to a rookie.

  18. two words: Ron Paul. My guess is that Roger should have wooed the RP supporters more. Roger blew it and it’s a laugh!

  19. They won the “Fox-can-lie” lawsuit in 2003: “The attorneys for Fox, owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch, argued the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports on the public airwaves.”

  20. We need to end the HATE – Fox News is losing credibility because people are seeing idiots like Geraldo blame a shooting victim, or O’Reilly defend a hate-monger.
    Help us get the leader of hate talk off the radio and perhaps force him into the new repository of extreme right wing losers … Lets get rid of Rush. Perhaps he and Sarah Palin can co-host a show together. Join us, do a little or a lot, despite what his radio network wants you to believe, this movement is working.

  21. CNN is a part of that lying progaganda criminal cabal as FOX is and I sure don’t feel sorry for any of them. I regularly watch MSNBC but until the crooks are arrested I believe they have a bridle over their tongues as look at the building they are in. Rockefeller Plaza-need I say more!

  22. Thank you. I’ve pointed out that no one under the age of 40 actually WAITS until a specified time to watch news. Their friends tweet it to them or they podcast.

    Mainstream media is dead.

    This also goes for bizarre laws demanding sex not be taught in schools.

    No child is going to wait until 5th grade 2nd period to Google ‘sex.’

    The revolution is underway.

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