Trayvon Martin’s Killer’s Story Is Still Full of Holes

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I cannot in good conscience sit back and continue to write nothing about the obscenity that is the citizen arrest, conviction and execution of a 17-year-old black youngster, Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. The ‘Stand Your Ground’ executioner was a 28 year old delusional, race-obsessed, paranoid ‘neighborhood watch’ vigilante, George Zimmerman. I was driven to my keyboard after reading colleague Jason Easley’s account of Limbaugh’s reaction and when I finally heard the Zimmerman ‘side’ of the story. A story that had hitherto seemed the very definition of a racist murder. Please pardon some duplication in analyzing this gruesome tale.

Sanford, Florida is a dirt-poor town of 40,000 with a third of that population being black or African-American. Sanford is in the Orlando Metro Area. The per capita income hovers somewhere around $15 grand. If you’re black, that number plummets to 10 – 11 grand. That’s stone-cold poverty. Only 10% of the population has a college degree.

The sad fact is that under-education and lack of money breeds people like Zimmerman. Bitter and frustrated, they look to lash out at their perceived ‘lessers’.

There was no readily apparent danger to Zimmerman when he gunned his prey down. But for Martin it was a different story. Being a young black man on his way to visit a friend through a certain neighborhood after a convenience store purchase of a bag of Skittles appears to have been enough to end his life in 2012, right-wing, racist America. I won’t repeat the entire sequence of events leading up to the death of Martin. The Zimmerman side has managed to pretzel them into a confusing hodgepodge of misleading statements, questionable claims and myriad excuses for a senseless killing.

The latest ‘excuse’ apparently is the fact that Martin had been suspended from school after authorities had found a baggie inside his book bag containing traces of marijuana. All readers who have ever experimented, even once, with weed please raise your hand. I said raise your hand. Oh, never mind! Pretty soon they’ll claim he whistled at a white woman.

Here is Zimmerman’s delayed story as reported by the Orlando Sentinel. This is his first public peep of any kind since the shooting, February 26th. The story reports that Zimmerman told police that he saw Martin walking in his neighborhood, but lost track of him and was heading back to his SUV when Martin approached him from the left rear.

The two had words and Trayvon allegedly punched Zimmerman in the nose, knocking him down. Martin then got on top of Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk several times. By definition, several is more than two. So this kid banged Zimmerman’s noggin at least 3 times onto concrete. Earlier this year a Pasco County Florida convenience store clerk died after being pushed and hitting his head on concrete. Speculation is that the brain immediately ‘died’. Concussion, Hemorrhaging, swelling of the brain, radiating and concentric fractures, nerve cell injury – any doctor could keep this list going on and on describing the nasty consequences of even hitting the back of your head once. You’ll recall the death of Natasha Richardson 3 years ago when she fell and hit the back of her head once on a beginner’s ski slope. She apparently died of an epidural hematoma.

I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened the way Zimmerman self-servingly describes the incident, but it’s highly unlikely. Like a lot of 17-year-olds, Martin was probably a bit mouthy and cocky. I was. But he was also tall and skinny. Reports vary from 6’ – 6’3 and about 140-150 lbs.  Zimmerman was reportedly 100 or so pounds heavier, short (5’9”) and stocky. In any event, the young man clearly wasn’t threatening enough to prevent Zimmerman from stalking him from behind.

I’ve read the initial police reports…the bloody nose, blood on the back of his head, the wet grass covered shirt. Sanford Fire Rescue showed up to treat Zimmerman. It was too late for Martin. Zimmerman’s injuries  couldn’t have been too bad; he was officially released from SFD care and did not go to the hospital.

Apparently, while being pummeled with MMA-type brute force, Zimmerman was able to pull out his holstered gun, a kel tec pf9 9mm semi-auto and fire a round into the kid’s chest from inches away. And according to the  initial police report not a word about Zimmerman’s head being slammed into the concrete. Nor did that seem to be an issue with SFD. It’s also odd with all that head/concrete action that Martin’s body should be found between houses in the grass. The officer in charge didn’t even discuss the incident with Zimmerman, but an investigator later did. His report?

It’s entirely possible that young Martin punched Zimmerman, maybe even wrestled around in the grass with him. Something you might do as well, staring down the barrel of a 9mm semi-auto and its Luger cartridges.

It’s amazing that a March 21st Anderson Cooper interview has received so little attention. Cooper talked with two women who told him they witnessed Zimmerman on top of Martin. Here’s what one of them had to say.

Cooper: “So you saw Mr. Zimmerman on top of Trayvon Martin?’

Guest:    “Exactly.”

Cooper:  “When you say on top of him, how so?”

Guest:      “He was straddling him.”

Cooper:  “His legs were straddling him?”

Guest:    “One on each side on his knees with his hands on his back.” The woman demonstrates the position of the hands on Martin’s back, one over the other.

Cooper:  “Do you believe it was self-defense?”

Guest:    “I do not…if it was self-defense, why was he on Trayvon’s back?”

And most have heard the account of Trayvon’s cell phone conversation where it was clear that Zimmerman was following him. The girlfriend says she told Trayvon to just run when he said a guy was walking fast up behind him. Trayvon turned around and asked Zimmerman why he was following him. Zimmerman was heard saying, “what are you doing around here?” Both men then repeated themselves and the girlfriend says Trayvon was pushed from behind as his headphones fell off and all cell phone communications stopped.

So here we are. A sudden burst of witnesses and a ginned-up story 30 days in the making.  This is one the Justice Department will have to sort out; the Sanford gendarmes are way too timid to rile up the locals with an arrest.

Want to learn more about George Zimmerman? Might I suggest you get a copy of the 1976 movie entitled ‘Taxi Driver’. Robert De Niro plays Vietnam vet, Travis Bickle. Replace Bickle with Zimmerman and the Martin killing will become crystal clear to you.

*ABC News has been reporting that the investigator referenced in this feature filed an affidavit the very night of the killing indicating he did not believe Zimmerman’s version of events and suggested that Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. The State’s Attorney’s office headed by Norman Wolfinger refused to act on the recommendation.









10 Replies to “Trayvon Martin’s Killer’s Story Is Still Full of Holes”

  1. I’d like to point out that George Zimmerman wasn’t raised there. Apparently his father was a judge, and his mother a court clerk, or something along those lines. That is the only thing that I disagree with. However the medias assertion that because he is mixed hispanic, so therefore he cannot be racist is bulls#!t. Notice the family friend of the Zimmermans is african american, but none of Zimmermans friends are actually black, at least none that I have seen.

  2. the best fight I ever saw was one night at the Palace up in Michigan.( Pontiac, used to be home of the Pistons). There was an elderly usher that I swear was a couple hundred years old. He was a black man, kind of tall and very skinny. They told a kid to put his cigarette out because we were on the floor were they played basketball in the kids said no, stood up and pushed the guy. about 5 seconds later he was laying on the floor as that old man started with his stomach and worked his way up to his jaw.

    the reason I tell you that is I think Trayvon might have been able to win a fight if they were boxing. However if they were wrestling, the heavier guy would’ve won. I don’t think Zimmermann had to kill Trayvon, I think trayvon started to win but quickly was overcome by the others weight. I think at that point Zimmerman shot him.the whole thing was pointless and needless. And I too wonder why the two women’s testimony is not being brought up. I do hope the federal prosecutors or investigators are looking into that

  3. The fact that his father is a Supreme Court judge — he was given a pass by the police. And his father is going to pull every string possible to keep his son from going to jail.

  4. Hi SallyinChicago, my old stamping grounds. Welcome to our progressive world. It’s great that you pointed out that the father was a “Supreme Court” judge. That’s been going around the Internet and is incorrect. I was going to include an explanation in my original story, but ran out of room. Here are the facts. Robert J. Zimmerman was never a Supreme Court judge. In fact his ‘Quasi-judge’position was about as far from the the dignity and power of the Supreme Court as you can get. First, people must know that the father is a retired Magistrate in Virginia, not Florida as some Internet sites have reported. The court system in Virginia in order of importance is the 7-judge Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, General District Courts, Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts and at the very bottom of the heap, appointed Magistrates, who are rarely even attorneys. They have very limited statutory powers – call them ‘aides’ to the legal system if you will.They can issue subpoenas,various warrants, collect fines, set bail and perform certain other low-level legal duties. It is very doubtful that the Sanford authorities were even aware of the elder Zimmerman’s connection to the legal system and if they were, it was so far removed from anything to do with Florida that it would be very surprising if there was any influence to exert on the part of Robert Zimmerman. I appreciate you bringing up this point as it has been highly misrepresented and poorly understood. Thanks for being part of our Politicus family.

  5. I have been watching Zimmerman’s ‘black friend’ on just about every news channel, he is polished and slick and has his patter down to a tee. I have been thinking something wrong here, apparently he had a short relationship with the Zimmermans, but has given up his job to do this! Smells fishy – could he be hired as a lobbyist for the NRA (who helped write the gun law)

  6. Excellent article! Let us never forget a child is dead because he was walking while black.

    The vigilante followed him, confronted him, and eventually executed him.

    Zimmerman has a side all right – the wrong side!

    We need to continue to demand an end to vigilantism and racially motivated violence.

    Contrast this case with that of Blacks shooting a White in Mississippi. Three days after the shooting the Black suspects were arrested. In the Florida White on Black shooting, thirty-one days have passed and the executioner is still armed and at large.

  7. I also saw Zimmerman’s black friend, who doesn’t seem to know much about Zimmerman for a person who claims to be a close friend. He was on Lawrence O’Donnell’s “The Last Word,” and O’Donnell asked him some very pointed questions. So did columnist Charles Blow. This friend is not at all helpful to Zimmerman’s case, as he has been exposed as being unaware of Zimmerman’s record of violence against a police officer and against an old girlfriend. That’s on top of the fact that Zimmerman’s story of self-defense is riddled with self-contradictions and inconsistencies. These flaws were apparent to the investigator who didn’t buy Zimmerman’s account and wanted to arrest him the very night of Trayvon’s murder. He wanted to charge him with manslaughter, but was overruled by the police chief and the state’s attorney. What Zimmerman did was particularly egregious, but it’s made even worse by the actions of the PD and the state’s attorney which reek of a coverup.

  8. The father’s influence with the cops and the DA in Florida is really not essential. These cops (even the one who wanted to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter) obviously didn’t want to really investigate and deal with this case as if it were a real person who was killed — they did the least possible investigation and they were absolutely prepared to hear any excuse from the killer. FROM THE GET GO. The manslaughter charge Chris Serino wanted to use was not even applicable in this case because it only relates to a killing against a person who was, at the time, engaged in committing a felony. This is UNDENIABLE: Trayvon Martin was not engaged in committing a felony when he was killed. He was engaged in legal activities that Zimmerman didn’t like; but we are not required to follow Zimmerman-Law in this country — unless we are young, black males in the wrong place at the wrong time, and THEN, the crime is a capital one and the execution is performed before trial.

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