Alan Grayson Blows Apart Trayvon Martin Shooter’s Story

On MSNBC, Alan Grayson explained why the ABC News video of George Zimmerman blows apart his defense and proves that Trayvon Martin’s family was right.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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ED SCHULTZ: Welcome back to “The Ed Show.” Breaking news in the Trayvon martin case tonight. ABC News has obtained video of George Zimmerman being brought into the police department on the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. I am joined by Alan Grayson, former Florida congressman, who is from the Orlando area. Congressman, good to have you with us tonight. You have — you have been at these rallies for Trayvon all week and have been paying close attention to the case. What are your impressions of this police house videotape that was obtained tonight?

ALAN GRAYSON: Well, I think it blows apart the Zimmerman argument that he was acting out of fear rather than out of hatred, but I’ll tell you, I sometimes wonder why people think that’s some kind of good defense. I don’t believe it in his case. I think if you call someone “f’ing coon” then you’re animated by nothing but hatred, but somehow he thinks if he says he feared, that excuses the death of a young boy. It doesn’t. If you did the crime, you have to do the time.

SCHULTZ: do you believe that this tape is inconsistent with the police report?

GRAYSON: yes, I’ve read the police report, I saw the tape, and I think there is an inconsistent.

SCHULTZ: And what would you be thinking right now if you were representing the martin family in this case?

GRAYSON: I think that it proves their point. This is someone who Zimmerman should under no circumstances be allowed to have a gun. It should have been taken from him a long time ago, and he should have been arrested a long time ago. He should have been tried and it looks to me like he’s going to be convicted.

The first question that comes to mind when you see the videotape is where are Zimmerman’s injuries? Where’s the broken nose? Anyone who has ever injured their nose can tell you that you don’t just walk around like it is a day at the park after such an injury. In fact, Zimmerman shows no signs of injury at all.

Here is George Zimmerman’s account of what happened, according to the Orlando Sentinel, “With a single punch, Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who eventually shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old, then Trayvon climbed on top of George Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk, leaving him bloody and battered, law-enforcement authorities told the Orlando Sentinel.”

George Zimmerman’s defense was a bit of a fairy tale that in order to be true would force us to believe that a young man who was unarmed and outweighed by a hundred pounds jumped the much bigger and gun toting Zimmerman. There is no grass on Zimmerman’s jacket. There no wound on the back of his head, which is pretty remarkable considering it was slammed into the sidewalk. According to his own account, George Zimmerman was supposed to be bloody and battered, but he looks completely unbothered by the fact that he just shot a teenage boy in the videotape.

Alan Grayson was correct. This tape shatters Zimmerman’s defense. It seems more likely that he was acting out of racism and fear, not self-defense. The former Florida congressman was also right in stating that fear is no defense. The lack of blood or evidence of a struggle lends credibility to the suspicion that this was a cold blooded killing.

Grayson deserves respect for taking a stand on behalf of Trayvon Martin, despite the fact that he is running to win back his former seat in Congress. Grayson could have played it safe, but he is speaking out and doing what’s right. By arguing on behalf of justice, Alan Grayson demonstrated why this country needs him back in Congress.

25 Replies to “Alan Grayson Blows Apart Trayvon Martin Shooter’s Story”

  1. George Zimmerman’s father, Robert, is a retired Judge, his mother a court clerk …both in this area.

    Who’s on first?, what’s on second and I don’t know is on third…the Three Stooges award of the year!

    No “grass stains” on the back of his jacket, no marks, no blood, no swelling, no; his “broken nose”…no reports from medics the police say attended him at the scene….nothing.

    First police report mentions NOTHING about any injury to Zimmerman whatsoever, lists Trayvon Martin as”John Doe”…

    Second police report, dated around 3 AM the early morning after the shooting, lists Zimmerman’s supposed injuries and Trayvon Martins name, AGE, adress and phone number yet parents were NOT notified and THEY were told he was listed as a John Doe so they had to wait to retrive his body.!!!

    We do not know who completed and further doctored the second police report.

    The original officer that attended the scene was a narcotics officer, the second a homicide detective.

    The homicide detective swore out an affidavit that night that he wanted Zimmerman arrested, because after questioning him he did NOT believe his story.

    The state PROSECUTOR was the person that stopped the arrest and the police chief agreed with him.

    The state prosecutor would surely have known Zimmerman’s father and most probably his mother…he is of an age and due to retire this year..he also recused himself from the case the same time the police chief did

    One of the 911 calls was from an 11 year old boy who was walking his dog, heard the screams and saw someone laying on the ground screaming for help..his dog bolted by the time he started to go back, hearing the screams all the way…he heard a shot and then silence.
    He went home and contacted 911.

    His mother was on TV today and said this SAME homicide cop that swore out the affidavit told her that they were having a hard time arresting anyone because of racial profiling…this shooting happened Feb 26 but police did not contact them until March 2nd.

  2. Trust me, at 250 lbs Zimmerman could have tossed Tayvon around like a stick. The vid shows no blood, no stains no nothing. With a broken nose his short should be covered in blood.

    The whole thing is a blatant lie. The son of a former state Supreme court justice got a handout from the cops and legals. And I think we will see resignations

  3. The mortician remarked as well that there was no evidence of Travon having been in a fight either. No bruises or cuts on his hands that would be evident were he in a fight

  4. Central Florida is crawling with corruption and favoritism all along the I-4 corridor, but it appears that Seminole, Polk, and Sumter County are especially choice. It isn’t just this case. The whole justice system needs looking into.

  5. When a suspect is brought in for questioning, but is injured, they are examined by medical personal. Where is the Medical report to show his injuries?
    Video does not lie, but the quality of this video can be left to interpretation. I know, sounds like I am on Zimmerman’s side, but I am not, but the quality could be used to explain why no injuries could be seen.
    The only real problem with Zimmerman’s story and the video is the busted nose defense.
    Being retired law enforcement, and having worked my share of fights, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt that if Zimmerman’s nose was busted, there would be blood all over his shirt, and he would be having problems seeing and walking because of labored breathing. (Surest way to stop someone from fighting, is to bust em in the nose…HARD…stops em cold. Blurs the vision, closes down the airway, and causes all sorts of balancing problems)!
    As the video CLEARLY shows, there is no blood present anywhere, and he was not assisted in anyway when getting out of the vehicle. That is contrary to what we have been led to believe happened by Zimmerman, that a scuffle happened, and Trayvon got the better of Zimmerman?? Excuse me, but Trayvon is a teenager, about 150lbs…maybe! Zimmerman is 250, but Zimmerman was “knocked to the ground” and had his head slammed on the pavement?? Where’s the raspberries on Zimmerman’s face to back up the “slam”.
    This whole “story” (sic) doesn’t work, and it doesn’t add up. What does add up is Zimmerman’s dad being a judge and the prosecutor knowing this. Favoritism anyone??? Special treatment Anyone??? Anyone??

  6. Agree. If you watch it full screen no denying there is no blood, no grass stains, no ripped clothing or marks. If his head was slammed into concrete, he would have a bandage head injuries bleed big time.

  7. Yeah, you can’t just say you have a busted nose and head..there has to be a report and evidence of blood. I was wondering why the police didn’t arrest him in the first place with all this damning evidence of shooting the unarmed boy, Trayvon Martin, because I forgot until I read some of these comments that Zimmerman’s dad is a retired judge.

    Tell me that does NOT figure into it. Shame on them..that’s shite you see in the movies.

  8. And there were no grass stains on the back of his jacket, his hair was short enough you would see SOMETHING on his head if it has been “smashed into the pavement repeatedly”…his jacket would and pants would have blood on them too from a bloody automatically use your sleeve to wipe your nose and your pants to wipe your hands…I raised 2 boys…i have seen my share of blood and grass …from sports, accidents and the odd fight.

    Broken noses swell eyes shut in very short order and to really know that for sure you have to have an x-at a hospital…in fact if he had the injuries they claim, that’s where he should have been FIRST…smashing someones head on concrete can cause concussion and you need a proper doctor to determine that.

    But boils down to just this:

    Zimmerman was well over 200 pounds and ARMED…he stalked a 17 year old boy first by car and then on foot, Zimmerman was determine to confront Trayvon.

    Then he shoots this boy in the chest and kills him ..THEN has the nerve to claim that HE was “afraid for his life”..pulleeze

    Even if this is all of the information available it doesn’t pass the sniff test.

    And HOW does Zimmerman think it’s within his right to arm himself to patrol his neighbourhood in the first place,…this is PURE vigilanteism.

  9. The self-defense argument could be knocked down by a six year old. Zimmerman was in his car when he contacted the police. He had no reason to do any more than continue watching from his car and wait for the police to show up. Once he got out of his car, he became the agressor. He was “safe” as long as he stayed in his vehicle. End of self-defense argument.

    The idea that he was attacked… What? The boy attacked him with a bag of Skittles? We have to be creful of any rush to judgement, but this situation isn’t even close to dispute. Zimmerman is guilty of murder. The police, the state prosecutor, his father’s connections, all of that is a collection of side issues.

    Ask yourself: How is this any different from a drive-by shooting? Armed assailant guns down an unarmed citizen. It’s that simple.

  10. The more we learn about the facts in this case, the more untenable Zimmerman’s cockamamie story about “self-defense” becomes. I watched the video, too, and aside from absolutely NO indication of the serious injuries Zimmerman would have sustained if his account were true, the interaction between him and the police officers clearly indicates the familarity and ease between him and them. The folks smearing this dead teenager’s character in their efforts to defend Zimmerman should be ashamed of themselves. He is not only a cold-blooded killer but also a blatant liar.

  11. Trayvon Martin is a thug and a punk. And I’ve no doubt that little black criminal started all of this. I’ve no doubt that the ghetto boy jumped the good samaritan that is George Zimmerman.

    That video proves nothing. Just like typical liberals, always wanting to look at “facts” and sh*t. I could give a crap what you guys think the video proves or disproves.

    I know in my heart and in my gut that the dark-skinned little snot is at fault. And that’s enough for me.

    And that’s enough for a lot of good, well-bred, conservative, church going, white folk.

  12. Wouldn’t there be blood on the sidewalk if Zimmerman’s head had been “bashed” into it? Blood stains, someone would have seen it. Perhaps someone can try an ultraviolet light.

  13. The quality of this video can be easily addressed. Look up ten people arrested for being in a bar fight during that month. How clean and healthy do they look? Any blood on their shirts? Any torn clothes?

  14. I’ve seen other reports that say that Zimmerman’s father is a retired magistrate, not a Supreme Ct. Judge.

  15. Got it… it’s a lefty comment section, but you will allow posts that make the right wing look crazy.

    Goebbels is smiling in his grave.

  16. That coward Zimmerman, did not fear that child. You don’t stalk someone you fear, especially when you have a 9mm on ya.

  17. I heard on Hannity that someone on Faux had “blown the lid” off of the, no apparent injuries to Zimmerman, argument. They have blown up “enhanced” pictures that show a cut on Zimmermans head! I went to a doctor and had a mole removed. They applied a band aid. I had 3 stitches once. They applied a band aid. Everytime I get stuck with a needle. I get a band aid. On Zimmerman there is no band aid. No evidence of medication at all. If there are cuts back there they are minor. No evidence of someone’s head just being bashed into the pavement so savagely that he thought someone was gonna kill him. Also if this kid was on top of him as he says he was, and Zimmerman shot him. Wouldn’t he be covered with Travons blood?

  18. Hey “Conservative Heart”: You got greedy. You went too far overboard with the ugly racist rhetoric. Too much. You got made, imposter. The Flying Monkey Radical Rite Wingers sound crazy enough on their own WITHOUT you PRETENDING to be one to stir up an already legitimately stirred-up hornet’s nest. Post your genuine opinions or get off our side. Just sayin’…

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