CNN’s Erick Erickson Spreads More Lies About Obama

Saying Republicans are the party of “families” (all you Democrats and Independents with families don’t count), CNN’s tea party hate monger Erick Erickson repeated Rick Santorum’s accusation that the President is pro-infanticide while claiming that Republicans don’t want their kids to be killed.

Listen here via Media Matters:

Erick lies, “You, Mr President, were okay with kids being born after there was supposed to be an abortion and then killing them after they were born. Infanticide is what we used to call it. Now we call it post-birth abortion apparently…. Barack Obama said we should trust the doctor to finish the job.”

Erickson is 100% incorrect in his claims, as in rated “pants on fire” by PolitiFact when Santorum made the charge. Obama’s objections encompassed both the redundancy of the proposed bill and concern that it would be struck down by the courts for giving legal status to fetuses.

Here’s PolitiFact’s take:

“Any child born prematurely, according to the president, in his own words, can be killed,” Santorum said. “Now who’s the extremist in the abortion debate?”

…at no time did he (Obama) make the argument that infants who survived botched abortions should be killed.

Santorum may feel that abortion is tantamount to infanticide, but that does not give him the license to put words in Obama’s mouth that he never uttered. Santorum said, “Any child born prematurely, according to the president, in his own words, can be killed.” Obama didn’t say that. In fact, he said that abortion should be legal, but that children that are born should receive medical care. Obama never said that any child born prematurely can be killed or anything like that. Santorum crosses a line with his rhetoric in distinguishing the difference between his position and Obama’s. We rate Santorum’s statement Pants on Fire.

Nothing says Republican family values like wasting taxpayers money on never needed and never gonna happen legislation while giving daddy corporations a big fat handout.

The real issue here is that Erick Erickson left out the critical clause “we Republicans like to save your kids for war, starvation, and ALEC created death panels like George Zimmerman.” Maybe they don’t like to talk about the other aspects of their “pro-life pro-family” (only if your family is the right kinda white) platform.

But you wanna know what says Republican family values the loudest? Being a pants on fire liar because you can’t debate the facts and still win.

What says desperate and dying cable news channel? Ten years too late on the hate train Fox-copier C-N-N.

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  1. When ALEC Is writing laws for red states that are there to create complete breakdown of society in this century, I really don’t see what the Republicans have to complain about.Supporting gun laws that are completely contrary to baby Jesus’s teachings and complaining when anyone talks about their gun laws but at the same time saying you can kill babies. Are they trying to draw some type of morality line in the sand?

    Rick Santorum keeps going on about personal freedom, but the first thing he wants to take away is personal freedoms.

    I think CNN is in Glenn Beck withdrawals. I wouldn’t watch them anymore to find out what time it was

  2. I believe what they were referring to was a bill that was proposed some years back which required that doctors must attempt to save aborted fetuses that were showing “signs of life” (reflexive twitching and the like) even when they were not viable (that is, the lungs were still solid and could not draw breath, or even more primitive stages). In fact, depending on the mode of abortion or miscarriage, a fetus can show “signs of life” a couple of months short of viability, but attempting to “save” it would at best prolongue its cellular life by a few minutes, with accompanying distress (and expense) all around. Then-Senator Obama opposed this bill, as the law already required the attending physician to save an actual viable preemie.

    Miscarried immatures (short of normal viability) are routinely allowed to expire if they show no signs of being able to inhale. To require a stricter standard for those medically induced saves no lives and is punitive. But punishment is what the Right Wing is all about.

  3. Why are we even listening or giving any attention to these sociopaths; lying to win is the only game plan they have, know or play! Do you realize the 1 in 25 people in this country are sociopaths? That they are a “minority” who play to win at any cost, have no consciousness and feel no remorse about their lies or the games they play?

    Why are we bothering re-hashing “morality” with people who have no consciousness?! If we were a moral nation, we would lock them up!

  4. I was glad when Erickson announced he wouldn’t seek re-election to his council seat in my city, but at the time, I had no idea that CNN had hired this jackazzzzz. Even many of the republicans here were happy he wasn’t running for re-election, and that should tell any sane person what type of reputation Erickson has and the kind of rancid BullStank he spreads wherever he goes. I can imagine the dittoheads here believing every word he said since I ran into one on our local newspaper site today where he was repeating Newt Gingrich’s lie that “President Obama is spreading divisiveness” because he answered a reporter’s direct question. At first, I thought of letting the comment go unchallenged, but then, something inside said to respond, so I did. I’ve had enough of the RW lies. The article was about a guy caught with porn on his computer. The tool went from stupid to stupider by asking where was the president to condemn this behavior, where were the rallies held for these kids, where was Rev. Al, and other nonsense. Never mind that none of the kids referred to in the article were identified, which is common in cases dealing with child pornography. I informed him that I’m black and that race shouldn’t be an issue when parents lose a kid at the hands of a violent individual. I also reminded him of a young law school graduate who was killed here recently, and I attempted to get him to see that there are people of all races who love their kids, and that there’s no shame in a family calling for justice cases like Trayvon’s and the young woman in our city. I don’t know whether I had any impact on his thinking, but I do know that I’m no longer willing to put up with these RW lies and liars. I plan to challenge every one of these b@sturds I run across from this day forward because you may not like a person, but you don’t have to lie about him/her.

  5. I love how Republicans love the unborn, but living breathing children they could care less about. It’s the ProLife crowd here at my work that is most vehement when it comes to Travon Martin deserving what he got. They are the most in support of the war in Iraq that killed tens of thousands of innocent people! You can’t reason with the unreasonable.

  6. There is huge mythology that there is no such thing as pre-viability. All fetuses are ready to go right from conception. I’ve had anti-abortion zealots tell me that. You cannot speak reason to them, and the Santorums’ abortion – and it was, not a miscarriage by Mrs. S’s own admission in Family Circle October 1997 – the pre-viable fetus did exist for a short time, but it could not live no matter what was done, and nothing WAS done.

    What rational people such as the President want is to follow the Santorum example with non-intervention where intervention medically CANNOT save a life. Mr. Santorum thought this was fine in his own 1997 case. Apparently anyone else AGREEING with him is a pervert.


  7. No – we would provide counseling and treatment for paranoid delusions. But we sure would not follow them as if they had some moral insight which they absolutely do NOT. That’s cultism.

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