Rush Limbaugh Claims He Is a Victim like Trayvon Martin

Rush Limbaugh claimed that both he and Trayvon Martin are victims of the left trumping things up.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:


Ladies and gentlemen, what happened this week at the Supreme Court is profound regardless the outcome. It was an eye-opening experience for millions of Americans that were paying attention maybe for the first time to this kind of thing. But the reason that I harp on this is… and I’m still struggling with a way to explain this to you. The reason I think it’s profound is that the next time one of these events such as Hayward just reviewed in this horrible month for the Democrats, the next time the media and the Democrat Party get all exercised about something happening in our country or in our culture or in our media, and when they’re all in unity on it, the reaction ought to be they’re lying. They’re making it up. There’s a political agenda here. There is no real outrage, for example.

All these people supposedly calling advertisers of this program. There was no angry consumer outrage. It was all trumped up. The same thing was attempted with the Trayvon Martin case. To create a false reality, to make it look like the country is as agitated as the left is, but it never is. The country is never as roiled and as agitated as the left is. They can succeed in upsetting people. But the object lesson here is to, from this point forward, just don’t believe them. Just understand with some sophistication the effort that’s being made every time something seemingly falls in their laps that is on the surface made to order to get rid of one of their enemies or to get rid of opposition to an issue or piece of legislation or what have you.

Rush Limbaugh was trying to claim that he was the true victim. In Limbaugh’s mind, he is on par with Trayvon Martin. The problem with this comparison is that Rush Limbaugh was not an innocent victim of anything. He brought this on to himself with his comments about Sandra Fluke. Limbaugh didn’t lose anything, except money. Trayvon Martin lost his life. The outrage against Limbaugh and George Zimmerman has not been trumped up in either case.

Rush Limbaugh was playing to the conservative predisposition towards self-victimization. Nobody ever has it as bad as a conservative. The liberals are always out to get them. The media is out to get them, and they see themselves as the last line of defense in the name of liberty. The white right paranoia has grown to an unprecedented extreme since the election of Barack Obama. It isn’t Obama that they fear as much as what he represents. The coalition that elected Obama represents a changing America. Power is shifting out of the hands of older white men and into the possession of women, African-Americans, and Hispanics.

Rush Limbaugh recently defended George Zimmerman because they share the same mentality. They are both guided by hatred, fear, and a warped sense of entitlement. Limbaugh has become one of the richest people in broadcasting by playing to the fears of his audience. Rush Limbaugh sits in his booth and voice the sense of entitlement that so many white older conservatives hold near and dear to their hearts. Like George Zimmerman, Rush Limbaugh both hates and fears where our nation is going.

The era of the older white male conservative is ending, and it is this knowledge and an enormous ego allowed Rush Limbaugh to compare himself to Trayvon Martin. Behind the fantasy that liberals are to blame for the outrage after his attacks on women and for reaction to the shooting of Trayvon Martin rests an unbelievable comparison.

At some level, Rush Limbaugh thinks he is as much of a victim as Trayvon Martin.

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19 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Claims He Is a Victim like Trayvon Martin”

  1. Actually, in Rush’s world, he is much more of a victim than Trayvon Martin. In Rush’s mind, Trayvon had it coming to him, he got what he deserved, he was no innocent. But poor old Ruch is getting hammered by those mean ol’ LIBRULS! Can’t anybody spare some mercy for Mr. Limbaugh?

  2. There is no level too base or vulgar for Rush to sink to: just when you think he’s hit bottom, why, heck, that was just another layer of plankton.

  3. Interesting… the structure of Limbo’s statement:
    1) Say something on a subject that agitates listeners (the Supreme Court/ObamaCARES);
    2) Abruptly change subject;
    3) Admit you will be incoherent;
    4) Gratuitously denigrate want the listener hates;
    5) Begin to get to the point;
    6) Assert that the hated enemy lies;
    7) Tell a lie;
    8) Hint that the hated enemy is lying;
    9) Tell a lie;
    10) Assert mistreatment and kinship with a genuine victim;
    11) Tell a lie;
    12) Assert that the hated enemy is irrational;
    13) Tell the listener to ignore the hated enemy;
    14) Flatter the listener;
    15) Assert that the hated enemy is being opportunistic;
    16) Assert that the hated enemy is lying;
    17) Tell a lie.

    This style of construction has worked for Limbo for many years. It has made him a very wealthy man. But it has not made him a happy man. It has made his listener very unhappy.

  4. naw… he’s a victim of his own mouth and women are gonna show him the power they really have… his days on radio are numbered… Sirius might pick him up…but then people will have to pay to listen to hate..

  5. I call this the bully’s defense. All of these people use it. They go out and make abrasive obnoxious comments about somebody- usually a minority- and when there’s the slightly push-back, they claim victimhood. Palin ran her entire show on that schtick. Not long ago, Santorum and his wife tried that saying (quite unbelievably) that gay groups were vilifying him.

  6. In a nutshell, you have described all the elements of a well-crafted cognitive dissonance “speech” designed to control the minds of the intended listener of the speech…this goes all the way back to Le Bon’s premise on how to use Machiavellian principles to control the masses. Same, unoriginal white privileged game played in a loop for those caught in the loop.

    He has them in the palm of his hand when he tells the listener…”from this point forward, just don’t believe them. Just understand with some sophistication the effort that’s being made…”; classic “embedding” or anchoring technique.

  7. The bullying defense is a classic tactic used by sociopaths when you’re on to them. Once you know what they are up to, they have to run interference and play on your consciousness to feel just slightly “guilty” on some level of someone, somewhere being a victim…they are looking for any sympathy they can get so that they don’t have to take responsibility for their behavior or actions; after all, they don’t have a consciousness in the first place, so none of this really “hurts” them at all…they actually get off on watching people with a consciousness squirm. Remember, a sociopaths end game is to always “win” at any cost and they will sink to any depth to do so…

  8. Rush as a sociopath makes sense. He certainly is a narcissist…. a cult like figure that has to have the undying loyalty of his minions. All classic traits of a sociopath. Also, I did compare him to Charles Manson, another famous sociopath. So yeah, I definitely could see him as having absolutely no empathy towards another human being.

  9. Another trait of a bully is that (s)he can dish it out but cannot take it. It never once occurred to Limbaugh that anyone anywhere would retaliate in some way for the ugly, divisive words and attitude that have made him fabulously rich over the years. He is 61 years old, and everything happening to him is something he brought on himself. Rather than take personal responsiblity, he resorts to victimhood. It’s obscene for this hateful moron to equate himself with a young man who was victimized by a paranoid, racist fool with numerous issues, not from anything he did.

  10. “All these people supposedly calling advertisers of this program. There was no angry consumer outrage. It was all trumped up.”

    Really? I guess all those emails I wrote weren’t real. Sure wish someone would have told me that sooner, I wouldn’t have bothered sending off my fake messages.

  11. This is typically why he is selective about the interviews he has done over the years. He chooses the soft venues. Y’know, the ones that aren’t going to challenge him.

    Rush has said so many ignorant things, that any critical thinker with a strong personality and a gift for debate would slaughter him, and he knows it!

  12. Rush: “All these people supposedly calling advertisers of this program. There was no angry consumer outrage. It was all trumped up.”

    Well then, my imaginary list of addresses and phone numbers will make it simpler to not contact Limbaugh’s sponsors again. I’ve despised this lump of flesh since he bullied then 12-yr-old Chelsea Clinton. I’m outraged at his attack on Sandra Fluke. Trumped up? Hardly, trumpeting a loud and clear anti-hate message to the tune of a John Phillip Sousa march.

  13. As much as I would love to smack that turd blossom stupid hard for even placing himself in Trevon’s shoes (now his final resting place) I stand and watch as his income and his relevance slowly but surely fritter away. This country has moved past his brand of stupid and now he is an impudent child lashing out at what his feeble mind can’t understand. Enjoy irrelevance, rush.

  14. If you haven’t already signed the petition to Clear Channel to discontinue Limbaugh’s radio show from their lineup, and you’d like to, you can find the petition here:

    So far, over 477,600 of us have signed this petition. Please join us if you believe, as we do, that Rush should not have the public airways to spew his hate. Reading the comments at the bottom of the page are gratifying as well.

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