Do As I Say Not As I Do: The Truth About the Anti-Abortion Crowd


I’m a male. I’m going to talk about abortion. Already I’m on dangerous ground. Right-wingers politically love abortion. It’s a reliably contentious social wedge issue that gives their Teapublican candidates a twenty-point spot in every campaign. That’s why, while pretending to hate the 1973, 7-2 Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade, they really don’t. The brighter among them fully realize that if Roe v. Wade were ever to be overturned, there would be two immediate and unacceptable consequences. The loss of that political wedge issue and the necessity of pregnant Pro Lifers to go underground to have their own inevitable abortions, just like their liberal sisters. It’s instructive to note that in New York City, once abortions became legal, there was a 45% annual drop in maternal mortality, a figure matched by North Carolina at about the same time.

Not to worry. I cannot see Roe v. Wade going away under any court or circumstances. It’s all about the 14th Amendment’s right to privacy under the Due Process clause. It’s called the preservation of a woman’s freedom – a buzzword that the right is always woofing about, but only applies when it’s to their political advantage.


The fact is that no matter how much Roe v. Wade faux-opposition is evidenced, no matter how morally superior the right-wing ladies (and their gentleman supporters) purport to be, no matter their participation in numerous anti-abortion marches waving their ‘liberals are baby-killers’ placards, no matter their bowed heads at their preachers latest anti-abortion rant, no matter what their sanctimonious spokespeople spew out on Fox…there are just as many conservative women aborting, or mighty close to it, as their liberal counterparts.

Let’s look at some objective, apolitical numbers from the non-partisan Guttmacher Institute. First, a shocker. Nearly 22% of all pregnancies end in abortion. A total of 3 in 10 women will have an abortion by age 45. More than half of abortions are performed on women in the 20s age range. Since Roe v. Wade, there have been well over 50 million abortions. How many of those abortions do you think were performed on right-wing women? None? That’s what they would have you believe. None. Without citing a single statistic, do you really think all 50 million women who had those abortions were liberals? Just given the fact that there are more teen pregnancies in Red States, some of which would end in abortion, would give lie to that fact. And I thought conservative teens were sooooo much more chaste, being raised in God-fearing, sexless homes as it were. Silly ole’ me!

You should also know that 29% of fetuses identified with Down syndrome were aborted in Atlanta, the biggest city in a Deep South state. Such stats are hard to come by, but my guess is that number would stand in most cities and states.

Abortion is not a new phenomenon. Since the turn of the last century estimates run as high a 2 million in some early 1900’s years. And in many of those cases of then illegal abortions, the mother died. Back in the day a Bronx birth control clinic surveyed 1,000 of their patients one year, including those of the Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths and found that 35% of them had at least one illegal abortion in the past year. An earlier national clinical study put the number of abortions at 22% of all pregnancies. Interesting; That roughly 80-year-old number is identical to contemporary statistics whether abortion is legal or not.

The vast majority of abortions take place by 8 weeks from the last menstrual period. At 8 weeks the fetus is just over a half-inch from ‘rump to crown’ as statisticians describe it. Its weight is a fraction (0.04) of an ounce. Nothing is functioning. Nerve cells are just beginning to connect. You’ll have no idea whether it’s a boy or girl. I’ve heard the fetus described as about the size of a kidney bean. To suggest that this is somehow a fully viable human is ludicrous.

Let’s have a serious discussion here. Nobody with even a hint of a heart and soul welcomes an abortion. For many women who have undergone the procedure, it is life altering. They sink into a deep depression and are never totally free of the guilt of an abortion. And yes, if left to nature’s devices, that kidney-bean-sized fetus will grow to a fully functioning baby of 6 or 7 pounds on average and will bring many, many years of love and joy to the those parents who couldn’t wait for the new family arrival.

But, there’s one fact that unalterable. Millions of women of all demographics, economic strata and political stripes have sought abortions, whether legal or illegal, every year for as long as records have been kept and that’s a long enough period of time to know that abortions will always be with us. Through some time periods their numbers will diminish. Other times, an increase will be evident.

No sex is unquestionably the best way to avoid abortions altogether. Contraception or birth control is another pretty sure-fire way to avoid abortions. Incredibly, there’s a bunch of Santorum-types out there who vociferously oppose birth control in any form, mostly based on their biblical beliefs. The bible is a wonderful moral instrument but to somehow equate the Genesis 38:8 tale about Onan pulling out of his dead brother Er’s wife before ejaculation with the highly sophisticated modern birth-control techniques of today is beyond comprehension.

Might I add that the Lord was so ticked off at seeing all that seed go to waste (Onan repeatedly ‘made love’ to the poor widow), that he killed Onan. “Lord, George Zimmerman; George, the Lord.”  I should caution other ‘lovers’ (and birth control adherents) out there to be on the lookout for Dominion Theologian, ‘secular be damned’, Rick Santorum snooping around your bedroom window. What with the Lord’s approval, the Stand Your Ground Law and Genesis 38, you never know what might happen.

The loudest anti-abortion name callers have all practiced birth control and a healthy number of these screamers have had an abortion. Don’t back down from these hypocrites; They wouldn’t concede the truth if it bit them in their IUD.



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  1. In fact, during the Depression, most couples who had children at all had just one. They weren’t practicing abstinence- after all, there wasn’t much money around and sex was one of the few entertainments you could get for free. Certainly, condoms were available, but a lot of quite decent, married couples had abortions out of stark necessity, and not always with back alley practitioners. Some family doctors who knew the couple’s straitened circumstances were understanding.

    Another correspondent here has cited how an abortion protester was secretly slipping in the back door of the clinic for abortions. She wasn’t like those sluts in the waiting room, she’d say. And then, a couple of days later, she’d be out front, picketing, and confidentiality kept them from outing her.

    A good many of the women I’ve heard denouncing sluttish lib women were married and pregnant by their mid-teens, but not in that order. You figure.

  2. @sarah

    I have a site reference too. The caption of the Two Month [8 to 12 weeks] section says,

    “Your baby is now about the size of a kidney bean and is constantly moving. He has distinct, slightly webbed fingers.”

    Furthermore, we need to remember the main point, “Millions of women of all demographics, economic strata and political stripes have sought abortions, whether legal or illegal, every year for as long as records have been kept and that’s a long enough period of time to know that abortions will always be with us.” That is the truth and this is the issue. Women who are pregnant should be allowed to make the decision concerning their pregnancy. They should not be abandoned, but they should not be impeded. The women are the ones who are pregnant and the decision concerning the pregnancy is ultimately theirs to make.

  3. I have always known that there have been conservative Republicans who have both used birth control and undergone abortions. They probably just don’t advertise these facts that are so inconvenient to the “leaders” of their party, who have their own agenda. Some of them are the very ones who are trying to dictate what others must do.

  4. This coincides with the research that shows that the Southern “Bible Belt” contains the largest per-capita consumers of internet porn. Hypocrisy indeed.

  5. I read a very interesting, but controversial statistic a couple of months back. What it showed was the correlation between the drop in crime and when abortion was legalized.
    It looked at the year Roe v Wade happened, then looked at crime statistics about 20 plus years later. There was a drop in the statistics of crime. Why? you ask? Simple, according to the study: Most adult males who are going to commit crime will start at about 18 years of age (give or take a few) and most criminals commit serious crimes, murder, rape etc, in the 20 to 30 year age group. I am over simplifying this but what the study was showing was that there seem to be a correlation between the drop in crime and the legalization of abortion. Because of abortion, individuals who would have been born and left to commit crimes were not around to do it.
    Like I said, the study is still very controversial, but gives you food for thought, so to speak.
    One other point to bring up about Santorum. He would prevent the sale of Birth Control unless it was for medical reasons. (No wild abandoned sex in his presidency). He would also outlaw Abortion. So, birth control, which helps keep abortion numbers real low, would be outlawed as well as abortions…but I thought he was AGAINST abortions, and anything that would cut down on abortions should be something he should be for…right?? I’m confused, WTF does this infection want?? More unwanted babies??
    Oh, yeah, that’s it, have lots of unwanted babies, but, at the same time, cut the social safety net programs so that these women will have to go to the local Right Wing Christen Church so they can be indoctrinated into the fringe Christen thought process. That way, it will increase the Fringe Christen right to numbers that will assure re-election of the Religious fools for decades to come…that’s right…isn’t it??? I still confused as to what Santorum wants most to destroy the very separation of Church and State.
    The First Amendment states: Congress shall make NO law respecting the establishment of religion…Guess Santorum wants to tell THAT Amendment to perform an un-natural sexual act upon itself. Go figure.

  6. Years ago, in the mid 1990s, I volunteered at a Women’s clinic that offered physicals, lab tests, pre-natal care, birth control and abortion counseling. I performed the lab tests.

    Women who wanted abortions in my state had to have a complete physicial before being referred on to physicians who performed abortions which were not performed at this clinic.

    The women who took advantage of the services of this clinic were of all races, skin colors, economic status, and religions, including CATHOLICS and EVANGELICALS. Some of the women who received abortion counseling were CATHOLICS.

    Some of the women who were referred on to and chose to have abortions were catholics and the uber-religious.

    Anyone who doubts that catholics and the uber-religious women don’t do the same things as the rest of the population, get real.

    God, I really hate hypocrits.

  7. Why do FRNJ get to be the only ones who decide how my tax dollars are spent?
    Women work. Women pay taxes.
    I, a tax payer, want my government to fund universal health care. Including abortion and viagra. With my taxes.

    Let’s REALLY get religion out of lawmaking.

  8. Interesting perspective that needs more publicity. We women also need to stop allowing ourselves to be the pawns in this ugly political game, and the counter to it is to flex our muscles. The We Are Women March on April 18th gives us the opportunity to do so. See “First We March, Then We Vote” at As the saying goes, “A woman’s place is in the House, and the Senate”. It’s time to make that a much more significant reality.

  9. And, many still believe George W. Bush’s poppy paid for an abortion for one of George’s flights of young-penis frenzy back before Roe v. Wade. Shows you money will buy lots of things, and will keep records secret and doctor’s mouth’s shut. Also, when Palin was preggers with her down syndrome baby, she actually was in Texas when her water broke and flew back to alaska to give birth. this is because Texas has a law that doctors automatically abort a fetus that is to be born with downs. I doubt if they would have done it, though since Palin must have been in late term. But wasn’t the baby premature by two or more months? Anyway, just shows the hypocrisy of the GOP.

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