Romney/Palin 2012: Could Mitt Get Desperate Enough For This?

It’s just possible that Sarah Louise Heath born a stone’s throw from Randy Weaver’s infamous Ruby Ridge, Idaho, could be Mitt Romney’s 2012 running mate if Romney captures the Republican Presidential nomination. Probably not, but humor me here.

I apologize. I should have started with Sarah Louise Heath Palin. Let us proceed. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that at least the far right wing of the Republican Party will seriously push for Palin for VP. Let’s check her media & travel CV for the last couple of years.

For a few months, TLC Cable Network carried something called ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’. It debuted in November of 2010 to a record first-episode viewing audience of 5 million. By the next week 2 million of those folks had taken a hike out of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. It left the air to never return, in January of 2011.

But Sarah didn’t miss a beat. She gets an estimated $100,000 a pop every time she sashays to the podium. A couple of years ago, a California judge ordered Cal-State University, Stanislaus to reveal the contents of a Palin contract for a speech to be delivered at the school. She cut Cal-State a break on the fee -  $75,000, but the contract demanded first-class air travel, ‘deluxe’ hotel accommodations, and a chauffer-driven SUV or black Town Car to carry her to and fro.

Last year she concentrated on something called a one-nation tour well covered at that time by my Politicus colleagues. As you’ll recall, Palin toured historic sites in a giant Willie Nelson-type tour bus about the size of a rolling football field. Emblazoned across the back were the words, Join the “Fundamental Restoration of America”.

Palin sojourned in such historic stops as Mount Vernon, Fort McHenry, Gettysburg, Independence Hall and the Statue of Liberty. Hopefully there wasn’t a quiz at the end of this ego trip because she doesn’t know shit about history or little else of consequence. Would that unalterable fact prevent consideration for VP? It didn’t in 2008, why would it four years later?

Palin is definitely keeping current. Wednesday, March 28th she contributed a piece to Fox Nation entitled “God, Guns, the Constitution – Still Clinging.” She wrote about a new book that’s she’s recommending, “Dispatches from Bitter America: a Gun Toting, Chicken Eating, Son of a Baptist’s Culture War Stories.” By a Todd Starnes. It was apparently too late to insert ‘minority killing’ Culture War Stories. It’s all about the Obama Administration’s war on religious liberty. I wonder what right-wing ‘Think Tank’ will buy many thousands of copies to make it look like a big seller.

So she’s still very much present. But why would I think she would be invited to join the Romney ticket? For one of the same reasons she was selected to join John McCain in 2008. She’s a woman. The GOP desperately needs a high-profile woman in 2012. The republican ‘War on Women’ is huge for Obama/Biden. Women will elect Obama. The clueless Romney gets little help from Ann, his adoring, but apparently equally clueless wife. When she does mention women, she talks about their concerns about the economy and the deficit. No meaningful women’s issues like reproductive rights and pay discrimination seem to escape her lips. The Romneys have no distaff game.

Of course, Sarah is also clueless and devoid of any positions remotely appealing to the population of women who read and think beyond soap operas and six screaming kids under ten. Not terribly helpful in gaining the women’s vote other than the gooberette Deep South or perennially pregnant, Fox News, bible groupies.  Sooooo – it’s up to the menfolk. That’s the target electorate for a Palin vice-presidency. Right-wing men primarily think of women as objects; cook, clean and cavort. Give ’em a gun and a gal and they’re good to go. Read a paper? Research an issue? Take the word of anybody other than Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Hannity?

About as likely as watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I got hell in the comment section once for kidding about the hemline of South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley when I went for a constituent visit. I give a shit about the governor’s hemline. But I’m telling you that’s what goobers fantasize about; hemlines and Palin as a sex object. That’s goobertown. They talk about guns, God and gays? It’s guns, God, gays and GALS! And that’s the only reason Palin might possibly be invited to board the Romney campaign bus. I know it sounds shallow and it is, but everybody avoids the obvious. Other than goober wet dreams, she has nothing to offer thinking human beings, but the male camo-crowd can be seduced to vote for a GOP ticket with Palin.

There was a discussion just the other night on MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell about the male side of the political sex equation. It was decided that good looks and sex appeal matter in a presidential election and Jack Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were named as examples. So pay attention – the same thing applies to females.

On the negative side of the Palin political ledger, unless there is a brokered convention with a third-party run by the likes of Huntsman or Bloomberg, Sarah will never get in the near-term what she truly lives for, the chance to be president. A Ron Paul Libertarian Party move does her no good whatsoever. Those are votes mostly stolen from conservatives.

There’s also the matter of husband Todd and his dalliances at the Anchorage massage parlor. Anchorage cops immediately cleared Palin of having any involvement with a prostitution ring. That wasn’t the point. People in the building heard moans coming from the naughty masseuses office soon after Todd entered. I believe them. I’ve never seen a story buried as quickly as that one, but methinks that tabloid body could be exhumed by the judicious spreading around of a few hundred thou. The final and most likely deadly blow to Palin’s chances would be the fact that neither Karl Rove nor Roger Ailes like her anymore. Most of it stems from the fact that Palin elected to tell a talk show host she wasn’t running for president instead of breaking the story on the network that’s paying her $1 million a year through 2013.

But political dynamics can change in a finger-snap. Palin has already pledged to attend the GOP convention in Tampa and it’s not just to wear one of those silly hats.






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  1. …”political dynamics can change in a finger-snap. Palin has already pledged to attend the GOP convention in Tampa and it’s not just to wear one of those silly hats…”

    I’m sure she’s been shopping for weeks now for outfits on her Lady Gaga style budget.

    Agreed…Mittens in no way or fashion will put up with that sweater-vest-white-bread-boy “Santorum” on the same ticket with “himself”. Most of the other “manly republicans” (I almost threw up in my mouth) don’t want to put any of their street creds on the ticket until 2016…but, what about Manic Michelle?

    I suppose her biggest problem is “you know who”; as in, where are they going to put “him” and how are they going to get away with hiding “Ms Thang” if they are pushed into the spot light again…sort of like La Cage aux Folles, what are they going to do with “Albert”(Nathan Lane’s character)?

    Sara’s a very pushy, manipulative, narcissistic
    girl who has developed a taste for power and money like all first class gold diggers…maybe the GOP can use the song from “Bullworth” for her entrance.

    (warning; it’s pretty profane, but hey, nothings too good for sista’ sara!)

  2. Great story! Palin wouldn’t help with the woman’s vote because of her own extreme views. She aligns with the FAR right and though she wears the pants in her family she preachs old school views.

  3. I think the grownups in the RNC will tell Romney if he picks her he will be going it alone.

    Palin is good for bringing people to the tent, but she is unelectable herself. Just my opinion but I am betting she is onto Romney’s chances of being elected and seeing they are as low as her approval ratings

    She will put up a good speech and then run away

  4. The “male camo-crowd” will vote for anybody who runs against President Obama, regardless of whether there is a woman with short hemlines on the ticket.

    While it’s true that the GOP has a big problem with women voters, the only female politician who would have a chance of swinging back female voters to the GOP ticket would have to be the polar opposite of Palin (in other words, intelligent, competent and experienced). Unfortunately for the Republicans, the current GOP female politicians are in lockstep with their party’s draconian policies on women’s healthcare, and, in many cases, are introducing the draconian legislation themselves, particularly at the state level. Women, in general, are not going to vote for any politician, male or female, who supports legislation which undermines women’s basic rights and healthcare.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but the GOP screwed themselves with women in 2012. Most women have long memories, and know acutely who their real enemies are. It’s an evolutionary gender-specific adaptation and necessity…

  5. Why waste ink on such nonsense. Why not lobby to have US Supreme Court Judges retire on reaching age 70. In Australia the High Court justices are waved goodbye with the nations thanks at 70. America is very much a backward country in so many areas. You know it, so why not get busy with issues of substance?.

  6. I am glad you mentioned Todd Palin and his sexual misconduct and exploits. I hope you will read my book Boys Will Be Boys. If you would like a courtesy electronic copy please email me.

  7. And then there’s that still unexplained photo of the absolutely flat-fronted Palin supposedly six weeks before delivering a 6.5 pound infant in … well, sometimes it’s MatSu but other times it’s Anchorage (hard to remember those birth details dontcha know).

  8. I can just see Sarah, beauty queen walk, wearing her idea of fashion, make-up and hair style by daughter coming up on stage at the convention. The red-neck guys are going crazy. Her speech has them on their feet, ready to rumble. Meanwhile, America, and the rest of the world, watching on TV are wondering how America got that far off track. Romney is standing there thinking, “Oh my god, how did I get here?”

  9. I can’t believe that Romney would be that stupid.Palin would wrap him around her little finger in no time and he would have to follow her command.

    This is a totally insane idea. If the GOP is even thinking about it, then they are even stupider than I thought.

  10. You can purchase Shailey Tripp’s “Boys will be Boys”, 1st person acct pf First Dude Todd prostitution ring while Sarah was gov/vp candidate on

  11. And then there’s that other pesky little detail about Todd, the pimp master, and his membership in the very anti-American, secessionist AIP. The party of the militia who plot to overthrow the government. How could they even pass Secret Service, CIA, FBI scrutiny? It staggers me that she was even allowed to become a VP candidate in 2008.

  12. Read Shailey Tripp’s book, “Boys Will Be Boys” and pass it on. The sordid facts point to corruption and big money behind the Palins. The story needs to go viral!
    ….that we should all possess the courage that Shailey has in overcoming adversity and coming forward with her story.

  13. I am betting Romney is not that foolish!

    Also, it is reported that Sarah Palin will be filling in for Robin Roberts on GMA this coming Tuesday and perhaps the rest of the week. Egads. Now this is hard to believe folks.

    Both these stories have got to be April Fool’s jokes. I mean really.

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