Scott Walker Tastes Defeat As Part Of Union Busting Bill Gets Struck Down

It’s almost as if the stars are out to get Governor Scott Walker. Just today the Government Accountability Board certified that there are indeed enough valid signatures to proceed with the recall of his highness, in the event that he is not implicated in the John Doe investigation prior to that recall. And in addition, today a court struck down part of his union busting bill saying there is “no rational basis” for it.

A judge said that, not me.

The judge ruled that two provisions in the union busting bill were no good: he ordered that the automatic dues withdrawal be reinstated as well as ruling that annual certification can’t be required.

Judge William Conley found, “The state provided no rational basis for requiring a majority of union members — not just those voting — to approve recertification.

Conley immediately enjoined the state from the vote requirement and set a deadline of May 12 to return to the automatic deduction of union dues for all members of public employees to give “already burdened” local and state governments time to adjust.”

The “already burdened” local and state government is the government tripping over themselves to adjust to another of Walker’s laws that was put on hold, his voter ID law. This is conservative “small government” in action. Millions spent in order to push an activist corporate agenda, most of which gets overturned and thrown out or mitigated in the end because it doesn’t hold up under our laws.

You might think that would give Americans pause, or at least conservatives. But then, when your emotions drive your decisions and ideology rules over real values, this is what you get. Scott Walker has delivered a real cluster mess of botched legislation, only serving to make government more expensive and less effective.

Mitt Romney has hopped on the Walker express, hoping a bit of Scott’s radical “conservatism” will rub off on him. Romney sure knows how to pick a winner.

7 Replies to “Scott Walker Tastes Defeat As Part Of Union Busting Bill Gets Struck Down”

  1. Poor Scott is going to face re-certification himself. And its not going to be pretty. Wisconson if you value your futures, vote him out

  2. Between what Walker has done, the possible criminal charges to come possibly, and what Walker put this state through, I would be shocked to find this state ever trusting the GOP again. It’s not the Party I grew up with and so I am another EX-GOP voter. They have all shown Corp. are more important then people in every state Koch brother’s installed GOP Governors. I hope Wis. wakes up and votes Democrat.

  3. teach this dimwit you can’t hijack the civil liberties of people… no matter how far you stick your nose in Koch.

  4. “Mitt Romney has hopped on the Walker express, hoping a bit of Scott’s radical “conservatism” will rub off on him.”

    This sounds like rolling in a pile of dog excrement and hoping some of that lovely aroma sticks. Republicans are funny.

  5. Willard Romney is perennially clueless, and his allying himself with the sorry likes of Scott Walker is only the latest illustration of his being out of touch. But I say, let him hitch his wagon to a rapidly sinking “star.” All he’s doing is providing another example of why he should never enter the White House except maybe as a tourist or guest.

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