Georgia Republicans Pushing Drug Testing Refuse To Be Tested

From health care to education, to civil justice and support for working families, the actions of  Republican legislators across the county show that they value their corporate buddies more than families. Now, we get to hear it form their own mouths.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video of Georgia elected officials responding to public demand that they take a urine drug screen before picking up THEIR government check is priceless. Following the example of Republican-led legislatures across the county, Georgia lawmakers who are eager to force Georgia mom’s to pee in a cup blanch at the idea of requiring their colleagues to do the same.

And drug tests for CEO’s of corporations receiving special interest tax breaks? You just have to watch this video from Better Georgia, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that I chair, to see their response to that idea!

Kill this Bill: Unfair Georgia Drug Test from Bryan Long on Vimeo.




9 Replies to “Georgia Republicans Pushing Drug Testing Refuse To Be Tested”

  1. To be honest I wanted to gut punch that first guy, Rep Nix? He doesnt have the mental qualifications to represent a tick. There is no excuse for looking down on less fortunate people.

    The bastard needs to be reminded that people live on the streets of NY that used to be stock brokers. He has enough arrogance for the rest of the state and hopefully someday he will be on the streets too.

    Make the entire state workers and all who receive state funds do the pee test. At state expense. See how long it lasts

  2. WOW!! Talk about talking out of both sides of this morons mouth!! He Works?? So a mom of two who needs food stamps has to pee in a cup, even though she is WORKING two jobs to earn pay for day care, so she can WORK. Nix, go perform an un-natural sexual act upon your self, several times!!!

  3. I have several friends that are in state assistance and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM do drugs of some kind. I can’t because I have a job in transportation and get drug tested regularly. Several of them have actually put off job interviews because they knew their piss wasn’t clean. Others have skipped job openings because they knew that job tested. You don’t see anything wrong with that?! I think Marijuana should be legal but there’s nothing wrong with someone getting tested if they want to collect a check. As far as these public officials not submitting to a drug test, I have to believe that most of those working in public service are subjected to testing from time to time. It’s the nature of the beast in today’s workplace. I think this way not because I don’t like people on public assistance. I think this way because there’s something fundamentally wrong with someone who would rather spend their money in drugs than to better themselves. Why should the government play the part of enabler?

  4. Thanks for showing your bigotry and lack of concern – if you aren’t lying through your teeth.

    If you’re telling the truth:

    Maybe they’re using drugs to cope with something?

    Maybe they’re self-medicating?

    Maybe they’re addicted and help to break it isn’t available?

    I’ve heard the “rather use drugs” bullshit in the past, but have yet to meet anyone who did so. I’ve met a lot of people in my life.

    Finally, there are far more working people (especially the rich) who use drugs than poor people. You’re also reinforcing a FALSE STEREOTYPE. You will find far more people who receive government aid because of bad health, unemployment (job loss to shipped jobs overseas), etc. than you will who are poor because they used drugs.

    Finally, there is also the lack of hope issue… the way the Republicans have the system gamed right now, in order to survive you cannot try to get ahead… if you do you’re penalized severely (for instance, if you make a penny over the poverty “line”* you might loose your health care or food stamps – putting you FAR deeper in the hole). It’s all done in the name of “keeping parasites off of the government dole”, but the reality is that it locks people into poverty unless they get REAL lucky or are exceptional.

    *- The poverty line is an artificial construct and researchers constantly complain that it doesn’t take into account the realities of life in America… it’s based on decades-old thinking and formulas which don’t reflect how life is today.

  5. Lying through my teeth? Bigotry? Sir, everyone who is on states assistance is not a saint. You operate from a position that these people that occupy the lower economic strata are all feverishly trying to dig their way out. That’s simply not true. I certainly am not a republican and I could care less about trying to forward some kind of agenda so why the hell would I lie? I speak. Ot from what I have read. It from what I see with my own eyes. Drugs aren’t why my welfare friends don’t get a job. It’s because they don’t feel like quitting so they can obtain one! That’s not some club I’ve invented to beat these people with. It’s the truth. I live in a very depressed area so it’s probably worse here than you’re used to. I am not college educated. I came from the same town. We’re all white. Same schools. Good parents. None of the excuses you made for them apply. Some of them are on E. Some smoke dope. All are taking Xanax or Ritalin or Klonopin. I’ve known these people 20+ years so the crap about being trapped in poverty or the man keeping them down doesn’t apply. Theyre just slackers. I love em but facts are facts. If these people were tested to get their money it would eventually benefit them.

  6. And exactly how would that “benefit” them. Drug use today is rampant. There is a problem though, our government and our society, (people like yourselves) treat this “drug problem” as a CRIMINAL offense, when, in actuality, it is a health problem.
    To just up and deny people government benefits because they use drugs is to deny their children food on the table and cloths on their backs. Instead of cutting off these people, offer them drug rehab, give them a chance to change. As long as they are in a program, and are tested regularly, and remain in some sort of support program after drug rehab, they should continue to receive government benefits.
    If the offenders still refuse to get clean, but have children and need food stamps. Regulate the food stamps to one specific grocery store. The agency can monitor what is bought there by the “user” to assure that the children are being taken care of.
    Drug addiction is just that, an addiction, just like smoking is, and if the smoker is NOT willing to quite smoking, they won’t, no matter the consequences, the same is true for an addict. If the drug addict does NOT want to quite, then no amount of rehab or punishment will stop them from getting their drugs.
    Drug testing for the unemployed is a dumb idea, but if it is instituted, there needs to be alternatives the individual can choose from in order to continue to receive those benefits. That is not the case being offered by the Nazi GOP in place NOW, and that sucks…BIG TIME!!!

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