Rush Limbaugh Blames Women Who Use Birth Control for Student Loan Debt

Rush Limbaugh’s latest attempt to win back departed advertisers is to claim that student loan debt is caused by women using birth control pills.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:


Recovery Threatened By Runaway Student Loan Debt — The federal student loan program seemed like a great idea back in 1965: Borrow to go to college now, pay it back later when you have a gig.” You know, folks, have you noticed a lot of ideas from 1965 seem not to have worked out? Now the student loan program is threatening “the recovery” because of all the debt. What did we have in 1965? We had the Great Society. We had the War on Poverty, all this LBJ stuff. We had the Civil Rights Act, all this stuff, in 1965.

How is it working out for us? But poor old Obama, if you read this story further you’ll find out that this is really bad for Obama. It seems like everything is threatening his reelection. I mean his recovery. Student loans, which, by the way, he now directly controls. The Obama administration took over that program. There are very few places you can go in the private sector to get a student loan. Government has most of that. Yeah, Medicare, Medicaid, enacted in 1965. What a great year. Look at all of the rotgut that happened in 1965. And how has it worked out, all these social programs?

The article says in passing here, “Lifting student debt higher and higher is the escalating cost of attending school.” Really, you think so? What else would make student debt high? Uh, how could I forget. Birth control pills. So birth control pills and tuition are causing student debt to spiral out of control and threaten the Obama recovery. “Lifting student debt higher and higher is the escalating cost of attending school.” Who woulda thought that? Man, what genius put this together? “Tuition is increasing far faster than the rate of inflation.” Yeah, and who’s in charge of this? Liberals. Isn’t the rising cost of tuition the whole problem, other than the birth control pills? Yet there’s never any criticism from Obama or the Democrats or the news media about colleges and how greedy they are.

How exactly are birth control pills increasing student loan debt? Limbaugh is hinting that all women who use birth control are deadbeat “sluts” who are having so much sex that they have to take out student loans to be able to afford their birth control pills. The pills aren’t cheap. According to Planned Parenthood they cost $15-$50 a month, but Limbaugh is ignoring the other medical uses of birth control. Not every woman who uses birth control is a sexually active college student.

As advertisers continue to depart and not return, Limbaugh’s big plan is to keep attacking women without mentioning any specific names. I am sure this passive aggressive line of attack on Sandra Fluke makes him and his listeners happy, but do they understand how completely insane they sound to the rest of the world?

Limbaugh may think that he is being the defiant bad boy, but he is still losing the war. The advertisers aren’t coming back. Rush isn’t interested in talking about the real causes of student loan debt, which include a corrupt lending system that encouraged students to borrow more than they could afford, or universities borrowing for students without any consideration for what student could pay back.

The student loan issues were caused by the same thing that caused the recession and the housing crisis. Greedy banks and Wall Street investors who were more interested in making a big profit than doing things the right way caused a problem that President Obama is trying to clean up.

These kinds of comments from Limbaugh only strengthen the resolve of the boycotters. Every time he opens his mouth and insults women, Rush Limbaugh is insuring that the boycott will never go away. Keep talking Rush, with every word your future earnings are vanishing right in front of your eyes. As long as his attacks on women continue, the advertiser boycott of Rush Limbaugh will rage on.

Image: Andy Martello

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  1. “How exactly are birth control pills increasing student loan debt? ”

    Probably because women are pursuing college degrees and jobs rather than getting married and pregnant right out of high school as they did in the “good old days”. What selfish creatures they are, wanting something out of their lives besides dirty diapers and house cleaning.

  2. Well lets see. Rush hates education and thinks liberals run the colleges. Ok

    Rush hates women and thinks Birth control pills raise the cost of going to school. Ok

    Rush thinks Medicare hasn’t worked out. Check

    Rush hates the Civil Rights Act. Uh huh.

    Rush is an idiot. Check

    Im sorry Rush, it wont work

  3. I disagree about student loans being because of students taking on more debt than they can handle.

    It’s a scam, and people don’t learn about it until after they’ve graduated and found that jobs are hard to come by (unless they’re VERY lucky, or fit some preferred category of stereotype). Meanwhile the interest and penalties keep snowballing, and there are other really nasty and vicious games they play on students (especially non-traditional and young ones) which are used to increase the debt while the student doesn’t get any benefit from the increased debt load.

    (I might add that there are students who don’t have much choice – drop out of school and forget a future, become homeless and starve, or take out student loans to keep a roof over their head and a LITTLE food on their table.)

  4. I wondered why I felt myself so sharply nostalgic for 1965. No, it wasn’t just that I was young, or people I loved were yet living, or even that the Vietnam War was not yet in the foreground. It was genuinely that doors were opening, then, and it seemed we were on our way to a fairer, finer world. The Friedmanists slammed them shut on us, breaking bones and crushing lives and hopes alike. As for this gloating leech, I’d pay to see him run over slowly by an eighteen-wheeler.

  5. Shiva, you’re dead on about Limbaugh.

    He’s going to play the “I’m just kidding” card – if he hasn’t already. I’m just waiting for it. One thing you eventually realize about Limbaugh is that he never kids and when the heat starts rising he uses that escape.

    (Maybe we should start calling “I’m just kidding” the “Limbaugh escape clause” rather than “the bigot’s get-out-of-jail-free card”.)

  6. I agree with all the points that you made. This is a deeply corrupt system on par with sub prime mortgages. In some cases universities and lenders have conspired to get and keep students in debt. I am glad President Obama has taken the initial steps towards cleaning it up.

  7. You are correct. I saw a special recently on student debt and the biggest problem was the private institution lending where the banks don’t want to get their money back right away because they can ad penalties on these higher interest loans and in the end they can take your social security and all of your assets when you die.

  8. Good one and totally accurate. I’m a flaming liberal but I’ve listened to him every week since he had his tv show. I feel you need to know your enemy so I listen a couple hours a week while on a deliver route so I know his smarmy, vile and deceptive tactics. I catch him in lies, misinformation, character assassination and gross exaggeration all the time. The saddest thing is his attempts to be funny which are just pathetic. Naturally conservatives just don’t understand humor. Stewart, Colbert, Maher get humor and are masters of it as well as more credible sources for news while delivering it with wit.

  9. No, that is actually good with onions and pumpernickel, as long as you remember to exhale while you are eating it. Limbaugh isn’t good with anything.

  10. Remember Limpix’ she’s “having sex so frequently that she can’t afford all the birth control pills that she needs” crack? It makes it pretty clear that Rushbip has The Pill completely confused with The Blue Pill he carries in his pocket.

    Or possibly he knows his audience is so ignorant he can talk them into believing that, like Viagra, you gotta take a birth control pill each time you have sex.

    That is the only basis on which anyone could conclude that female students are “having so much sex” that they have to take out additional student loans to pay for birth control.

    But more likely the reason women (and men) are taking on excess student loan debt is that, beginning with Ronald Reagan here in California, “conservatives” at the urging of Mr. Limpbux have been cutting support for public higher education for 40 flippin” years.

  11. All I can say is – WHAT????? WHAT????? Seriously Rush, THAT is the cause of student loan debt? The PILL?


  12. Hey Rush,

    Activists: Birth Control Can Fight Global Warming

    Published: 4:35 AM 03/03/2012

    snip] During a discussion series on Monday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., speaker and activist Kavita Ramdas argued that contraceptives should be part of a strategy to save the planet, calling lower birth rates a “common sense” part of a climate-change reduction strategy. [end snip

    read more @ FoxNation – really it’s there!

  13. It appears One Goh, the shooter at Oikos, targeted women; all but one of his victims were women; and he was in murderous pursuit of a female administrator. He was mentally disturbed, but so are a lot of people. You have to wonder if the blazing misogyny constantly broadcast by Limbaugh, propagated in the manosphere, and now adopted as a plank by the Republican Party, is starting to have stochastic effects.

  14. I add that he deliberately lined his victims up against the wall and shot them execution- style, so this wasn’t dumb chance.

  15. this must mean he realizes these same women who took the pill are the same ones who raised these children to go to college. good for them and their children!!!

  16. Here in Florida too. For instance, they’ve cut out all forms of assistance for most people who go to school and are on student loans and/or a Pell Grant. You cannot get food stamps, you cannot get anything (exception – I knew a single mother in school who got food stamps and health care for her child… but that was it). They were nasty towards us when we tried to get help to put food on the table… and I had to literally beg for food on multiple occasions (a very degrading and shaming experience).

    Their whole concept is that if you’re going to school, either you have mommy and daddy to take care of you (especially when between semesters) or you can work on the side (not always possible especially if you have health problems – and the part-time employers [big business usually] around here are notorious for setting your schedule to screw with your classes and studies).

    A friend of mine (faculty) says that they think they’re testing you and preparing you for the “real world”, and expect everyone to function on a couple of hours sleep at night as they think they did when they were a kid – forgetting that not all students are young kids or so stupid as to spend all their time “partying”.

    Ruined our great Savings and Loan Industry
    Closed Fairness Doctrine that has allowed Mush Dimbaugh types on our public airwaves
    Closed Revenue Sharing
    Since 1980, initiated our involvement in 10 foreign conflicts
    Repealed Glass Steagall—took deposits in 7000 banks and put 80% in (10) Too Big To Fail
    Modernization of Commodities Market—from Investment to Casino Derivative Of America
    2 very dumb invasions of two of most poor -most unarmed nations on earth=OIL OIL OIL
    Ruined our International Reputation as a Do Good Christian nation to Big Bully Devil.
    Stood by as Freak Marketeers ruined our Housing Industry.
    Stood by as Casino Derivative of America ruined the World Financial Industry.
    Impeached a Great President for petty political gains that created long term animosity between two parties.
    Attempted to destroy Safety Nets that make America great middle class
    Implemented Tax Codes that permitted redistribution of Wealth to top (10%) who now own (73%) of all Net Wealth and (83%) of all Financial Wealth and take home (50%) of all individual income.
    Today, they have taken America to ranking in oecd nations as (# 2) as Least Taxed—(# 2) as least taxed corporations and horror horror (# 4) on Inequality from bottom 5 in 1980.
    Since 1980, their Spend & Borrow policies are, mainly, responsible for adding 14,000 Billion to a 1000 Billion debt
    Fought the great GI Bill.
    Fought the WWII Draft
    Installed strict laws which created 57 % of prison inmates on Marijuana use charges which make us lead the world in prison population.
    Refuse to control the drug Beer.
    There are many many more baddies.
    REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVES AS WAS DONE IN 2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006.

  18. Sir Lardbelly is a complete fool. Now, he’s gone from saying women who use birth control are “sluts” to saying they drive up student loan debt. I mean, how disconnected from reality can anyone be? The saddest thing is that in spite of the advertisers who are boycotting him, there will always be a group of ignorant, hateful, and ill-informed Americans who regard his drivel as gospel truth.

  19. I had a thought hit me… a continuation of my reply to Jeff.

    I wonder if the conservatives have this idea that “college = party time!”. If they do, they’re looking at the wrong students – the near failures.

    That was a constant problem when I was helping to teach classes: kids who spend so much time focusing on “fun” that they barely make it through school. They’re the actual losers in the game – not only do they cheat themselves but they take up seats that could have been filled by better students (who have less access to the resources needed to get through college). They were also the ones spoiled by the FCAT system and how they were taught in the primary and secondary schools – we heard many times each semester (from the near-failures) “Is this going to be on the test? If it’s not on the test I don’t want to hear about it!” Some of them also are caught cheating in every class in every semester… it’s such a big problem that about ten minutes of the first class (of introductory courses) and usually around 5 minutes of the first day of higher courses is spent on what we do to cheaters and why it is wrong – and they still try.

    I shudder to think what sort of people are taking jobs right now based on a lot of the students… their writing skills were abominable, they couldn’t reason their way out of a wet paper bag, and critical thinking? Forget it. Some got away with cheating, even to graduation (we caught one flagrant cheater in a exit requirement course – she was upset at us for applying the rules and for the student who exposed her rather than realizing how wrong she was).

    And then they’d get mad at (or make fun of) the people who actually applied themselves and make them look like the mediocre near-failures that they really are, rather than using self-discipline and stop being so “party” crazy. (In other words, no balance to their lives and their focus was on play.)

  20. Love the sarcasm. We should have a well educated female population just as we should have a well educated male population.

    Tuition costs and the cost of birth control are so fare apart I have no idea how Rush could equate the two as being the same.

  21. Everything that happened in the ’60s, the riots, the university demonstrations, the civil rights act, the voting act, all the advances made back have worked. Nothing is perfect.

    I suppose since Rush’s head is up his ass, he really is talking through his asshole.

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