Rachel Maddow Cuts Off Paul Ryan’s Obama Lie Filled Romney Introduction

Paul Ryan’s introduction of Mitt Romney after the Wisconsin primary was so full of lies and inaccuracies that Rachel Maddow cut away from it and deemed it not newsworthy.

Here is the full Ryan introduction:

Paul Ryan accused President Obama of dividing us instead of uniting us. Ryan claimed that Obama makes excuses and blames everyone else and that the country was off the path to prosperity due to Obama. Ryan also accused Obama of being un-American and against the American idea.

The problem is that Paul Ryan got it wrong. It was George W. Bush who claimed to be a uniter not a divider, not Barack Obama.

Apparently, Ryan’s factually challenged intro was too much for Rachel Maddow because she broke in and cut off MSNBC’s live coverage of Ryan.

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Maddow said, “Obviously, had Congressman Ryan been making any news there, I would have stuck with him, but once he got into the string of bumper stickers, I decided to maybe we’d go for some substance to Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.” Maddow used Ryan’s lack of newsworthiness as a reason to cut him, but later on when she appeared on The Last Word she mentioned that Ryan had attributed uniter not a divider to the wrong president.

Was Paul Ryan’s introduction so bad and inaccurate that Maddow felt compelled to pull the plug? Maybe, but she also knew that she was up against it in terms of time. Sure enough moments after pulling the plug on Ryan, Mitt Romney took the stage and wiped out the remaining minutes of her show. Some on the right will immediately scream liberal bias, and claim that Maddow was doing the same thing to Ryan that Fox News does to Obama. They will ask why it is okay for Rachel Maddow to do it, but not Fox News.

The difference is simple. Paul Ryan is not the president. In fact, without his blood lust to kill Medicare, no one would even know who he is. Fox News is the same network that once invented their own breaking news story in order to cut away from a speech by President Obama, so no they aren’t the same thing. Rachel Maddow made an editorial decision on her own program that what Paul Ryan was doing had no news value at all.

She was right. No network has video up of Ryan’s introduction of Romney. I had to find the clip from C-SPAN via YouTube in order to present it to you. Rachel Maddow should be commended for having journalistic standards that would not allow her to insult her viewers by making them watch a flop sweat drenched congressman, who was in way over his head, lie about the president. (Ryan was so bad that even Romney commented on how terrible he was).

Maddow believed her viewers deserved better. When she saw Ryan offering nothing, she dropped him. Rachel Maddow’s editorial decision was the perfect metaphor for what voters are going to do the Republican Party in November.

Just like Rachel Maddow did to Paul Ryan tonight, if Republicans offer us nothing, we will drop them.

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  1. Paul Ryan doesn’t possess 1/4 of the intellect that Rachel Maddow does, nor is he even remotely acquainted with anything resembling “the truth”, or “facts”, so why let this Eddie Munster wanna-be blather on? Rachel did the right thing!

  2. Ryan’s lies were disgusting. I turned him off before she did. But Mitt was even worse…’there have been more jobs lost under President Obama than since the Great Depression.” I kept waiting for the little truth bubbles to pop up. When is someone going to hold the GOP accountable for the filth they pass off as truth?

  3. the peacock parades beauty while the fox exercises evil.

    their only value as spectacle is in the difference.

    pick a side.

    so far, since i reside in Mass, where government is a family business, i pick sister Rachel.

  4. Talking about living in a parallel Universes…I would like to meet that person Ryan is talking about to spit on his face; He is certainly is not President Obama..What a jerk and a fraud this Ryan character is, ha? Kudos to Maddow…

  5. Prosperity at any cost, the cost being seniors and children. How many will you cast aside to show we are on the track to prosperity?.

    Ryan is pushing for VP very hard. Everything he says about Obama is complete BS. I would say given the Ryan plan, and everything Ryan says, I would call his “Americanism” into question

  6. “Obviously, had Congressman Ryan been making any news there, I would have stuck with him, but once he got into the string of bumper stickers, I decided to maybe we’d go for some substance to Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.”…Love it!!
    If there is a debate between the guy named after a catcher’s “mitt” and President Obama, wonder when the “mitt” calls the President a “lyin sack of dung” outright, on air.
    For the record, I’m for President Obama, but the GOP has taken this campaign into the gutter, so I only expect more disrespect and lies from these spawns of Judas. (Being Jewish, I can say things like that)!

  7. We had a presidential candidate call the sitting president, just a few days ago, a “government n****r” and it barely merited a mention on the news. I am and was appalled that we’ve come to that. So, yes, the republicans intend to drag this campaign as far into the gutter as possible, and this time, the racism and hatred will be all too evident, as they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

    I’m willing to concede that it may not have gotten much attention because frankly, who gives a chit about Tantorum. But the fact is, it still happened. Inexcusable.

  8. Just a good business decision. She could hear the clickers turning to something else, rather than hearing that crap.

  9. That’s correct; he is pandering for the VP slot.

    Something tells me that “Team -Mitt-Rom” has already chosen pretty boy Paul because they can’t find a female candidate; they think he’ll pull in the female vote by batting those big blue “Borg Orbs” of his…

    (I hear his blinking is sending coded messages and THAT’S why the women can’t hear his lies…but don’t tell anyone…shhhhh)

  10. Rachel was the first to straight out call romney a liar…None of the other so-called pundits had the intestinal fortitude…

    It is about time the msm turned off the screed of the right when it is the same scripted BS..

    She is the best!

  11. The gutter politics position that the GOP has taken on as a method of “winning” could have been prevented by McCain…he tried but Sara prevailed.

    Obviously, she was a big mistake, but a mistake that in hindsight has given the rest of the world a view of the actual “operations” of the radical right wing. We now see the GOP gaping, open wound that keeps festering and growing as they pour more hate, lies and religious zealotry upon the open wound…very ugly indeed…but, that’s what mortal wounds look like and there is nothing they can do to stop their demise.

  12. I hope.

    The churches behind Palin (and Paul) are so toxic that in a sense, what we’re still seeing is really mild.

    They think they can win by working on their dominionist/steeplejacked base… I just hope enough NON-dominionist-controlled people vote to take them out of power (and then we need to find a way to KEEP them out of power). They can practice their religion all they want, but they need to keep it away from the rest of us (and to stop using deception and tricks to draw newcomers… their usual tactic).

  13. Jo – do you know which candidate called the President that name and where it was reported? I’d love to “make” it news.

  14. Paul Ryan wants to be the VPOTUS candidate so badly, he’s been like white on rice to Romney all week.
    Rachel Maddow is a class act, a brilliant, funny, and insightful reporter and author. She is the ONLY one to call out Romney as the liar he is, and has my greatest respect for doing so.

  15. I can think of a couple women for him: Haley in SC and Brewer in AZ. They both sicken me, but it may be his only chance to pull back in some of the women voters who are running away in droves from the GOP.

  16. I agree. Maddow has had the courage and journalistic integrity to call out and challenge the lies of Romney, Ryan and the rest of the GOP! She deserves a medal. I was flipping channels trying to avoid any coverage on Romney and Ryan because it made me ill just to think how these two men can get on air and just lie through their teeth and speak so disrespectfully of our President and get away with it. These two men, if they get the chance through elections, will strip medicare, medicaid, and all the principles of American democracy. And then they will back that up with massive tax cuts to the rich on the backs of the once middle class and poor and disadvantaged. It is so frustrating and just wrong! How many greedy, ignorant, or racist people do we have in this country? Is it enough to steal the election? Remember it was stolen in 2000 with a mere 500 plus votes with the help of Florida and the scary 5 good old boys on the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court alone is enough Reason to vote for Obama if you don’t understand the obvious reasons. Thanks for this post!

  17. I’ve been listening to/reading the comments that Romney, Ryan, and others on the right have been making about PBO, and I’ve noticed some things and so has Steve Benen at The Maddow Blog–all of these attacks are focused on provoking an emotional appeal from the mouth breathers and none of them contain any facts to support these claims. These dummies are telling Americans that the economy is in the ditch, PBO’s policies haven’t worked, and other BullStank, but the opposite is really true. The stock markets are up, more businesses are hiring, consumer confidence is up, manufacturing is up, exports are up, Osama Bin Laden is dead, and GM & Chrysler are on the road to recovery in a major way, etc.

  18. George W Bush distinctly and clearly said he would be a uniter not a divider

    Your link does not resemble the issue at hand. He was talking about McCain being a divider

    Who here knows comprehension 101?

  19. Nope…they learned not to “trust” women after the Palin debacle. They won’t vet well; both have considerable baggage where as Ryan has all the inside moves down and hasn’t been caught in any scandals.

  20. What Rachel did even more reporters/journalists should be doing. When the lies start flowing, flip the switch to off.

  21. I spared myself ALL the fascist/gop CRAP and watched CURRENT TV that night since they don’t these rat’s lie filled speeches waste of THEIR airtime being an independent network that actually IS progressive.
    I commend Rachel for refusing to stomach anymore of the Ryan BS then she could take but MSNBC, along with all the major networks on cable give these lowlife liars way TOO airtime. The last time MSNBC aired the primaries, my TV was on “mute 90% of the night because I could’nt listen to the garbage these creeps were spewing. It made so sick.

  22. I was watching Rachel Maddow that evening and I for one appreciated the fact that she cut off Ryan’s pack of lies. Both Ryan and Romney are serial liars and they’ll do anything to get elected/reelected. Koch/ALEC suckers!

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