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CNN’s Erick Erickson Makes a Fool Of Himself Attacking Obama over Augusta

Last updated on April 8th, 2012 at 02:20 pm

CNN’s Erick Erickson made a fool of himself today on his radio show by attacking the President for weighing in on the female CEO of IBM being denied membership to the Augusta National Golf Club while defending Mitt Romney for saying the exact same thing.

Erick Erickson is super angry that President Obama is “politicizing golf” by suggesting that discrimination against women is not a good thing. But true to his conservative value system, when Mitt Romney expressed the exact same sentiment, Erickson pronounced him smart to avoid the war on women.

If you’re confused, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Listen here via Media Matters:

Erick began his logic mangling with, “The President is trying to make everything political. ‘President both ways’…. but he thinks women should be allowed. Why must women be members? Why? Because it’s the last bastion of sexism!”

Yes, that’s right, it’s Obama who is two-faced and “both ways”, not Etch-a-Sketch Romney. Obama has always fought for women’s rights, but still, when he voices this insane notion out loud, he is politicizing everything, since women’s rights are not a political issue(?).

We now realize why Erick was hired by CNN. Erick represents that poor, underrepresented minority, the angry white male conservative. So great of CNN to give men like Erick a voice. Goodness knows they aren’t represented in the House, I mean, look at all of the minorities and women abusing their power and excluding men like Erick from membership in Augusta, wherein titans of industry bond and forge professional alliances. I mean, why would a silly woman want to hang out among the movers and shakers of her industry just because IBM’s sponsorship guarantees club membership?

Then Erick revved his conservative clown car, “I thought the Republican Party was the last bastion of sexism and misogyny! Oh, wait, they nominated Sarah Palin to be Vice Presidential nominee and the left called her the c word, the t word and the b word and every other word you can imagine.”

Yes, Erick, because nominating a woman who espouses patriarchal values as a Vice Presidential candidate in the hopes of tricking women into voting against their own interests is so the opposite of sexism. It’s almost touching how concerned Erick appears to be over name-calling of Sarah Palin, and yet he has yet to defend private person Sandra Fluke from Rush Limbaugh’s demands for a sex tape in exchange for her birth control. If you’re getting the idea that Erick is just angry any time anyone on the Left speaks at all, you might be right, but then, you’d be angry too if those who were not entitled to speak continued to do so.

We left off with Erick’s belief that the Palin nomination proves that all of the legislation Republicans are pushing is just in our imagination… And they say the Republican Party can’t learn from its mistakes! Any bets on whom Mitt Romney will pick to shore up the hostile conservative base and also bring some women back to him after his promise to end Planned Parenthood? Gosh, you don’t think he’d pull a McCain and pick a conservative woman just to get the female vote back, do you? Just how passé can Republicans be and still be operating in this century?

Erick may indict the President for the White House Press Secretary weighing in on the matter of discrimination against women, but Republican Mitt Romney is given a pass for weighing in because it was “smart” for him to avoid the war on women. This is called conservative logic and consistency of values.

Erick cluelessly continued his psychological and political projection, “Yes, intellectual honesty. And of course, Mitt Romney, ‘well yea, I think women should be allowed –‘ at least he’s smart enough to know that we don’t want to weigh into the war on women in Augusta.” See, when Mitt says women should be allowed, in Erick’s world, this is an example of Mitt not weighing in; although anyone can see that Mitt Romney did, in fact, weigh in with a decisive opinion.

Instead of celebrating what may the be the first sighting of a decisive Romney opinion, Erick is pretending it didn’t happen because if he admits it happened, then he has nothing to attack the President over.

It has yet to occur to Erick that there is an additional difference between Mitt Romney and President Obama in terms of the importance of their “weighing in” on the subjects of our time, like discrimination against women. Here’s a hint, Erick: President Obama resides in the White House and is the President of this country. As such, he is entitled and indeed, often required, to weigh in on issues of the day. Maybe if Erick ever watched a real news outlet, he would observe these people called press who ask the President questions.

But no. Erick finds a way to make the President weighing in a bad thing, while giving Romney a pass, “It’s striking to me just how political the President wants to make everything. The war on women, coming home to the Masters, who frickin’ cares. I am not a member, by the way. I’m not a very good golfer. I’d love to be a member after I get my private jet…”

Poor Erick! And here we thought he wasn’t a minority. He doesn’t even have a private jet, and aren’t all white male Christians and the women who cheer them along entitled to a private jet? It does say that in the Bible. Life is so unfair.

In case you were wondering if discrimination is a real issue, Erick is here to tell you that from his vantage point (white male privilege), it is NOT. Erick announced, “I don’t care that the Masters is a male dominated event. Frankly, I kind of like the idea that women aren’t members of the Masters. Can’t men go anywhere and just be men? ….”

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to tear up for poor Erick. I mean, he’s obviously having a hard time “just being a man.” And then, he equates the Masters to girls night out which is like, dead on, except that men have a night out too. But still, even though Erick doesn’t golf and he is just another angry white man with a contract at CNN, shouldn’t men be entitled to job perks that women are denied? I mean, we can’t have women in the men’s club where business relationships are solidified because then women would be… Equal. Well, you heard Erick. He doesn’t care and so obviously no one else should.

Erick wrapped up his ode to the 1950’s reverie with accusing Obama of trying to politicize golf, “Men are not allowed to go to an all male golf club. Oh, wait they are and that’s the problem. You know what, Mr President, why don’t you leave the politics out of golf?”

Yes, this is the big crime we must all admit that the President has committed. He has politicized golf; whereas Romney was just avoiding getting trapped as a pusher of the war on women.

Wait, it seems like if anyone is politicizing golf it’s Romney. After all, according to Erick, Mitt avoided getting into the war on women in Augusta, which implies that Romney secretly agrees with Erick but just said what he had to say in order to avoid being persecuted by the evil liberal media for not agreeing that discrimination against women is a negative thing. Just fyi for Erick, if he’s right, then Romney’s response is a classic example of cynically politicizing an issue of public debate.

When you follow Erick Erickson’s crazy train, you’re bound to end up right back where you started, except slightly less hopeful that conservatives really stand for anything other than a desperate attempt to derail Obama over imaginary slights. Poor Erick. He’s still seeing monsters under his bed, only now they’re politicizing golf. Next thing you know, someone’s going to make this Southern “gentleman” show some cursory respect to the half black man in the White House. Will the torture never end?

Sarah Jones

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