March Can’t Stop Obama From Trouncing Bush In Job Growth

The month of March was not a great month for jobs numbers, but I want to give you a break down of the non-farm payroll number that were released at 8:30AM on April, 6th.

Manufacturing continued to show strength with 36,000 jobs added in that sector. Factory employment has risen by 470,000 since a recent low point in January 2010.

Healthcare also added jobs, a total of 26,000 more people are working in this sector. Once again, I have to remind everyone about the Republican claim that Obamacare regulations were going to kill jobs, yet this sector which would be first to feel the pinch is hiring like crazy!

Construction employment fell by 7,000, but this could be due to the warm winter. Usually in the spring construction picks up, but because of the warm winter, many projects continued through the winter.

The killer for the jobs numbers was in retail, which was negative 34,000. I know many of the same conservatives who claimed the Obama administration is fudging employment a jobs numbers are the same “cheering” this number. They can’t make up their minds. When the numbers are good, the administration is lying, when the numbers come in low, they claim it is truth.

Bottom line is when comparing jobs numbers in the first terms President Obama beats President Bush by approximately 700,000 jobs.

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  1. Where do you get your “facts” from? You fail to mention that most forecasts were showing the economy would gain over 200,000 jobs in March.
    The jobs report for March was horrible and if any Republican was President you would be blasting them. Bush was a bad President, I’ll be the first to admit it but President Obama is just as bad, if not worse.
    These are numbers straight from

    Total Nonfarm Employees
    Jan 2001 132,466,000
    Jan 2009 133,561,000
    March 2012 132,821,000

    Total Private Employees
    Jan 2001 111,631,000
    Jan 2009 110,985,000
    March 2012 110,824,000

    The average weeks someone is unemployed is 39.4 which is down from 40 in February but still the highest since the Great Depression
    Median weeks on unemployment is 19.9 down from 25 in May 2010.
    Both are almost double what every president had it at.

  2. But Mitt said the President has created zero jobs in 4 years, and that we are bleeding a gazillion jobs a month under Obama. You mean a man running to be POTUS is lying? Every blessed time he opens his mouth? And his GOP chair is even worse…”there is no war on women and anyone who claims we are waging war on women which we are not doing because they are caterpillars is being unpatriotic. And hates America. And wants to defund the military. And belives in death panels. And hates babies, mom and apple pie…and Israel and loves Russia and is a secret Muslim just like maybe Obama is too also.” Bunch of morons, and that’s being nice.

  3. Talk about cherry picking the database! The numbers reflected don’t show how unemployment rose during Bush’s term then started to drop at the midpoint of his second term, continuing into 2010. No reasonable person would expect to see 8 years of mistakes turn around in a year. However, employment numbers are on the rise no matter how you try to spin them. President Obama took office with two wars and a tanking economy. He also encountered an economy much worse than anyone expected, including most financial analysts. If he had a bipartisan Congress committed to turning the country around rather than a very partisan GOP who set out to make sure his Presidency was a failure, things would have been much different. In spite of the GOP, we are seeing changes in the economy. Where are all the jobs they spoke of when they were running in 2010? They fought the jobs bill and proceeded to declare a war on women’s rights. Only a party without a conscience can overlook a nationwide infrastructure in need of repair, denying tens of thousands of people jobsin doing so. Come November, we’ll let them know just how much attention we were paying to them as we send them to the unemployment line. If you’re not working for the American people, you’re working against them as the GOP has repeatedly proven.

  4. I wish there was an edit button. That should read, “employment rose slightly until the middle of Bush’s second term” NOT “unemployment”.

  5. Comparing the recession of the early Bush years with what Obama walked into is totally absurd.

    4,400,000 jobs were gone by the time Obama set one foot into the Oval Office. The only other Prez who walked into such an economic catastrophe was Roosevelt.

  6. Why would you pull the numbers from the beginning of Bush’s first term, before all of the damage he did, as a means of comparing to the second and last full years of Obama’s terms, where he was trying to make up the numbers from when the Bush Administration completely ignored the domestic front in favor of their international interests? You know, those seven + years of increasingly worse data that you didn’t show. I had a job during the last few years of that time, I was incredibly lucky, there were tons of people around me who couldn’t hope to find work. In my crappy night shift retail job in Michigan, we cheered on election night, when Obama won the 2008 election. This place with so many intelligent people. This, the only place they could hope to find work, with their stories of being things like salesmen and architects before the economy went bad, who could only dream of making $12-15 an hour in a factory. Those factories which had failed, the stimulus put into the auto and financial sector that didn’t save anybody’s jobs – in 2009, all that seemed to occur because of that loan was that the employees got better lay-off packages.

    So yeah, that we’ve been able to trend up at all over the past few years is amazing to me. I remember Michigan then, it truly seemed like a dead husk, full of parasites waiting for the resources to finally run out. People I worked with who had roommates and significant others who’d been putting in apps for months unable to find work, these people didn’t have a criminal record, they just didn’t have a college education, but that’s all that was available in Michigan then – management positions requiring three years of experience and a bachelor’s in business.

    This is the focus we needed for those 8 years under Bush, this is the drive to revitalize the homefront’s domestic policies that we needed back in the thick of two wars that were draining our resources and bringing back no income growth to the general public.

  7. …”Why would you pull the numbers from the beginning of Bush’s first term…”

    In simple terms, same old same old…

    No one in their right mind (just backward jackasses) “credits” Bush with the stats on the state of the nation, especially the economy the first 12 months into his first term! It’s that fact thing again; those were Clinton “numbers” inherited by the incoming Bush administration
    …it’s been proven and shown over and over again. Only hacks (backward jackasses) are still trying that same old saw “Bush growth”. It’s amazing that some of these backward jackass also believe in the “illusion” that Americans will “forget” (collective amnesia) all those Bush years and elect another “business man” like Bush to run the show…

    Hahahhaa….nope, not even close!

  8. The local-yokel Republican newspaper (AZ Republic) blazed the headline this morning “Dip in Jobs Growth Posses Worry”. The entire jumbled-up prop piece repeats a sarcastic mantra over and over of “So sad, too bad for Obama”.

    What the headline really should have read was, “Growth Posses Worry for the GOP;Too Bad, So Sad for Romney”.

  9. The facts come from compounded with a graph from the Fed Reserve in St Louis.

    You say Bush was a bad President, but MANY conservatives LOVE his jobs numbers.

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