George Zimmerman Charged but Will There Be Justice For Trayvon Martin?

Special prosecutor Angela Corey has announced that George Zimmerman has been charged with murder in the second degree, and 45 days after his murder Trayvon Martin will finally a chance at justice.

Special prosecutor Corey prefaced her announcement of charges against Zimmerman by saying that cases should be tried not in the courts of media or public opinion. Corey then announced that Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder. She reminded the world that the constitutional victim here is Trayvon Martin. The special prosecutor said that George Zimmerman turned himself in. Corey found that that the killing of Trayvon Martin was not an excusable or justifiable homicide.

What the announcement by the special prosecutor revealed was that investigators weren’t able to verify George Zimmerman’s story as fact. This is the first step in getting justice for the killing of Trayvon Martin, but will getting Zimmerman charged be enough? George Zimmerman does remain innocent until proven guilty, but will the supporters of Trayvon Martin feel like justice has been served if George Zimmerman is found not guilty? Do the charges against Zimmerman merely raise the stakes?

Zimmerman’s recent behavior, starting a website, raising money, and the PR offensive makes a lot more sense now that he has been formally charged. George Zimmerman had to know that these charges were coming. It won’t take the political hucksters on the right long to cry out that a miscarriage of justice is being carried out against George Zimmerman. The right wing offensive against President Obama is certain to reach a fevered pitch. The howls of Obama racism got George Zimmerman charged will soon be echoed high and low from every Fox News and talk radio microphone.

The right’s politicization of this case has turned what was going to a high profile trial into a racial powder keg. A horrible senseless homicide has become a case with national implications, but while the hate mongers and their candidates try to win votes by playing to the darkest elements of our national psyche, we must not forget that what happened 45 days ago has noting to do with a hoodie or President Obama. What really matters is getting justice for the killing of Trayvon Martin.

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  1. Under Florida law, Murder 2 is the most serious crime that can be charged by a prosecutor’s information. Many times, it is charged before the prosecutor goes to a grand jury for a charge of Murder 1. I believe prosecutor Corey, who is operating from outside that judicial circuit, may not have trusted a Seminole County grand jury with an indictment. Traditionally, grand juries will bring a true bill against a ham sandwich, but in this case, the ham sandwich may have a certain amount of public sentiment on his side. In any case, he may have turned himself in as part of a deal for a Murder 2 charge (if he has the sense)

  2. Phil, I don’t suppose she is. This is Central damn Florida, for God’s sake. Maybe he’ll plead to a drastic knockdown. Maybe he’ll get a lesser included. Maybe he’ll get off with a misdemeanor. Or he could walk: a deliberately lackadaisical prosecution, a JNOV, jury null. Yet anyone who goes around contacting the prosecutor *and* Sean Calamity against his lawyer’s advice is a sitting duck who’ll pull the trigger on himself.

  3. Yeah, Zimmerman isn’t too bright himself. I’m just warning people that there is a long road ahead, and that Corey is no Vincent Bugliosi.

  4. I cannot believe that the very people who call Zimmerman white, when he is Hispanic are accusing the right of using racial politics. Also a writer for this site named rmuse or something like that used the same
    Mangled lie when cutting and splicing zimmermans 911 call as NBC did. I have yet to see a retraction or an apology from this site or mr rmuse for doing so. Where is your explanation you race baiting bigoted

  5. I’m concerned that the judge will find some way to deny justice for Trayvon. The judicial system in Florida is so screwed up and dishonest (and racist) that I think an acquittal is very likely, while anything remotely like justice is unlikely. (I would be pleasantly surprised if justice did happen.) Even then, with Rick Scott in office, Zimmerman might find himself receiving clemency if he is convicted.

    I don’t know what the “feelings” on the street are as I’ve been staying away from everywhere except the grocery store, the school, my father-in-law’s house, and our church (and the gas station) over the last month. When OJ was acquitted, there were near riots everywhere I turned… and the racism was blatant and in-your-face. I was afraid that a race war was going to be started by all of the whites in this area… to them OJ was automatically guilty regardless to Mark Fuhrman committing perjury and the evidence. When I mentioned what I thought in one place, I was very nearly physically attacked. Simpson was black, therefore he was guilty period and according the the people I was working around, anyone who didn’t think like them were commies and n____ lovers who needed to be fried too.

    If Zimmerman is found guilty… I expect the opposite reaction.

  6. He is what they call white hispanic. White father and Peruvian mother.

    He is not pure hispanic or pure white

  7. Which heritage does he follow… which is the one he values?

    I have a friend who is white latino (Mexican-American) – he’d pass for an anglo any day, although he is Mexican-American at heart and by culture. His entire family are American citizens by birth, but they experience persecution and are Mexican-American by heart. As I understand it, both sides of his family are.

    I could pass for white too… but I’m not. I’m proud of my American Indian heritage, in spite of this culture’s attempt to force me to feel shame about my very being. I am an American Indian (or Native American if you prefer) and it’s one of the few things I have to feel good about.

    Let me clue you in on a little secret… I’m told that a significant portion of the Klan in Georgia are actually American Indian as I am… they figured the safest place to hide out would to be to join the people who were their deadliest enemies. Some of our worst enemies now are our own kin – because they’re terrified that the Klan will discover their secret and they (and their immediate family) would be put to death.

    Just because Zimmerman has some Latino ancestry, doesn’t mean that he’s going to not be a racist, or a pig wannabe, or a hate-driven murderer.

  8. For my part, I speculate as follows about the Simpson case:

    O.J. and Furman meet in a manosphere type bar. O. J fumes about his white bitch ex-wife. Furman, the racist, sees a wonderful chance to prove that all those n******s are animals.

    So Furman offers to do a little job for him. But he double-crosses him by planting certain evidence.

    Now they each know the other is a party to murder, but neither can tell the whole truth about the other without implicating himself. Hence that circus of a trial.

    Sound familiar? It ought to. It’s been told before. It’s called “Othello”.

  9. Now this is egregious! It’s outrageous!

    After the liberal media did its snow job on the public, they’re going to charge Zimmerman–a good, patriotic, gun-toting, ground-standing American for murder?

    Charging Zimmerman for shooting a thuggish black kid is absolute racism!

    Who says racism doesn’t exist in America anymore? If anyone wants a prime example of racism in action, it’s this.

  10. Winston,

    You are obviously not educated regarding racial profiling, racism, or civil rights violations.

    You need only read the papers to learn that being of one race that is a minority does not mean that you are not racist against another minority. In fact, racism was designed as a tool of those in power, in order to divide the people and pit them against one another. For that matter, you can find within a race people who are racists against their own race, and who rank people based on the darkness or lightness of their skin.

    No apology will be forthcoming for Rmuse’s article, as he did not misstate facts and he is a columnist, writing opinion.

  11. After the liberal media did its snow job …

    What liberal media are you talking about? Brian Williams, the admitted Dittohead? Diane Sawyer, the “Tricky” Dick Nixon flunkie? The war-profiteer NBC?

  12. I remain cautiously optimistic that justice will be done for Trayvon Martin and his family. The fact that so much time elapsed without at least an arrest was extremely disheartening, but I’m glad to see that the outrage at the injustice–both national and internation–prompted the overdue investigations of this case. The Sanford PD failed miserably to do their job,and any trial will be a referendum on them as well as being a referendum on the SYG law.

  13. Not on the stand your ground law… if he’s found guilty it’s because he was a murderer and because the SYG law was misused.

    I don’t want to be disarmed and left to the “mercies” of the pigs. They don’t want people defending themselves and would rather see someone in the hospital and loosing everything they owned than defending themselves. (Personally, I think they’d rather US die than some scumbag home-invader.) SYG keeps them from arresting someone who defends his or her life, or his or her family, or his or her home.

    Believe me… before SYG, the pigs have said (multiple times) that unless you can prove someone was attacking you with the intent to kill AND that you had no way of escaping, you would be tried for murder if you killed, for instance, a rapist in your home. SYG was a relief for us, as it meant if we had to use deadly force to defend ourselves we wouldn’t automatically go to jail (well, being American Indian it’s still possible, but less likely).

    I don’t know what it is about so many liberals anyway… the essence of liberalism is freedom of the individual, but I regularly hear for calls to strip us of the right (or freedom) to defend ourselves. Bloomberg is starting a nationwide drive to do just that. I don’t want to go back to the days where self-defense was almost an automatic murder or attempted murder conviction.

    And yes, life is that vicious, dangerous, and tough that self-defense needs to be a right.

  14. I still say any trial will be in part a referendum on the SYG law. The fact that George Zimmerman has misused it strongly suggests that it has been misused in many other circumstances, and for that reason it will receive a lot of scrutiny. Frankly, I don’t know what will happen, but if it’s not repealed, then it needs to be amended in a manner that specifically and unambiguously rules out cases like Zimmerman’s. In fact, there are other states where the same law exists, and this case has caused legislators in those states to reevaluate the law there. And furthermore, it’s not about “liberal” or “conservative” but about trying to find a way to ensure that there will be a lot fewer Trayvons in the future.

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