Stone Coal Liar: Sarah Palin Claims Obama is Bankrupting the Coal Industry

Sarah Palin continued her Fox News walk of shame out of big energy’s dorm room today defying all logic and statistics with a claim that President Obama is bankrupting the coal industry.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Palin said, “When you look at what Barack Obama is actually doing with killing the Keystone pipeline the part that he has authority over actually, and his mission of bankrupting coal companies which leads to less electricity in the US. The things that he’s actually doing, not just saying but actually doing are burdening our energy opportunities and making us more reliant on foreign sources.”

A recent Dow Jones ( also owned by News Corp) story found that while demand of coal in the United States is stagnating, there is a boom in demand for coal exports, “The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates 2011 exports surpassed 100 million short tons for the first time since 1992, and some market watchers expect exports to top that this year…Higher sales prices in Asia and Europe have made sending coal to those markets more attractive, while U.S. emissions regulations and competition from cheap natural gas limit domestic demand.”

Palin got her talking point from the coal industry. Big Coal is freaking out because late in March the EPA announced a rule that will require new power plants to limit their carbon dioxide emissions. The part Sarah Palin left out is that demand for coal was already declining in the United States because of competition from natural gas.

The coal industry isn’t being killed. It is being exported. This little fact debunks the myth championed by Sarah Palin and the right that we can drill or mine our way to energy independence. Just because we have coal or oil in this country doesn’t mean that it belongs to the United States. The coal belongs to the coal companies. They are free to sell it on the global market to any nation that is willing to pay.

In order for Sarah Palin’s drill baby drill energy fantasy to work as public policy, the government would have to nationalize the energy industry, and we know what that would be (SOCIALISM). What this clip showed is that Sarah Palin has expanded her repertoire. She not only bumps and grinds for Big Oil, but she’ll happily throw a lap dance in for the coal industry too.

10 Replies to “Stone Coal Liar: Sarah Palin Claims Obama is Bankrupting the Coal Industry”

  1. Good Lord, save us from this ignorant witch. She cannot open her mouth without lying, She needs help, Lord. Please show her an open door, and when she walks into the closet, slam it shut and throw away the keys.

  2. That picture looks like bob or doug McKenzie of the Great white north. One of them always made that face

    Its jsut so hard to take Palin seriously. As much as the GOP lies, she is trying so hard to be a hanger on and relevant

    Enjoy the mall next to the convention Sarah, they wont be calling you to come in and speak

  3. That is the psychological term. She makes things up and blurts them out. She fits right in over at Faux News where that is their job. It used to be the word “pundit” meant 1. a learned person, expert, or authority and 2. a person who makes comments or judgments, especially in an authoritative manner; critic or commentator. Now it stands for Liar, Propagandist, and Disinformationist. It’s sad that this kind of people have a position of any kind with the media. All those supposed moralist who cling to the bible as an excuse. What happened to “Thou shalt not bear false witness”?

  4. Sarah Palin: Dumb, Baby, Dumb Someone should drill and frack her. She is so willfully ignorant to reality that anyone who thinks of her as anything other than a mouthpiece; read “HOOAH” chooses to live inside the Republican Energy Bubble. Fracking is dangerous. Even a moron like Mama Grizzly should know that.

  5. Who is paying her now?
    To say what? And why would you give that money to Miss Word Salad to make your case?

  6. Palin should shut her ignorant, bitter, fracking pie hole, but she won’t, so the Republicans get to live with her as their choice mouthpiece.

    Fear, hate and ignorance – the 2012 Republican way

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