CNN’s Dana Loesch Thinks Foreigners Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Report US News

CNN’s Dana Loesch strikes with her tea-stained hate iron again. This time, she’s foaming about Martin Bashir, the MSNBC political analyst and host. Dana attacked Martin for being a “foreigner” who shouldn’t be covering the media or news “in this country.” Dana obviously doesn’t know how we all got here.

From the April 19 edition of KFTK’s The Dana Show courtesy of Media Matters:

If you can’t bear to listen to lovely Dana because the sound of rabid, uneducated hate hurts your elite, public school-indoctrinated ears, she said, “There are numerous studies that blow both of their backs out of the water. The Pew Center ‘public opinion of media never worse.’ There are a number of studies that show there is a definite bias in the media and they are lying to you when they say there’s not.”

There’s more, “Martin Bashir needs to go back to reporting on celebrities. He’s a hack. He is an unintelligent hack. I don’t even know why he’s reporting on politics in this country. I don’t want to hear a foreigner talking about media in this country or politics in this country. You don’t understand it! You’re British! Go report on British politics. Go find your next Michael Jackson and be famous off of that!”

Yeah, evil foreigners! Go back where you came from because you are all hacks!

Dana did miss a few things about that Pew study (you’re shocked, I know). When asked to name a news outlet, the majority of respondents picked CNN and Fox. So when they talk about public opinion of news, perhaps Dana needs to look in her own backyard for why that is so. It turns out that it is Democrats and Independents who account for the growth in mistrust of the news as reported on cable TV outlets like CNN and Fox. Hmmm…..

Here’s Pew to rebut CNN’s bastion of political commentary:

Despite the growth of Internet news, it is clear that television news outlets, specifically cable news outlets, are central to people’s impressions of the news media. When asked what first comes to mind when they think of news organizations, 63% volunteer the name of a cable news outlet, with CNN and Fox News by far the most prevalent in people’s minds. Only about a third (36%) name one of the broadcast networks. Fewer than one-in-five mention local news outlets and only 5% mention a national newspaper such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or USA Today. Just 3% name a website – either web-only or linked to a traditional news organization – when asked what comes to mind when they think of news organizations.

The survey finds that the growth in negative attitudes toward the news media in recent years in several key areas has come among Democrats and independents. Since Barack Obama took office, the proportion of Democrats saying that news stories are often inaccurate has risen sharply, and they are now nearly as critical as Republicans.

The most trusted news outlets are those evil liberal outlets that Dana and her gang are always trying to kill, like PBS and NPR. Here’s Public Polling Policy on how PBS is the most trusted name in news:

For the second straight year, PPP finds more voters trust PBS than any other television news source. PBS is once again the only outlet trusted by a majority of voters with 52% saying they trust PBS and 30% distrusting.

The PPP poll also revealed another interesting tidbit, which is that Fox News is both the least trusted and most trusted. It turns out that moderate and very conservative voters ONLY trust Fox News and think everyone else is lying to them, whereas Democrats trust every news outlet but Fox News.

Gosh, which do you think it is? Do you think that everyone is out to get conservatives, or do you think that Fox might be misleading their viewers and Koch brother puppets like Dana might be misinformed?

Fox viewers scored as the most misinformed in answering these questions in another study, the PIPA knowledge networks poll: “Is it your impression that the U.S. has or has not found clear evidence in Iraq that Saddam Hussein was working closely with the al-Qaida terrorist organization?” “Since the war with Iraq ended, is it your impression that the US has or has not found Iraqi weapons of mass destruction?” And whether, “The majority of people favor the US having gone to war.”

Poor Dana Loesch obviously watches too much Fox News. Of course, it is her angry paranoia that makes her so attractive to CNN, which can’t stop chasing after 2010’s hottest tea trend, even several years after it became widely known as a corporatist-funded faux movement.

As for Martin Bashir, he is an awarding-winning journalist and anchor for MSNBC and NBC. He’s been nominated for three BAFTAs and won one, he’s the winner of five Royal Television Society Awards and two Broadcasting Press Guild awards and he was awarded the 1998 Journalist of the Year award by the BBC’s International Awards. Perhaps Dana knows better than the BBC? See, this is the beauty of not knowing what you don’t know; it’s super easy to think your opinion is equal to facts and even expert opinions.

In addition, “In the wake of terrorist attacks in the US on 9/11, Martin Bashir reported and presented an ITV special entitled ‘A Day in September’ which comprised a detailed account of the 11th September. The film was given special commendation by the Independent Television Commission which regulates ITV and nominated for a Royal Television Society Award.”

Is that rah-rah American enough for Dana? Oh, wait. He also has his green card, and is working on becoming a citizen, for which I suspect he had to prove more knowledge of American history and government than Dana has at her disposal even with the Googles at her fingertips. She did, after all, accuse liberals of being “latter day fascists”. Poor thing! Bless her little heart.

Remember when Bashir had to defend himself from the Palin mob? He held up his green card on the air and said, “I am, in fact, a legal, permanent resident of the United States… and I’m well on my way to becoming a citizen of this great country.”

Martin Bashir has had to take civics and English classes in order to become naturalized. How about you, Dana?

Who is Dana Loesch to criticize an international journalist? She’s a conservative who was hired by CNN to “represent the Tea Party point of view” (because the Koch brothers are not nearly as attractive as Dana). Loesch used to be an editor for Breitbart’s Big Government. Naturally like her brethren, she dropped out of college, where they do the indoctrination of facts and stuff.

Rest easy, she’s homeschooling her children and you can be sure they are learning about the evil foreigners who don’t know nothing about ‘Merican politics because politics has nothing to do with actual policy and it’s more of a gut feeling. Loesch’s feelings are equal to the facts, no matter what issue she’s discussing. The fact that she’s a conservative attacking a brighter and better journalist naturally imbues her with CNN credibility.

Goodness knows, we can’t have real news like the Brits here in America. Wouldn’t we all be better off if Dana could just invent reality to suit whatever corporate agenda the Republicans were pushing this week?

Then, if we all dropped out of college and homeschooled our kids, we could all be Koch brother puppets for money and think of how liberty-ish that would be! For the freedum.

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  1. It strikes me that she is speaking with a reckless disregard for the truth and actual malice, if you follow my train of thought here…

  2. I’m guessing that no immigrant, is an immigrant unless he’s conservative and then he’s raised to the high pedestal of human being.

    And then there’s the always favorite tactic of I have no content therefore I will attack the person who’s talking. This lady must be a tea party representative, she’s uneducated And strikes back like a six-year-old.

  3. These people must have to undergo special training or something…I swear it can’t be explained otherwise…some secret school where they all wear “I Luv Koch” t-shirts

  4. Has Dana Lush ( has she been drinking ? )written that email to CNN asking them to ‘ self-deport ‘ Piers Morgan and take him off the air? Because afterall… He does have one of those ‘ funny accents ‘. I don’t think he is a ” Rill Dill American ” Just saying

    I think I may have to use Dana ‘Lush’ in my tweets to CNN. It saves character space, also too

  5. Wonder what Dana (who is trying to be a Female Rush Limbaugh) has to say about one of the RightWings favorites: Mark Steyn? A man born in Canada…who can’t speak a word without a fake British accent!

  6. Traitorous women like Dana are the worst of the worst. She reminds me of the women that slept and curried favor with the Nazis in parts of German occupied Europe during WWII. She is just another button pusher with her uninformed filth. She’s a hypocrite, and you can bet your bottom dollar that if she ever had an unwanted pregnancy, she would quietly have it taken care of, and then go on her show the next day to bash women who are fighting for their right to choose.

  7. If Faux represents the right spectrum and MSNBC represents the left, what in the HELL is CNN is trying to prove?!! Every time Dana opens her pie hole, she’s driving the viewers to the exits and the ratings to the floor. If not for the Dynamic Duo of Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper, CNN may as well use their airtime for informercials.

  8. Those women wound up without hair. Let’s home that one day someon will snatch her bald and bald her…

  9. Well look what I found!

    Dana Loesch ‏ @DLoesch Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @shivabeach Nice selective edit, 52-sec from a 3 hr broadcast. Where’s your remark on Toure saying Piers can’t get race bcse he’s British?

  10. Someone needs to inform Dana what “selective edit” means, because it suggests that the person was “edited” as in, only parts of what they said were taken and edited to mean something different or they were taken out of context. One need not listen to Dana for 3 hours in order to be fair to her, and this clip was not “selectively edited” to make her look bad.

    Now that we put that defense to bed, what is her next defense? Crickets.

  11. Great post Sarah. CNN sank terribly when they hired her and when they ran the Tea Party GOP debates. They have very little credibility now. I hope that when we have the real debates, the bias is not allowed and POTUS handles whatever comes at him, in spite of CNN or any other MSM outlet’s lack of integrity.

  12. Sarah, again, off subject. Seems as though this website is regularly hacked. Can you explain what the “tech issues” are? One of your bloggers said it was some Turkish hackers (I think) that had linked this site to some porn site, and since you guys were able to stop the “re-direct” so to speak, they have been hacking the site since then. About two to three times a month, I try and access the site only to be “timed out”. Sometimes it takes the site a week to get up, other times about 24 to 36 hours. Is there anything that we, the readers can do to stop this obvious attack on this web site? Is there some “right wing” groups that are attacking the site as well. (I wouldn’t put it past them). I am a regular here, and see regular comments from a cadre of “commentators” but the attacks are maddening. Please be more specific on what is actually going on. A suggestion is to write an article specific to these “time outs” we regularly encounter, and maybe it can be entitled, “An explanation to our readers about the site being attacked…or something to that affect. I am sure there may be multiple reasons this server/blog is attacked, but I never see anything from the contributors about it. I know sometimes it is best to “Let sleeping dogs lie”, but when I can’t get the site up, I wonder what is happening and why. Some sort of general information about the troubles you are encountering would really help a lot of us understand why the site goes “dark” on a regular bases, through no fault of your or anyone else connected to the site is concerned.

  13. CNN should be ashamed to allow Dana L to broadcast hate speech without challenge. I more wonder why that is? Who is calling the shots at CNN? One of the few real journalists that CNN has left is Fareed Zakaria. Dana L is young and dumb!

  14. So, what do we have here but an intellectually and culturally bankrupt individual whose thoughts (assuming an empty head can generate thoughts) and opinions debase the American ideal of an equal society. And to think this sorry specimen actually gets paid for this venom!!!!

  15. I went and looked…at much of it. Yes, that’s every last shred of the tactics they use. I encounter them all the time. Is there someplace they study specious argumentation? And note they do it where you can’t get them with a rubber hose. Still, it seems this smelly brach has crossed the Times v. Sullivan line many times over, and someone should hit her with something that hurts worse.

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