Anti-Big Government GOP Passes the Tab For Nuclear Disasters On To Taxpayers

Election time is coming up and it seems that the two candidates are striving for the goal for the most coveted position of President of the United States: Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. Romney’s plan is to shrink government and allow the corporations to take control of the commons, and would love to see Medicare, Social Security, welfare, WIC, highway, schools, EPA and other government programs eliminated or privatized. These programs in all intent and purpose are pro-life, so that the working poor to the middle class would not die. Romney’s mantra of smaller government is from the pages of anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, but is silent on the payroll tax cuts. He is the same anti-tax activist who said, “Our goal is to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub.”


One of the biggest government-sponsored-insurance-program is the Price-Anderson Act. Price-Anderson is an insurance program that allows nuclear power plants to operate in our nation and to cover disasters in case of a Fukushima-type calamity:

Fact Sheet on Nuclear Insurance and Disaster Relief Funds

The Price-Anderson Act, which became law on September 2, 1957, was designed to ensure that adequate funds would be available to satisfy liability claims of members of the public for personal injury and property damage in the event of a nuclear accident involving a commercial nuclear power plant. The legislation helped encourage private investment in commercial nuclear power by placing a cap, or ceiling on the total amount of liability each holder of a nuclear power plant licensee faced in the event of an accident. Over the years, the “limit of liability” for a nuclear accident has increased the insurance pool to more than $12 billion.

Yet according to News on Japan, Fukushima cleanup could cost up to $250 billion. And the area affected is sparse, but the contamination has spread more than 170 miles south and:


Fast approaching the U.S. west coast. There are speculations that the kelp bed in Southern California is contaminated by the radiation. Yet Republicans in the House and Senate are not funding NOAA and the EPA to keep us informed of the spreading of radiation from Japan to American continent. And even more disturbing is the claim from the TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) that they found a leak in one of Fukushima’s crippled nuclear plant. There is speculation amongst scientists who are familiar with nuclear technology are saying that the photo from NOAA was not a leak, but the TEPCO dumping the nuclear waste into the ocean. By claiming it was a leak, there would not be any punishment for contaminating the earth.

Surprisingly, according to Bloomberg:

Japan Closer to Restarting First Reactors Since Fukushima
Japan’s government approved new safety measures for nuclear reactors, taking a step toward restarting the first atomic plant since the Fukushima disaster and to avert electricity shortages this summer that could set back the country’s economic recovery.

The photo above was taken by NOAA, and the size of the radiation is as large as many countries. And according to attorneys, there is nothing anyone can do to punish the TEPCO, even though the plant was designed by General Electric, because, the plant and accident occurred on foreign soil and because of Tort reform (Alien Tort Act), no one: individual or class action can sue for damages. Nor can anyone sue General Electric.

In a 2-1 decision issued on September 17, 2010, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit held that corporations cannot be held liable for violations of customary international law, finding that: (1) under both U.S. Supreme Court and Second Circuit precedents over the previous 30 years that address ATS suits alleging violations of customary international law, the scope of liability is determined by customary international law itself; (2) under Supreme Court precedent, the ATS requires courts to apply norms of international law—and not domestic law—to the scope of defendants’ liabilities. Such norms must be “specific, universal and obligatory”; and (3) under international law, “corporate liability is not a discernible—much less a universally recognized—norm of customary international law”, that the court could apply to the ATS, and that the plaintiffs’ ATS claims should indeed be dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

And if there is grounds for reparations, instead of the corporations paying for damages, taxpayers under the Price-Anderson will pick up the tab.

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  1. “Big Government” is a right wing “frame.” Avoid using their frames or they become reinforced as truths even when they’re not. The size of government isn’t the problem, it’s the role of government. The GOP wants to transfer all the income-generating parts of government to for-profit corporations and leave the expenses for taxpayers to pick up the tab on. Better title: “For-Profit GOP Passes the Tab For Nuclear Disasters On To Taxpayers.”

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  2. Speaking of uncle Grover, there is a tremendous article out on him right now concerning Romney. Romney is so weak that uncle Grover says he will do what he is told to do by the Congress. He is there just to be someone who signs bills. And now the truth comes out.

    Something that really bothers me is the fact that the GOP wants the middle class and the poor people to the all poor. And at the same time they want to privatize everything while they are crushing the very people who support those privatized entities. I assume that not only nuclear disasters fall under the purview of the general population but any wars that the GOP wants to start for religion as well.

  3. 2012 DEJA VU 1995
    In 1995, Newt got 73 new Barbarians in the house.
    All Anti -government. 1500 floor votes. Passed 88 bills lowest since 1933 “do nothing” congress.
    Congressional Quarterly ranked it worst since 1933. It was a battle between the 73 Barbarians and Moderate Republicans. Many were defeated in next election. Then. Good things occurred with Newt-Clinton in charge. Except repeal Glass Steagall and Modernization Commodity Markets. Senator Phil Gramn bills.

    Why do we continue to allow Wall Street to be a one on one Gambling House?
    No stake in a commodity yet bet for/against it.
    Brazil and Argentina blamed Glass Steagall for high food prices few years ago.
    They accused GS of buying tons of Grain and holding to sell when price went up.
    Same with Oil today. Buy huge quantities hold to sell at hi price.
    Verified by testimony of Exxon CEO in Congress hearings this week.
    He said that under free market supply/demand price today of oil would be between $50 and $70 a barrel not current $98. That would be $2.00 to $2.80 gas. Speculators cheer. We leer.
    Greece officials said part of their demise was Casino Derivative Of America.
    Their wealthy people invested in Housing Derivatives and other gambling such as interest rate

    This is so dumb of us. Farmers/airlines/others insure against future hikes in commodities that could bankrupt them.


    We must stop this total stupidity. WSA owns us. 10% own 73% net wealth and 83% FINANCIAL Wealth plus take 50% of individual income.

    Will we learn? We have been bought.
    Fed fund election-6 months-3 primary 3 general debate a week =adequate exposure to evaluate candidates—–no $$$$–O=none=less than 1

    Since members of Congress no longer need to raise campaign funds keep them on the job not on the road. Ban them receiving anything with a financial value.

    Progress Flat Tax by group
    Stop hundreds of millions spent loading our tax book with preferences
    This closes K Street Bribery of our government
    Burn Tax Book and start anew.
    This will balance our budget and start paying down Republican Debt
    clarence swinney-political historian-lifeaholics of america—burlington nc

  4. Clarence what does this have to do with the subject at hand? Please stop pasting the same posting when it has nothing to do with the subject matter. This is not a bulletin board for your manifesto’s. Your opinions on the relevant subject however are welcomed

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