Keith Olbermann Shreds the GOP’s Obama Eats Dog Attack

Keith Olbermann returned to network television today and shredded the Republican attack on President Obama for eating dog meat as a child.

Here is the video from ABC’s This Week:

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Olbermann said, “Well, first off it is the proverbial man bites dog story coming to pass finally. But when you think about this every time a Republican is accused of something the strategy has been for the last five, ten years to try to find something that is similar to it, or contains the same keyword such as dog. Something that will instantaneously neuter and counter effect…but you’re point is where I am going. It is now one week, and it whatever you find, and almost every point that is made on one side must be countered with something similar on the other. This admission by the president that he ate dog meat as a child is in a book that he published in 1995. There has been no umbrage about this for sixteen or seventeen years, and the question then becomes if you want to go back to the next round of this, were Republicans pro dog meat eating until they discovered this clip in the book? It raises the level of absurdity to something exponential, and George’s point is exactly right. With so many valuable questions going on, we’re wasting most of time dealing with the dogs.”

Keith Olbermann was the only person on the panel to bring up that this is part of the Republican strategy. When a Republican has a problem like Mitt Romney has with women, dogs, or any other issue, they don’t confront the issue, or explain it. Instead, their strategy is to find something that a Democrat may be nothing like what they did, but they link them together in the most tenuous of ways in order to claim that both sides do it.

Notice that the conservative response on the panel was to blame the media for spreading the information that they gave them. They create the false equivalency then blame the media for spreading their talking point. Does anyone really believe that Barack Obama eating dog meat as a child is the same thing as an adult Mitt Romney engaging in animal cruelty? It’s not, but Republicans know that the lazy mainstream media won’t care.

Republicans are trying to muddy the waters with distraction politics. They would rather talk about President Obama eating dog meat as a child than Mitt Romney. Truth be told, they would rather talk about anything other than Mitt Romney. The more they talk about Mitt Romney, the more likely it becomes that they will lose the election. These trivial issues aren’t put out there by the left. They are part of a broader Republican strategy to avoid talking about the issues.

It was nice to hear a few minutes of an actual progressive voice on one of the always conservatively biased Sunday morning shows. It should be noted that the panel Olbermann was on was composed of three Republicans and two Democrats, which is the standard breakdown for the Sunday morning shows. It was nice to see Keith Olbermann back on television, and it was even nicer to see the Republicans get called out for their absurd distractions.

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  1. Good on Olbermann. There will be a flood of innuendos and assertions about the President and hopefully, a flood of voices to quell them. It’s going to be a full-time job keeping up with it all.

  2. I am supposing that if President Obama ate dog meat as a child, it was served to him by an adult, and it happened someplace where this is considered a respectable dish, as is the case in many non-Muslim cultures of Southeast Asia (and, incidentally, a Muslim’ which they also accuse him of being, would never eat this dish unless on the brink of starvation, if then). He has not tied Bo to the top of his car, and, as the dog was already neutered when given to him, he did not eat the animal’s testicles, which I foresee as the next accusation.

  3. Koreans and Chinese eat dog and many other things that we would not consider eating even today.

  4. My husband a longtime veteran once had to go on a survival course (by the military) I know he had to eat things like grasshoppers, ants and heaven know what. I think a seven year old child would probably be given foods he did not know all of the ingredients. I wonder if this is being used to
    take the attention away from the Romney adviser who with his friends killed a dog and barbequed it and ate it.

  5. The crowdedness of these countries mandates that meat be from small animals that scavenge. Everybody eats chicken. Most Westerners consider pork acceptable, and I still eat it, but if you think about a pig’s dietary habis and the risk of trichinosis, you know why Muslims, Jews, and Adventists regard it with disgust, which is also how they regard *chien*. We don’t really think about dogs’ *habits* so much as we regard them as family members, but damn, the lovable things do have some degraded tastes.

  6. At that same age, I attended (with my adults) a wild game buffet, where I sampled little toothpicked cubes of -not just venison, but bear, beaver, and otter. Probably if somebody offered me tidbits of fox or wolf, I’d have tried it. What did I know? If adults were doing it, it must be cool.

    (I have, fairly recently, had gator, though if memory serves me, not quite as recently as a Florida gator last had person)

  7. The preferable method to get squirrel is by squirrel lobbing, which eliminates the need to pick out shot. You are supposed to serve squirrel with cream gravy.

    I believe they had woodchuck at that buffet, too.

  8. the risk of trichinosis went out the window when our hogs were stuffed into barns and fed nothing but grains and corn. Barnyard pigs do run the risk depending on what they are fed. Rats from garbage dumps are dangerous, rats from the woods are not. Neighborhood squirrels are not too good, but woodland ones are. All depends on where they come from. (99% of the chickens you eat never peck a drop of food from a dangerous source(supposedly) except they are fed hormones that are not good for humans. Make sure you buy the ones that are hormone free.

    Funny how the chicken industry poisons humans just by trying to grow chickens faster and plumper

  9. LOL being from Michigan I have eaten most ever game animal you can think of. Wild game buffest are plentiful up there. But again much of the game is farmed

  10. Actually, the grain draws rodents, and hogs are rather good mousers.

    I had real barnyard chicken in West Texas, some three and a half decades ago. It takes many hours in the crockpot; we curried it. The bones remained hard as ivory, unlike cage-raised chickens whose bones turned to mush, so there were no treats for the animals from those.

    Domestic rabbit has no risk of tularemia, but wild rabbit and squirrel should be handled with gloves until it’s thoroughly cooked. Rabbit is good, but out of respect for the memory of Mr. Winter, I no longer eat it.

  11. And now Romney has concocted a ‘vast left wing media conspiracy’ that is out to get him. Poor Mitt. As if his own and his wife’s lies are not enough, he thinks the media is making things up. No, Mitt, everything they write about you is exactly what you’ve said…it is not the media’s job to decipher whether what you said Tuesday is different and opposite to what you say on Friday. I think the man should be tested for Alzheimer’s.

  12. American children don’t eat dog meat. Obama isn’t an American. He might be a U.S. citizen, but he’s not an American. Why is he the president?

  13. LOL really? He is president because there are a lot of people a lot smarter than you here. Your living on a 5th grade argument thats been shot down a million times

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