Mitt Romney’s Sleazy Support of Ted Nugent Reveals His True Moral Character

Character is the aggregate of traits that form the individual nature of a person that includes their morals, honesty, reputation, integrity and ethical quality. When a person is secretive and dishonest, it may be necessary to judge their character by their associates and past statements to discern their true nature. The presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Willard Romney, portrays himself as a man of high moral character and a regular American even though his wealthy elitism and proclivity as a pathological liar tell a different story. Putting Willard’s penchant for lying and hoarding wealth aside, his association with washed-up rocker Ted Nugent informs his low moral character for pandering to the lowest element of American society.

Romney’s identity crisis has motivated him to gravitate from religious sycophant and wealthy elitist to what he thinks Americans consider normal to garner support from the hard-right whose concept of a good American is defined by the number and bibles and firearms they own. Aligning himself with un-American Ted Nugent was a calculated move to engender support from racists and subset of Republicans whose sheer hatred of America’s first African American President has resulted in fallacious accusations and lies that define Willard Romney’s low morals and highlight his acute character flaws. Willard may not overtly use hateful, inflammatory and violent rhetoric on the campaign trail, but he is exploiting pathetic anti-American sentiment to garner support for his presidential bid.

Romney did not address Nugent’s violence-tinged comments at the National Rifle Association convention last weekend, but his campaign’s vague and non-committal response about civility and divisive language were tacit approval of Nugent’s rant. Romney’s spokeswoman, Andrea Saul said, “Divisive language is offensive no matter what side of the political aisle it comes from. Mitt Romney believes everyone needs to be civil.” However, Romney knew Nugent’s history of rants against Democrats nearly always include references to using guns as a solution and he did not condemn Nugent’s remarks. Whether or not Willard agrees with Nugent’s un-American and anti-democratic method of political activism, he certainly knew it was imminent when he solicited Ted Nugent’s endorsement and capitulated to his demands in order to garner support from the racist gun crowd.

Ted Nugent’s one-hit-wonder rock career pales next to his vile gun-inspired rants toward liberals in general and particularly Democratic leaders. Romney certainly knew that Nugent is notorious for saying that Senator Barack Obama “suck on” his “machine gun,” while pleading with “worthless bitch” and then-Senator Hillary Clinton to “ride” his machine gun” along with “worthless whore” Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). Nugent’s comments at the NRA convention were typical for a psychopath with a predilection for promoting gun violence, and he said President Obama was vile, evil, and that his administration was “wiping their asses with the Constitution.” The world’s most famous and insane gun nut also said the members of the Supreme Court “don’t believe in the Constitution” and voters should “ride into that battlefield and chop [Democrat’s] heads off in November” and that “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail this time next year.”  The implication is that Nugent will either kill the President or perish in a hail of gunfire and the threat was real enough to win attention from the Secret Service.

Romney was not a darling of the Second Amendment crowd for signing a ban on assault weapons while he was governor of Massachusetts, but Nugent excused Romney’s actions that “offended and repulsed” him because “he was in Massachusetts, he wasn’t in America.” Nugent told Romney he would support him if he promised to “pledge there would be no new gun laws or restrictions on Second Amendment rights in his administration.” Nugent is part of a psychotic movement that thinks “Supreme Court justices don’t believe in the Constitution and are determined that Americans don’t have the right to keep and bear arms, or that Americans have a fundamental right to self-defense.” Nugent’s assertions are insane, but they are stock and trade of the NRA and wild-west gun advocates that Romney is pandering to for support and it is what defines Willard Romney’s character.

Any self-respecting person knows Ted Nugent is not representative of decent Americans, and his un-American 2nd Amendment remedies are well-known around the country. However, for Willard Romney to pursue the endorsement of a gun-crazed maniac informs the he is a sleazy sycophant who will associate with the worst of America to win the nomination and the presidency. Romney spoke at an NRA event and said, “We need a president who will stand up for the rights of hunters, sportsmen, and those seeking to protect their homes and their families. President Obama has not; I will,” but because he was lying, Romney did not enumerate one instance of the President’s opposition to the 2nd Amendment; because there are none.

Romney’s shameless pandering and association with Nugent should signal to Americans that he does not have the moral conviction or ethics to be president. The fact that he did not condemn Nugent’s violent comments means he is either a coward or agrees with every word the washed-up rocker made and regardless of where he really stands on guns or any other issue, his transience and pandering to extremists defines his low character and lack of fortitude to stick to his core beliefs. But that is Willard’s problem. His only core belief is that wealth supersedes character, and if pandering to the worst of America increases wealth, then character is insignificant. Willard Romney is without character and as his reputation as a man who lacks morals, ethics, and honesty are exposed to the public, no amount of pandering or association with gun-crazed maniacs will convince Americans he is nothing more than a sleazy excuse for an American just like his new best friend Ted Nugent.


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  1. What’s really telling is that the Republican base never questions their leaders, they don’t ask for or require real evidence of assertions and allegations. Romney said Obama was restricting gun rights (when in reality he has expanded them); therefore they believe it.

    They are rather pathetic in their dull, automatic use as tools for the plutocrats. They do as they’re told. We should get bandaids (hijack purple bandaid)that read “Republicans are TOOLS of the 1%”

  2. Right, because Romney is looking for “true believers” as he has himself admitted, and not, significantly, true thinkers

  3. Chameleon crossing a terrazzo floor, as usual, but now that he has Karl Rove behind him, we know what color he’s turning.

  4. Willard Romney has been vetted more than enough for any thinking, rational human being to know that his character is one that’s beneath contempt. He has proven to be a liar, a coward, and every bit the “vulture capitalist” that the normally clueless Rick Perry has described him. That’s why he can’t relate to everyday Americans, and I don’t judge all wealthy by him.

  5. Ted Nugent:

    Illegal deer baiting–California.
    Violating game laws–Alaska.
    Failure to pay child support.
    Statutory rape.

    That’s some endorsement you got there, Mitt.

  6. And talking like Anders Breivik, and then urging his audience to “chop of heads”. Let us not forget who-all he told to “suck” and “ride” his “machine gun”.

  7. This is one reason they keep Sarah Palin around. She can always be counted upon to keep stirring up the hate with lies and accusations, and as you said, no one questions them.

    Bush and Cheney accomplished a major propaganda coup by constantly associating Saddam Hussein with Al Qaeda to get things all stirred up for the invasion of Iraq. Heads of state, Congress, and Sarah Palin too, were all convinced of it having heard the 2 of them repeated over and over in the same sentence. Thousands of young men and women volunteered to go fight his trumped up war believing they were doing their part to dethrone the man responsible for 9/11. The last statistic I heard was 40% still believe it. When asked point blank “what did Saddam Hussein have to do with 9/11” and Bush answered “nothing”, it didn’t change a thing. The purpose had already been served.

  8. Romney and Nugent are both sleazbags, they both talk tough and they both ran away like scared rabbits when the time came for them to serve in the military, no-one mentions Romney’s avoidance of Viet nam service, although he did not poop his pants
    he lived in Paris in luxury – as a Mormon missionary.

  9. You nailed it! Very factual post, I’m glad others still remember the deceit used to pull America into a very useless war, Bush and Cheney really pulled one over on America.

  10. Romney is an enemy to liberty. Not as much as Obama’s administration, but still a traitor.
    Nugent has his issues on liberty but at least from what he professes he supports the most important right listed on the Bill of Rights, the 2nd amendment.

  11. Obama has done nothing to support the 2nd. The only support he has given guns is the dealers who can’t sell enough of them due to Obama’s threats to the 2nd.

  12. LOL, you really don’t keep up do you? Obama has signed bill that’ allowed the short penis gun freaks to carry in national parks right next to the National Mall.

    The NRA should put a statue up for Obama for what he has done for them. He has done nothing against the short penis guin freaks.

  13. Oh, how gracious of him. What person with a brain wouldn’t carry a weapon everywhere with them anyway, no matter what the traitorous laws say.

  14. LOL!!!!!!!!! Well my friend, Obama has not written one law against gun control, gun owners or anyone else. So here you are left with no argument and just living on cliches. Hidden gun licenses are up, not sure what your hateful little short penis rant is about

  15. Does everyone who wants to carry a gun in the national parks have to pull their dick out to prove they are short and thus eligible? Wouldn’t that discriminate against those fellows with the long ones? And what about women? Do they have to strap a short dildo on if they don’t have a long lips to be able to carry a firearm?

  16. What is a hidden gun license. I don’t respect laws that do not respect liberty. No body else should either. That behavior feeds a statist mentality.
    Whether he has supported any gun laws yet or not is irrelevant as he has no respect for the second. Most politicians from either side do not.
    And quit making fun of my short little pecker. We can’t design our own DNA you know. If we could,there’s more important assets to be concerned about than a pee hose.

  17. And having the legal ability to carry a firearm in a national park has nothing to do with the 2nd. That would just be a by-product at the most.

  18. You are still running on cliches with nothing to back it up. You have no idea how he feels about it. If he was against guns he would be getting laws passed against them. And the current gun laws are not against liberty. Liberty is not the wholesale slaughter of humanity that you want. The liberty in the constitution was men owning guns to be ready to fight in the army, not people with short dicks being able to carry to prove how huge they were..

    Concealed weapon permits. I couldnt remember the term.

    Statist, lol. Yep.

  19. Sounds like you got your definition of the 2nd from those who do not respect it or have the wrong definition. It ain’t about hunting or protecting yourself from criminals or being in a military organization or about little men wanting to make up for being short(however that is done).
    And when one goes into the military the government provides the weapon, it is not a BYOG thing.

  20. I am a gun owner. I have had guns since I was 16 and that was in 1966. I do NOT regard the right to bear arms the most important right I have, its just one of the rights I have. There is no one currently trying to take my weapons away from me.

    I know as well as you do why the 2nd is in the constitution. And when the 2nd was written you DID BYOG. Get it? Thats why its in the constitution.

    But most importantly, you are still running on cliches.

  21. The 2nd was put in the Bill of Rights to remind politicians that if they threatened liberty enough the citizens will remove them from office, by force if necessary.
    And firearm ownership is under a threat. Not your grandpa’s black powder shotgun or flintlock, yet. But there are plenty of politicians and people who will support the prohibition on private arms. Just because they haven’t told you to turn yours in yet doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.

  22. Good grief, now you are stuck on forever? There will always be people who want to take your guns, there will always be people with short dicks who need guns to convince themselves they are men with guns, there will always be hunters and sportsmen who by the way are the only people who make gun owners look good. There will always be people who want everyone to have guns no matter the fact that most killings are performed not by criminals but by family members and acquaintances.

    The GOP will be the ones who take your guns simply because they support the Dominionists who will need to control you. Wait for it, its coming.

  23. Yes there are plenty of republicans who are traitors to the 2nd. Only a few if that many are not. Out of the rep. candidates only 2 supported the 2nd for the reason it was written. Bachmann and Paul. The rest are traitors.

  24. ted nugent has a place for kids and handicapped kids as well as hunters to go and enjoy themselves. I think that makes him look good. His mouth doesnt make him make gun owners look good

  25. What kind of firearms(s) do you own? pistols auto/revolver both? Rifles auto loader/bolt/lever action both? How about any article 2s, own any of them? just kidding about the article 2s.

  26. I would worry far more about those who take your right of free speech, the right to your vote counting, the womens right to birth contrl, far more seriously than I would guns.

    Best of luck holding out against the cops and the military as well as the government. the last 200 years history shows you a will lose.

    I hope yuour charge up the capitol steps is televised.

  27. I can’t agree with Ted on some of his opinions on some issues but he does seem to respect the 2nd for what it was written for.

  28. But what it was written for was military availability in the militia. Not to take on the government. The ability to do that ended a very long time ago

  29. The writers knew the temptations of political power and wanted to state that it is the responsibility of us citizens to keep our government in check. If all else fails we citizens are supposed to defend our liberties with whatever it takes. Hopefully we will be able to retain our freedoms with our votes. But nobody is just going to surrender core freedoms because some lawmaker signs a bill into law.

  30. Family members and friends were killing each other before somebody invented the firearm. They are still doing it in places where weapons are banned, with firearms that were supposed to disappear.

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