As His Empire Crumbles Limbaugh Dares Boycotters With New Sandra Fluke Attack

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Rush Limbaugh desperately tried to save his crumbling empire today with a new conspiracy theory and an attack on Sandra Fluke.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Transcript from Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: Looky here! What a coincidence. Barack Obama just warned the students at the University of North Carolina that interest rates on federal student loans will double if Congress doesn’t act by July 1st. They’ll go from 3.4% to 6.8%. That’s word-for-word what Sandra Fluke just tweeted herself, and of course she is represented by operatives inside the White House. So here’s the guy in charge of student loans who… Let me just tell you something. Let’s talk a little politics. I don’t care what Congress does in July, I don’t care. By October, Obama is gonna announce forgiving student loans or the interest. You watch. As a reelection ploy to get the youth vote, he’ll do something to wipe out student loan debt, forgive it or whatever, saying, “It’s unconscionable! It should ever happen.”

You wait. He’s president. He can do that. That’s one of the things we’re up against. If he wants to forgive student loans, if he wants to forgive underwater mortgages, he can do that, too, folks. He can say he wants to, and then if the Republicans fight him on it, guess what? He’s president. This is what we’re up against. He can do this kind of stuff. Sandra Fluke just tweeted: “#DontDoubleMyRate. Many students will see the interest rate on Fed #StudentLoans increase if Congress doesn’t act by 7/1.” That’s an exact tweet from Sandra Fluke. Obama just said the exact same thing word-for-word to the students at the University of North Carolina. Sandra Fluke is just a poor, isolated, alone little college student worried about her contraception at Georgetown. But now he’s represented by the flacks in the White House — Hilary Rosen, Anita Dunn — and they’re coordinating with Obama, scaring students about the interest you rates on their student loans.

This was more damage control from Rush Limbaugh. Despite of his bluster to the contrary, his latest attack on Sandra Fluke is evidence that the advertiser boycott is still working. Limbaugh’s latest attempt to counter the boycott was to use a tweet by Sandra Fluke as evidence that she is a political operative of the Obama administration who is out to destroy him.

Rush’s reasoning feeds his delusion that the boycott was all a bunch of trumped up outrage by left wing political operatives who are out to get him. Limbaugh has been arguing for weeks that there is no real outrage over his attacks on Sandra Fluke. Rush has been trying his best to convince his advertisers to come back to him, but according to the StopRushProject, Limbaugh still has only 24 active advertisers. One hundred and sixty eight advertisers have either dropped or distanced themselves from him, and they have not returned.

Instead of going away, the boycott has expanded to local radio stations that carry his program, and the businesses who advertise on it. Rush Limbaugh is spinning desperately. He is trying everything he can think of delegitimize the advertiser boycott and Sandra Fluke. In Limbaugh’s own mind, Sandra Fluke is a political operative who is coordinating with Obama and the White House to bring him down.

Just like ALEC, Glenn Beck, and Fox News, Rush Limbaugh has met a force that he can’t stop. He is trying everything in his power, but the advertisers aren’t coming back. The voice of the people is louder than that of the man behind the golden microphone. Limbaugh is losing. His brand has been forever damaged, and now he has been reduced to floating half-baked conspiracy theories in a last ditch attempt to make the hurting stop.

The boycotters aren’t going anywhere. The advertisers aren’t coming back, and Rush Limbaugh will never be the same again.

18 Replies to “As His Empire Crumbles Limbaugh Dares Boycotters With New Sandra Fluke Attack”

  1. Most people would be embarrassed to piss themselves in public, but not our Lumpy.

    Keep talking, fat boy!

  2. LOL….because there is no way Sandra Fluke would have an interest in this beyond being on the Presidents payroll….I mean just because she’s a student why would she care??

    Grasping at straws much, Rush??

  3. You guys do realize that it doesn’t matter what Rush said, or even what Ms. Fluke tweeted for that matter. The point is to get something, ANYthing out there that puts the bug in the ears of conservatives that Obama is connected with this “slut” and elite college leech (an oxymoron but does it really matter in that camp?) That the two are so intertwined that they are saying the same things at the same time – it’s amazing and SO liberal!

    It’s this fear of association – fear mongering that drives some conservatives. Otherwise, they have no platform or truth to stand on and would be exposed for the weasels they truly are. Pure propaganda.

  4. Mitt Romney just announced that he favors an extension of low interest rates on student loans. Let Rushbo spin that baby…don’t stop the carnival.

  5. The free market at work. The advertisers can sell to Rushbo supporters or they can sell to the 99% who aren’t, and have can’t have both. The freemarket have motivated them to choose the larger portion and now Rush and the ditto heads have their insignificance thrown in their faces. When confronted with their delusion, they would rather spin a larger fantasy than renounce their stupidity and change their behavior.

  6. May he end up a “dumpster diver” he so arrogantly referred to starving children .. whose families are there as a result his gop party while in office. They have destroyed jobs..shipped them out..raped retirement plans.. destroyed union workers jobs and benefits all so that Obama would be a 1 term president. They let you me & every American and our country suffer unecessarily all for their HATE of our African American black diplomatic educated president..trying..since day 1 when they made their pledge to OBSTRUCT any good thing this he might do for you or anyone. To vote republican is to vote AUSTERITY FOR YOU and MORE WEALTH FOR THE 1%. Not much to thnk about her. OBAMA 2012 FOR OUR KIDS’ FUTURE!

  7. RUSH, FOX the RW pundits– who already make a ton of unjustified money LYING. LIE TO THEIR CONSITUENCY daily for THEIR $$$ benefit knowing they will get more of their constituencies’ money and knowing the GOP will leave them with NOTHING. But the GOP & 1%will be richer! DO NOT not kid yourself that jobs will tricKle down. Did they during Bush? NO.

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