Pay Us Back: Boehner and GOP Owe Taxpayers $124 Million for Bush Vacation Travel

President George W. Bush spent over 124 million taxpayer dollars on trips to his ranch in Crawford, TX, and using John Boehner’s logic we demand that the GOP pay us back.

While trying to distract America from the fact that his own caucus passed a budget that would double the interest rate on student loans, Speaker of the House John Boehner is whipping up the faux outrage over the cost of President Obama’s travel this week. Today, Boehner said, “This week, the President traveled across the country on taxpayers’ dime, at a cost of $179,000 an hour, insisting that Congress fix a problem that we were already working on. Frankly, I think this is beneath the dignity of the White House.”

Not surprisingly, John Boehner was totally silent when President George W. Bush was setting the presidential record for most vacation days. Bush was not only on vacation more than any other president. He spent more money on non-official travel than any other president in American history. As president, George W. Bush used Air Force One to fly to his ranch in Crawford, TX for vacation.

Boehner’s comments about the cost of Obama’s travel got us thinking about how much money the Republican Party owes taxpayers for George W. Bush’s non-official vacation travels. Using a method that we have cleverly coined Boehner Math, this is what we came up with.

Number of George W. Bush flights for vacation in Crawford, TX: 77

Cost of running Air Force One: $179,000/hour

Flight time one way from the White House to Crawford: 4.5 hours

Cost of one way flight: $805,500

Roundtrip cost: $1,611,000

Total cost to taxpayers of Bush’s vacation trips to the ranch: $124,047,000

Unlike President Bush who used Air Force One as personal vacation and campaign jet, President Obama’s events were held to discuss the public policy issue of the impending increase in the student loan interest rate. Bush spent over $124 million of our tax dollars flying to Crawford to clear brush, and while he was doing this Republicans like John Boehner never demanded that he pay back the cost of his travel to the taxpayers.

Boehner and the Republican Party just don’t get it. This is a non-issue, and if they really want people to look into the cost of presidential travel, they aren’t going to like the results. They are not going to be able to paint Obama as a presidential globetrotter whose largesse is coming on the taxpayer dime.

Instead of creating a distraction issue, Boehner and the Republican Party attack on President Obama has alerted the American people to the fact that they owe us a whole lot of money. And we would like to be paid.

George W. Bush and the Republican Party owe taxpayers over $124 million, so until Boehner and Bush pay us back, the Speaker needs to keep his hypocrisy infected mouth closed.

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  1. Even worserer if it can get worserer(factory talk), Obama has paid back(this year) through the DNC 1.5 million for travel that was used for political reasons

    GWB paid back(through the RNC) only 1.3 for the entire 2004 election period

  2. Bogus!

    GWB went to Texas.
    BHO went to Hawaii, MS, and elsewhere.
    Did he go to Illinois?

    Where did Michelle Obama go?

    Going HOME is not unexpected of and President.
    Going to foreign “travel locations” is a profound
    disgust by most Americans.

    This is not rocket science.

  3. I guess thats why Michelle Obamas favorability ratings are so high

    But you do know there is family in Hawaii right? Right? He has none in Chicago. You knew that Im sure

    In any case, Even if Obama is in office 4 more years he still cant take as many vacations as Bush did.

    All adds up Mr Bogus

  4. So now we have the right to tell THe President of the Unites States and his family where they can travel or take vacations? Is this your idea of limited government? Exactly who will be the judge of this? Should he ask permission each time? There is an allocation for Presidential vacations and travel, alwasy has been. This is such a non-issue but if the GOP wants to play that game, bring it on.

  5. Your stupid post is BOGUS. bush spent more time on vacation than any other president and he didn’t work hard unless you call lying us into WAR ON Iraq..hard work.

    Tough s**t for cons that President Obama was born in Hawai’i. Yeah, he gets to go home. Boo Hoo.

  6. Let us not say “they don’ get it” (GOP). They do get it. They know exactly what they’re doing to us. Let us not make excuses for them. The country knows who the LIARS are. The COWARDS. The TRAITORS. The HOMOPHOBIC. The JOB DESTROYERS. The MOST DISRESPECTUL SORRIEST LOSERS OF A NOMINATION SEEN in history. The OBSTRUCTIONISTS because they lost–at the citizenry’s expense. They care not for our kids EDUCATION/AFFORDABLE COLLEGE. The air we BREATHE-EPA. The FOOD we eat-FDA. Our roads or bridges. NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN AT ALL!!! JOBS–forget that! 2-1/2 years MORE JOBS DESTROYED THAN CREATED BY THE GOP! All because they LOST the election–fortunately I might add–to a highly educated, humble, diplomatic, pragmatic, compassionate, sensible, respectful, caring family man, articulate, hard pressed for JOBS—goes out looking for them – creating them, charismatic President Obama. Just imagine how and where this country would be and how all of us would have prospered had the GOP just acted like gentlemen. NOT ONE OF THEM have since the black man became our president. From one degree to another..all of us. Corporations included, would have rospered. But NO. The GOP only wants benefits for those who are so buried in money already they don’t have to think. WHY? Because they LOATHE POVERTY (jobless poor people)that THEY CREATE. But they have a vision where only them & the 1%, corporations, WS stay that way while the rest of us end up in a third world environment. They know what they’re doing! You better know what you’re doing on November 6. THE GOP HAS AN AUSTERE PLAN FOR YOU. THEY GET IT! THEY WANT IT ALL! FOR THEM & the 1%. We need to reach the right constituency and educate them from the vile representatives who lie to them daily and in that process help them vote TOTALLY AGAINST THEIR BEST INTERESTS–especially their CHILDRENS’. Bush should be ashamed of himself coming out pushing for his continued tax breaks for the rich while people have no JOBS…CHILDREN STARVING. All his doing. Just plain disgusting. They want the wars to continue to pay the contractors who have no respect for anyone’s life. We are completey doomed if a GOP ever gets in the WH again. All of us. Including YOU WHO VOTE FOR THEM. Very scary to even imagine a future with them in the WH.

  7. Sigh…another pathetic attempt at lip service, making the President look extravagant on the tax payers dollar. Of course, this is a way to distract from the GOP’s irresponsible “drunken sailor” spending…they are sooo unoriginal, sooo boring… yawn…

  8. It’s pretty clear to those of us outside the borders that the Democrats’
    messages are geared to those who are intelligent and educated, and that the GOP’s messages are made to appeal to uneducated, low-information voters. I marvel at the lengths Faux Gnus will go to take the an issue such as the President’s travels and turn it into something nasty. Of course, Fox isn’t a news channel at all, since its mandate is to propagandize for the GOP, and since there is no law (unlike other countries) for a so-called news channel to only broadcast truth, and not lies.

  9. Let’s hit the nail on its proverbial head. The real issue here is not President Obama’s travels to talk about student loans. It’s the fact that the republicans see the thousands of young people who show up at his events that they cannot stomach. They can’t stand seeing them listening intently to him or hearing them shout “Four More Years!” This is the main source of the republicans’ sudden interest in President Obama’s travels. They have nothing to offer these young folks and hate knowing that the president understands what they are having to deal with. Tough titty.

  10. hummmm well He went to Hiawii,hell thats home for him I dont see any thing wrong about going on vac to your home state after all he is their president also!and if it was most of you you would do it also .never heard any fuss about any other presidemt and his methoid of travel,Hypocrites !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. if we had a law like that ,murdock would be stranded in his home town making life miserable for aussies!

  12. Wow, haven’t the Republicans been saying this election is going to be about the President’s “terrible economic record?” Well apparently they can’t seem to find any economic talking points upon which to campaign, so they talk about trips on airforce one, eating dog meat, abortion (zzzz!), etc, etc,. Can you say four more years??!!!

  13. I have one request: can we stop calling the Republicans the GOP? There is nothing Grand about a bunch of over-rich, under-worked, parasites that try to pass themselves off as the country’s saviors. They continue to cling to the US of the past generation. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they seem to be winning by getting the uneducated vote. I think the only thing that will wake this country up from the apathy that is slowly drowning us will be for them to win and screw things up even more. It will get worse before it gets better.

  14. And, of course, the Democrats claim that Republicans want to eliminate birth control is intended for rational, intelligent people…
    The same people that believe that MSNBC is a new channel…

  15. Your man has played 95 rounds of golf – each takes half a day – that’s six weeks just playing golf – nice try

  16. LOL

    Still doesnt touch the Bush vacations. Lets face it, you have nothing but a need to whine and complain

    6 weeks Out of 3 years, you dont have a point

  17. I have read a lot about the group meeting of some repubs who, on the night of his inauguration plotted to destroy Obama and the economy of the country, inflicting pain of the citizens they were supposed to be representing. People are talking about calling on Issa to hold hearings on them for treason. Knowing what a towrag Issa is, he won’t do it, does anyone know of a petition to demand hearings on this?

  18. I don’t know of any petitions but there certainly should be one. As far as I’m concerned this is treason against the people United States of the highest order. This is conspiring to negatively influence and affect the economy and the laws of this nation against the people. The should be automatic expulsion from the Congress and any other positions of government. I’m sure you can imagine what would happen if Harry Reid had done this.

    I think of all the things that have happened and that have occurred because of the Republican Congress this is the absolute worst and I don’t think that people are paying enough attention to it. I don’t think some people understand The ramifications of it

    I’m pissed

  19. Let me think. Where was that Laura Bush took her daughters that time………..was it India? Why, yes I believe it was!

    Get over it. Presidents do this. We can play tit for tat all year long and it won’t change a thing. Boehner is just being petty, and the more petty he or other republicans are, the more desperate we know they are.

  20. I don’t believe President Bush used Presidentisl fleet and accompanying security detail, etc for a 13 year old’s spring break trip to Mexico to visit ancient ruins with 12 of her friends which necessitated 25 secret service agents. Nor do I recall Mrs. Bush visiting with Nelson Mandela for an hour in South Africa and then joining her Daughter’s, mother and several cousins for an African safari and sight seeing. Nor do I recall the Mrs Bush and her Daughter’s taking a brief long week end trip to Mt Rushmore and then Las Vegas! Prey tell what do 10 & 13 yr old girls do in Las Vegas? Keep in mind , President Bush & family trips to their ranch in Crawford were much less expensive since security for the ranch is much eAsier and less costly than the boondoggles of the Obama fAmily. Let’s not forget this week’s disclosure that Leon Panetta’s trips home to his California ranch EVERY week-end have costs in excess of $800,000 of our taxpayers dollars! What do you say to that?

  21. Mrs Bush’s daughters were too busy being on drugs.

    What are boondogles? Have you ever been to Vegas? What about Panetta? Is he president?

    Lets face it, the Bush family would have nothing in common with people like Mandela when Mass murder was their claim to fame

  22. @Barbara Allen: Let’s talk about the need for security, shall we? Obama and his family are the targets of about 30 death threats…per DAY!! That’s almost 11,000 per year. Bush got about 3000 per year. Security against the neo-cons and other racists costs money. If the neo-cons and far right actually believed in the American way they would respect the fact that Obama was elected by a large majority of the American citizenry. But they don’t respect the process, do they? They want to shove their reactionary ideology down everyone else’s throats and bully everyone else into submission. These neanderthal racists, roused by the race-baiting of such rethugligan puppets as Sarah Palin, want to kill our duly elected President and his family. The first family has a right to take a vacation from time to time. And there is lots to do around Vegas beside gambling…but it was just a stop-over. Sorry a pittance of your tax dollars had to pay for that….now give me back my money for the Iraq war, k? SERiously…stfu ^^

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