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Sean Hannity Trips Over His Own Ignorance and Creates an Epic Obama Insult Fail

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Poor Sean Hannity. This fellow is such a perfect product of corporately entitled pseudo rage that he gets all wound up and falls flat on his face right in the middle of a good projection.

Today while attempting to insult the President, the little lost boy tripped over his own limited knowledge of basic English as he was whining that Obama is a “crybaby.” Sean explained that since “crybaby” is an “adjective,” it’s not a name and hence, Sean is not name-calling.

Only crybaby is not an adjective. Crybaby is a noun. Sigh. And Sean is whining. Sean is the cry-baby. Someone make it stop.

Listen here courtesy of Media Matters after your pour the first one:

We wonder why Sean’s buddies all want to defund public education when so clearly they could benefit from a little one-on-one with an English and Civics teacher. But how cool is it that Sean so completely embodies the empty rantings and whines of the Tea Party? I mean, could he be any denser? His poor brain is almost impenetrable!

He’s got that special Tea Party Teflon brain; all facts are deflected and slide right off. Nothing comes in and all that comes out is a jumble of talking points not connected by any value or principle or even fact. He’s a true scientific curiosity! We should put him in one of their dinosaurs walked among us museums as the prototypical Tea Party specimen with his angry eyes, contemptuous sneer and tremulous, self-pitying cries.


Here’s Sean whining about the “anointed one” (that’s conservative for the only 2008 and 2012 presidential candidate who did not claim to be chosen by God) and his billionaire friends against the “rest of us”:

Are you still with me after that dizzying projection? Obama, the only candidate who does not claim that God told him to run for President, is the “anointed one” and he is the one advocating for billionaires. Oh, crazy town, thy name is Sean.

Courtesy of NewsHounds, we have Sean Hannity whining about how liberals are coming after conservatives for using the “n word”. Little Lost boy was talking to Dr. Laura after she used the “n-word” and they were both endlessly whining about how unfair it all is when people bust you on being a bigot.

Watch here:

NewsHounds broke it down:

Not surprisingly, all that context was lost on the Hannity show. Like Schlessinger, Hannity honed in on highlighting the apparent unfairness of not being able to use the N-word.

“What is the difference?” Hannity asked, “’cause I’ve watched Chris Rock on HBO, other comics, the word is thrown around like this (he snapped his fingers).” He said Bill Maher had used the word. Of course, the difference is the context. When uttered by a white person, the word is generally understood to be an insult. When said by a black person, it’s understood as an endearment. There was nothing in either Hannity’s or Schlessinger’s words or actions to suggest they would use the word as an endearment.

In fact, Schlessinger indicated the opposite. “I held up a mirror,” she said gleefully. Meaning, she had, via using the N-word, “proved” the hypocrisy of African Americans. Classy.

Schlessinger continued, “This was not really about a word, this was about an opportunity to eliminate…”

Hannity jumped in. “ – to silence a conservative.”

“Yes, obviously!” Schlessinger said.

Yes, it’s all so obvious! Every time anyone wants a conservative to be accountable and take personal responsibility for their actions, they are attacking and trying to silence a conservative! Please don’t get the idea that Sean is a wee widdle crybaby, though, just because he sees crybabies everywhere he looks and we all know that conservatives suffer from projection.

Here’s a compilation of Sean’s projections:

The real problem here is that the President is more of a grown up than Sean can even imagine (he should take lessons with Rush from the President

, Chief of Modern Masculinity). Obama is cleaning up the Bush mess, and Sean just can’t stand it. It hurts poor Sean to have his world view destroyed as Obama proves to be more fiscally responsible than any Republican President has been for ages. Little Sean can’t stand the challenge to his beliefs. So, he denies there was a mess at all, and instead, pins all of Bush’s mistakes onto Obama in order to protect his own limited world view and feelings.

Then, feeling attacked by minorities, Sean climbs up onto his Fox cross every night and anoints himself CEO of White Whining (also known as representing the Tea Party). He cries about not being able to use the n-word when black people can. Oh, my gosh, the world is SO unfair!

He whines about Obama and the billionaires coming for him, even though his entire life’s work has been devoted to furthering the greed of corporations at the expense of American citizens. He whines if Obama wants to tax the rich because rich people are successful and we should worship then, and then he whines if rich people agree with the President that our current tax code is unfair to the middle class and poor. He whines and whines and whines and whines…

Poor little Sean Hannity. The world just doesn’t believe in all of the scary monsters coming for him. No one feels his pain when he and his friends are asked not to be hateful. It’s all so unfair. Worst of all for poor Sean, he really, really, really wanted to pin “crybaby” onto Obama. He’s been trying for years to get Frank Luntz to run with this moniker. And this is just one more reason why Sean feels sorry for himself.


Because in the end, Sean is no one. He’s certainly not the President, he’s not an elected official, he’s just a puppet for the Koch brothers and everyone knows that anyone can do that — even the quitter Sarah Palin can do that.

So, yeah. Sean is a crybaby, but it’s okay, because he’s entitled to whine like a wee baby. After all, the poor guy can’t even insult an ideological opponent without tripping on his own ignorance. Bless his little heart.

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