President Obama Burns Sarah Palin and the GOP With Pit Bull Joke

President Obama following up 2011’s rousing beat down of Donald Trump with a laugh filled set full of self deprecation, Mitt Romney jokes and a sharp jab at Congress during his remarks at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

The president made fun of how much the office has aged him showing a picture of himself in another four years, and it was Morgan Freeman. He took a jab at the Congress by saying that it was nice of them to take a break from their exhausting schedule of not passing legislation. He later had a joke about the House Republicans’ all male hearing on contraception.

Video: Obama takes on Romney:

Interestingly, one of his most pointed jokes was aimed at the Huffington Post. He congratulated them on their Pulitzer Prize for linking to the best hard hitting journalism out there. He also said that they have a great business model because they don’t pay their writers.

Obama delivered the laughs early on and didn’t shy away from any subject including his eating of dog as a child. Obama asked what’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? A pit bull tastes delicious. Obama later brought up the Romney/Seamus story in the form of a mock super PAC ad attacking Obama for a spreading a European style dog socialism. The ad also claimed that our dogs can’t handle more years of Obama dog socialism, and closed with a picture of Mitt Romney’s dog tied to the roof of Air Force One.

Obama’s pit bull joke:

President Obama offered up a preview of what the conspiracy theorists claim as his secret agenda. Obama promised to win the war on Christmas. He said his second term would replace DADT with a policy of It’s Raining Men. Obama said he passed healthcare reform in his first term, and he guessed that he would pass it again in his second term.

The president’s humor tonight was a pleasant mix of light self depreciating humor about himself, and some seriously solid jabs at the right wing hate machine that has a tendency to blow anything Obama related completely out of proportion. The one thing that was clear from listening to the president tonight is that he is over the shock of the way that he was treated by his opponents from the moment he was sworn into office. President Obama gives as good as he gets.

The eating dog humor was a little bit of a risk, but Republicans appear to be serious about making a big deal out of the fact that as a child Barack Obama ate dog meat. What better way to defuse this “issue” that Republicans think they swift boat him with than by treating it like the joke that it is? The White House has learned not to wait to let these attacks take hold. They are now in a more pro-active position, and it is refreshing to see them treat the far right’s ridiculous criticism like the joke that it is.

This was definitely not as controversial as George W. Bush’s skit where he looked for WMDs. However, beneath Obama’s light humor, we got a glimpse of the steel backbone of this president. The message in tonight’s comedy for Republicans was that if they thought that they were going to be able to roll over Barack Obama and take back the White House, they’ve got another thing coming.

President Obama is here, and he is ready for the fight. Even during a night of comedy for charity, Obama showed what he is made of, and this president isn’t going to back down from the 2012 election challenge.

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41 Replies to “President Obama Burns Sarah Palin and the GOP With Pit Bull Joke”

  1. What’s the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?

    A pit bull is delicious!

    /Obama’s joke of the night.

  2. Thank God the President is over his illusions of bipartisanship.
    He’s got moxie. I can get behind him now.

  3. Quite good tonight, as expected. I don’t think, though, we’ll ever have it as funny as last year’s. Holy crapola, that was funny but there was just SO much good material last year! Great lines tonight, though!

    Obama/Biden 2012

  4. I didn’t think it was very funny or classy, just my take on it. Obama is usually the one who is classier and will mention something about an opponent or something like that but I felt like he was just attacking them bringing himself down to their level

  5. He destroyed Donald last year but Donald is actually worth money, all Obama knows how to do is spend it….like a gold digger

  6. I have to admit the pitbull joke was hilarious especially the way President Obama smiled and said “deliiicious”.

    Palin makes up the most stupid trifling things about Obama trying to get his attention like a deranged Justin Bieber fan. Well I hope she’s happy now that he finally noticed her! LOL

  7. Jake, do yourself a favor and research which presidents have presided over the most government spending since Nixon. If you do, then you will not make inane comments.

  8. This Tweet says it all:
    Johnny Nguyen ‏
    I’m sitting behind the Fox News table and they are tighter than a girdle on grandma! #NerdProm

  9. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW what a man we have for president. i have allways said> Obama will be one of our grate presidents, if not the best And belive me, when i say. the best is yet to come.

  10. All right wing Republicans know how to do is complain about some Democrat President spending money. The debt didn’t get where it is just because of the Democrat President spending. Let’s remember that ex-President Clinton left a surplus,ex-President G.W.Bush left President Obama what? It wasn’t a surplus.

  11. no matter what the republicans say about Obama they are saying it only for “their own’. They aren’t influencing anyone else with their hate. The numbers are so hugely against them we can only laugh as they try to convince their own people that MEH Romney is worth voting for.

  12. I tried repeating this joke to my hubby and couldn’t say the punch line without cracking up. The prez did it to perfection. He’s good (great, actually)

  13. Good stuff from Obama that for sure, for sure. But poor Jake, eh? He’s obviously drunk the Koolaid and it’s addled his brain. It’d take a lot more than Obamaseltzer to fix that I’m afraid.

  14. Many GOP or Sarah Palin fans are going ballistic with this joke. Apparently they don’t realize that Sarah Palin made her little dig at Obama on several occasions last week criticizing anyone who is from a culture who eats dogs. Anyone in Alaska will tell you that just because you live in our State doesn’t mean you should be called a Hockey Mom–and we find it offensive that Track gets in trouble with the law in our State and goes to live with his real father’s family and the Palins spin it as he left to further his hockey career and play at a higher level. Sarah Palin has such a large staff of former newsmen because she is so busy with damage control and trying to twist the facts so she looks more favorable. Read the new article in the Juneau Empire about Sarah Palin (Slack Tide) and you will see that the Sarah Palin is viewed as a failure and phoney.

  15. Pit bull comment was in poor taste. I know what he was trying to do but he doesn’t seem to realize the extreme & awful adversity pit bulls are facing in his country as well as mine (Canada). If he’s going to make a comment on the breed then comment on why people should stop discriminating against a freaking dog going so out of their way to actually ban them. If he’s not going to say something to help the pit bull’s plight, as well as other homeless & abused dogs, then he shouldn’t have said anything at all about the whole dog eating fiasco.

  16. Uh, the joke wouldn’t have worked with any other breed, Dear, because Sarah Palin once asked the question herself. To quote Palin:

    “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick.”

    Better luck next time at your attempt to criticize political humor. I would suggest keeping up with things in order to be more effective, however.

  17. Uh…the comment shouldn’t have been made in the first place! It doesn’t matter what he was referencing! This is the USA, not China! We don’t eat “Man’s Best Friend” here! Also, there’s no reason he should be making jokes involving the breed either! Poke fun at the rest of the political party, but leave the innocent animals out of it! And Morgan Freeman too?! Don’t quit your day job Obama! Or better yet, quit your day job, just don’t go into stand-up!

  18. You obviously have no idea where that came from. Mittens brought up eating dog first, Obama just got him back with his jokes.

  19. Jake, grow up, your Republican party is the joke of the world, you should be kissing President Obama’s Ass, He saved our country from certain economic ruin, caused by the stupid-ass racist Republicans. Obama will go down as one of the greatest president in history. Now that the President knows how ignorant and racist the Republican lead house of Representatives are, he will not try to include them, like before instead, he will lead without the stupid and dangerous republicans obstucting him. Finally we will get a President Obama who will not allow Republican lies and propaganda to further dumb down the conversation.

  20. I just bet the Palinbots are drooling mad over the insult of their idol, and she’s probably playing victim as always. As for the jab at Allen West, he deserves it 100% for being the north end of a mule heading south.

  21. I don’t care much for politics and this is why.
    With Breed Discrimination so high and Pit Bulls being at the top of the list, I find The Presidents remarks very distasteful and appalling.
    I am a serious Pit Bull advocate and I would think that our lead politicians would be able to hold their tongue better than someone on the street corner hustling for money.
    We are in a war against Breed discrimination and animal cruelty, to include the God awful Dog fighting rings all over the United States and the World.
    More Dogs are being killed now than ever because either they were rescued from a dog fighting ring, (which usually picks up around a hundred or more sickly and brutalized animals of all types), and the shelters can’t afford to help them all or has a kill policy especially concerning Pit Bulls – Pit Bull mixes.
    Or because of so many stays due to rejected animals from homes, fighting rings, or just abusive people who wanted a punching bag and the Pup ran away.
    No matter where they came from, they most often come to shelters emaciated, bloody, and scared from being abused and neglected.
    My point to all of this is ALL people need to quit joking about a serious matter, better laws to help these Pups need to be put into place.
    A better and more mature understanding of all Pups are what we make them, they are just loyal to us as humans as God meant them to be, it doesn’t matter what the Breed they depend on us to protect them in a nurturing way – not just dismiss the matter hoping it will go away … people like me won’t let it, we are dedicated to Gods creation and the protection of it.
    Educate yourself @ and may other sites like Our Pack Inc. – Stubby Dog who go to great lengths to help these wonderful and dedicated Pups.
    They help to turn Pups who were forced to fight into Therapy Dogs for the terminally ill and to help special needs children and much, much more.
    Pit Bulls used to be thought of as the All American Dog … then vicious cruel people happened and the blame was turned on to the victim – the Pup.

  22. You sick jerk. You are one of those that would vote for Obama even if he was a petifile of children or a murderer or thief. To you, due to color, he can do no wrong. To you, he can walk on water. People like you that have no clue what this man is about should not be allowed to vote or make wise decisions. Glad I don’t know you and your the type I would not even put you out with a hose pipe if you were on fire.

  23. Dear Deborah,

    Normally we don’t publish hate messages but I’m making an exception for you in order to demonstrate who it is that says things like you just wrote.

    Pedophile is the correct spelling, by the way. And let me ask you something: if people who are black only vote for Obama because he is half black, does that infer that in your world view, people who are white only vote for white candidates? It seems like you’re projecting your own biases onto others. You assume that people vote based on color. e.g., I am white and I voted for Obama.

    Furthermore, anyone who is not the owner of a multi-national mega corporation who votes Republican is what is widely known among the GOP as a “tool”. The rest of us, white, black, brown, half black, pink, and purple all stand against the corporate take over of this country via the GOP. You, however, would stand among the “yellow” of us — a coward who tries to intimidate people on the internet with misspelled tirades so full of ugliness that my heart aches for your mother.

    I hope you don’t refer to yourself as a Christian, but if you do, please note I published your comment so that all could see just how “moral” the “moral majority” is. Hose pipe? Fire? Really?

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