Republicans have Awakened a Livid Female Giant Who Will Make Them Pay

A conception or mental creation that is baseless or unbelievable is said to be imaginary, and it implies delusion or myth in some contexts. It is hardly appropriate for aggressors to claim their victims are imagining an attack when there is documented evidence of injury, and especially when the aggression continues unabated, but that is precisely what Republicans are claiming in their war on women. Perhaps Republicans hope that by lying often and loudly about an imaginary war on women that women will ignore or forget the devastation and injury they have endured for the past year and support their assailants. Apparently, that is what Republicans are hoping will happen and they are ramping up a campaign to convince voters, and especially women voters, that there is no war on women.

This past week, House minority leader Eric Cantor’s Young Guns group announced a multi-million dollar media campaign called “Woman Up” to convince voters there is no war on women. During a closed-door fundraiser this week, Willard Romney told supporters they needed to “get the women” on board to ensure his election to the White House, and both instances not only fly in the face of reality, they are an epic insult to women. However, no amount of media propaganda or campaign rhetoric will ever convince women that they have not been on the receiving end of the GOP’s assaults on their rights, and this week highlighted the fact that the Republicans are serious in punishing women.

In the House, Republicans successfully passed legislation keeping student loan interest at the current level by paying for it with women’s healthcare funds instead of raising payroll taxes on high-income owners of corporations to the level every other working American pays. In a speech on the floor of the House, Speaker John Boehner displayed faux outrage at Democrats for asking the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes and accused them of playing politics with student loans and said it was the latest Democratic “plank in the so-called war on women” that was “entirely created by Democrats for political gain.” In the Senate, former presidential candidate John McCain gave a ten-minute rant about Democrat’s politically motivated intention of “dividing the country in the name of fairness and equality” and called the “supposed” war on women “outlandish rhetoric to distract citizens from real issues that really matter.”

McCain obviously does not comprehend that for half the population, what really matters is that their rights are being subverted by Republicans as a matter-of-course and it shows just how out of touch and misogynistic he is when it comes to women’s rights. Women have spent the past year watching Republicans redefine rape, vote for gender pay inequality, restrict their access to cancer screenings and contraception, and give employers the right to deny healthcare if it went against their religious beliefs. Women are patient, but they are not stupid and that is the message Republicans are expressing when they say the war on women is imaginary, or worse, a creation of Democrats who have voted time and time again to give women equal rights the Constitution guarantees. Then there is presumptive Republican presidential candidate Willard Romney telling his supporters they have to “get the women” to support his candidacy.

Romney said, without hesitation, that one of the first acts as president is “getting rid of Planned Parenthood” that serves millions of women with cancer screenings, contraception, and family planning, among others. He supported the Blunt amendment giving employers medical rights over women’s healthcare issues, and said he wants women to have dignity of working at the same time he fawns over his wife because she had the luxury to stay home and raise children. In Romney’s budget, poor and middle class women face massive cuts to programs that provide healthcare and food assistance for their children while the wealthy receive greater tax cuts. It is too late for Romney to “get the women” to support any Republican much less a wealthy elitist who promises to escalate the war on women if he is elected.

President Obama sees the war on women as a war on equal rights and he assailed Republicans for advocating for less government regulations unless it is regulating women.  In defending his policies on women, the president said the Affordable Care Act “finally gives women more power to make their own choices about their health care,” and that the Republican war on women was “appalling and offensive, and when it comes to what’s going on out there, you’re not going to close your eyes. Women across America aren’t closing their eyes. As long as I’m president, I won’t either.” Most women, who make up 53% of the electorate, know the President has been fighting for their rights, and as he mentioned, they know what Republicans are doing and their eyes are wide open.  The President also noted that Republicans in states are “saying that women can’t be trusted to make their own decisions,” and it is a message women have heard loud and clear since Republicans swept into power after the 2010 elections.

Women are, and should be, incensed at the second-class status that Republicans are legislating them into with law after law abridging their rights and protections. Who do Republicans think they are waging an all-out unrelenting war on women and their rights, and how dare they think that just because they say there is no war on women that women will believe their lies? Women are not stupid, but that is the implication Republicans are making with their media blitz disputing their attacks on women and belief that they can just “get the women” to support their campaign to put women back in the Dark Ages. As the President said, women are not, and have not, closed their eyes to the hideous assault on their rights and yesterday they took the first step to destroy their attackers. In 55 cities, women united against the war on women to tell the entire country they have had enough of Republican misogyny and this is only the beginning.

The sleeping giant that is American women is wide awake and they are livid and looking for retribution. They are not sitting idly by hoping the Republican assault will subside, and the GOP is going to pay in the general election. The march and rallies across the nation should serve notice to Republicans that no impassioned Senate or House floor speeches is going to convince them there is not a war on women, or that Willard’s campaign to “get the women” on board is going to have any success because Republicans have battered women for too long and they are not taking it any longer. It is stunning that Republicans voted against women’s rights and access to healthcare in the same week they are telling them there is no war against them. It is beyond the pale that the GOP has such low regard for women that as they are beating them down, they say there is no war; women will make them pay and they are not alone. The men who love their wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters are just as furious as women and they are mobilizing and supporting women’s movements to end this Republican war on women’s rights which is, in reality, a war on human rights.

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  1. Well, they exactly divide women into three or four types: dumb little fluffy pets; dumb uncomplaining workhorses; dumb Playboy bunnies, and a fourth class, not in their view numerous, whose intelligence (serviceable in a librarian or a skilled legal secretary) is in inverse proportion to her femininity. This last type is supposed to live on peanuts, wear hornrimmed glasses, and never marry; she’s “not a real woman”, and if she gets too much power, she’ll cut men’s penises off. The rest of them, in the retro worldview, are easily cajoled, flattered, and if need be, threatened, into behaving as desired. Only the dollhouses are not nearly so available any more, nor the means to keep women at home in them, and chickens don’t go back into eggshells, nor butterflies into cocoons, without crushing them and breaking their wings.

  2. Sound to me like these men think all modern women are the old maid librarian type descriped in the previous post. Did that many men have bad relationships with their mother that they are afraid of being emasculated by women?

  3. I’m in a quandary which of those categories Sarah Palin fits into: She acts sometimes like a “dumb fluffy pet” or a “dumb Playboy bunny” (vis-a-vis the CPAC getup…boop-boop-a-doop), and her intelligence definitely is in inverse proportion to her femininity (never mistake cunning for intelligence).

    For a while Palin DID live on peanuts and DID wear hornrimmed glasses, until she discovered the power of politics combined with her leg-humping feminine wiles.

    And if I am to judge from her verbally castrating attacks on men who oppose or criticize her, she definitely fits the last description, Reynardine.

  4. Actually, Karen, she belongs to a certain porn fantasy, or a cluster of them, that involves the horned-rimmed glasses type acquiring, or dicovering, her “femininity” and fucking like a mink. She is a favorite fantasy of horny schoolboys dreaming of being debauched by her, and of aging men going into their second adolescence. Sometimes she wears gloves and boots and nothing else (except a whip); sometimes she quite literally flips and presents all-fours rear-view beaver while winking lecherously over her shoulder and licking her lips. She is the porn cone dessert that follows the corn pone meal (and no, I’m not into that stuff.)

  5. On a more positive note, here’s a suggestion as to how to exact retribution…literally:

    “… two specific demands she discusses, though they are ambitious, are within the horizon of reformism: an unconditional basic income and a shortening of the work week. These are common enough proposals among leftists of an anti-work persuasion, but Weeks’ treatment is distinctive because it grounds both demands in the politics of feminism. Basic income is offered as a successor to “wages for housework”, a signature demand of the Marxist feminists who emerged from the Italian workerist scene. The objective, says Weeks, is to highlight “the arbitrariness with which contributions to social production are and are not rewarded with wages,” thus making visible the enormous amount of unwaged reproductive labor performed by women. Against those who reject basic income as an unearned handout, we can respond that it is capitalism which arbitrarily refuses to pay for a huge proportion of the labor that sustains it.”

    How many heads swiveled off their necks at the notion of
    1) A basic income for all, regardless of whether they are employed for wages elsewhere
    2) A shorter work week – a 15-hour work week!

    Question for economists: Would taxing the 1% at the recommended 70% provide the above two items?

  6. I hope this gets big beyond the GOP’s wildest dreams. I hope the ladies AND their daughters enter into this with all the emotion they can work up. This is one of the every basic things that women posses in life, the rights to control their own baby machines and how its treated.
    Of course Im not leaving the guys out, but the GOP women AND the women who are complacent about this need to really provide the push for this

  7. No mattter how hard they try to cover up what they have been doing. women dont forget. It would be laughable, if it wasnt happening in our country, that they would even attempt to say there is no war, its all in your imagination. Right, so all the laws passed in state after state that are republican held, are just in our imaginations and scott walker on repealing the equal pay bill because women don’t need to make as much money as men, just our imaginations, Arizona where a woman is pregnant two weeks before her period, or that money to pay for student interest comes from the money for womens preventive health, Women, please vote this year and lets show these ‘repubs’ what a real war is and get rid of them

  8. I interpreted what McCain said as basically telling women that their concerns are not important and don’t really matter, because the GOP is going to force austerity on the groups that can least afford it, to the benefit of the 1%. Women don’t matter? Okay, we’ll see about that in November.

  9. What DON’T the Republicans lie about, loud and long? Fortunately, women are increasingly tuning them out!

  10. Mitt Romney has always thought women were not equals, that’s why he is a high ranking member of the Mormon church, His belief system will never allow women to be equal to him, Republican women better get inline and support their Male leader, Mitt Romney. They don’t have to worry though, because I’m sure Romney will still let them cook and clean for him. Women will thrive under a Romney presidency, they will be allowed to vote for whoever their husbands allow them too. If their lucky, maybe the Republicans will leave Obamacare in place, so when women are beat up by their spouses, they at least will be entitled medical treatment for their injuries, I mention this because the House Republicans, all males voted against renewing the “volience against women bill” It won’t take too long to get these uppity women to know their place, at home cleaning and raising children, Republicans have finally been able to get their message out, despite the democrats propaganda, saying things like “women are equal and should be treated as such, that they should recieve equal pay for equal work. only Democrats could come up with such a radical view like this. True Republicans know the role women play in society,they should bear children, obey their husbands, and leave leadership to the wise males, because everybody knows that women can’t understand the complexities of politics.

  11. You want real change for women? Vote for women. All of them. Even the ones you think are icky because they have a different perspective than you. Even the prolife ones.

    You can fight and fight and fight to control your biological destiny all the while your accepting and excepting, and even promoting more men in power. But the only way to truly control our full destinies, including biological ones, is to equally share power and let THAT be the transformative little center of feminism. Otherwise, you’re just being used.

  12. I agree with everything the author said about republicans, however it’s obvious to me that democrats use reproduction as a choke chain around women’s necks and jerk it frequently to keep women in line. Obama is just as likely to give more of our rights away as anything else; he’s already reframed birth control as a religious belief, subject to religious whim and we all know all that one goes.

    In order for a woman to perceive democrats in a positive light she would have to be trauma-bonded with her abuser. The whole dynamic is revolting.

  13. Obama reframed nothing. The birth control debacle was already law in 19 states and signed by Bush. Obamacares simply took it nationwide. The Catholics decided then to start an uproar about it. Why didnt they have a problem with it before Obama was elected? Worse, they had been released frrom having to follow the laws to start with and still made a fuss./

  14. Is this a joke? You really think Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin would be better for women’s rights than a pro-choice male? Nobody is more down on women’s rights than a Stepford twunt, and the only thing worse than a Stepford twunt is a stealth Stepford twunt. Don’t think you can pull it off here.

  15. Shiva… to answer your questions… they have a problem now because of their judgmental spirituality. You see there are two kinds of Catholics (et al. Christians)there are practicing Catholics (Christians) and there are PRACTICAL Christians… I think you know the difference.. most are Catholic (Christians) when it’s practical. sorry to be so judgmental but it’s my altar boy upbringing… yeah.. I was the little kid who rang the bell. Could speak pretty damn good latin too. Now that Im an adult.. some of my best friends are Catholic…… you know the usual…

  16. I see your point, but really I think it was the political wing that started all the fuss. It was later seen that the Catholics had conspired with certain catholic representatives to make a mess of it.

    I dont pick on the everyday catholic, just the leadership that the church members have no idea what they are doing behind their backs

    And yes its true that a huge number of male and female catholics used birth control. Good for them.

  17. The Republicans have lost this next election completely because of what they have done to women.

  18. Barry, you’ve got GOPer’s disease, AKA chronic stupity and a severe case of dumbfoundness. You’ve got one aspect that makes you standout like a diamond ring in a Goat’s a__, you’re as sharp as a marble. Unbeleivable.

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