Oklahoma Supreme Court to Personhood USA: Oh, No You Don’t

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 01:20 pm

Guess what? Those nut jobs pushing Personhood amendments around the country got slapped down again today, this time by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Gosh, that’s confusing because these same people like to use the word “constitution” to excuse just about everything. So how could they be pushing something that was ruled “CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL?”

Let’s see. The Personhood USA folks want to make a fertilized egg into a person with all of the “Rights” a person has. I’m still wondering if it’s a female egg, does it then have no rights? Oh, details. Maybe it has a right to life only until it’s born, if it’s a female. So, it will pay no taxes but have more rights than the carrier, who does pay taxes, because this is the new citizenship for women under Republican rule?

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NECN.com reported:

The state’s highest court ruled unanimously that the proposal violates a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision and “is clearly unconstitutional.”

Dan Skerbitz of Personhood Oklahoma said he had not seen the decision and could not comment on it.

Yes, the MAN behind Personhood Oklahoma will need to see the Supreme Court’s decision before he can comment on it, and yet he feels entitled to regulate women’s bodies without seeing any of them. And he has no problem stealing liberty from women he’s never seen. Huh.

This same man is okay making medical decisions for women he doesn’t know, and he is also perfectly happy to decide that our lives are worth ZERO if we are carrying a fetus. Ectopic pregnancy? Time to tell your kids goodbye. There will be no medical intervention for you or the exceptional pain you are in.

The results of Personhood amendments might not be so obvious on the surface, but they include “defined zygotes, embryos—even a fertilized egg—as a person. Women would have been unable to have an abortion even in the case of rape or incest – even if her life is in danger, and IUDs, birth control pills and other forms of contraception would have become illegal.”

Here’s their global agenda (spreading their “religious freedom” across the globe sorta like they say Muslims are doing):

Personhood USA is partnering with Human Life International and LifeSiteNews.com to co-host the Global Pro-life Unity Summit…

Pro-life advocates in Portugal are in the midst of a national personhood petition. The Pro Referendo Vida campaign has collected half of the 75,000 signatures needed to convene a national referendum and add a pro-life amendment to the Constitution recognizing the “inviolability of human life from the moment of conception until natural death.” The Global Pro-life Unity Summit will call attention to the Portuguese movement and present an opportunity to demonstrate the wide, international support for the national referendum.

Personhood USA is currently working in all 50 states and on the federal level to advance personhood legislation and constitutional amendments that affirm the rights of all human beings regardless of their size or age. In 2009, Personhood USA traveled to the Dominican Republic to support the people in the ratification of a constitution that established personhood for every human being. “The right to life is inviolable from conception until death,” it reads.

Cough. I suppose they haven’t gotten around to correcting that last line. It should read, “The right to life is inviolable from conception until death for white men.” But then, later they quote Thomas Jefferson, conflating themselves with him and clarifying that yes, indeed, they do wish to go back to those times when only men had rights, “Nothing is unchangeable but the inherent and unalienable rights of man.”

Maybe the PersonhoodUSA peeps aren’t really all that into liberty and the Constitution. Maybe they’re just suckers being used by a political party to create a distraction from the corporate takeover of the country as assisted by said political party.

Or maybe the Personhood USA folks (aka: self-described “pro-life Christians”, aka “Republicans”) are just in a war against the laws of this country. Maybe they don’t think women deserve to have any rights, and they don’t care about the law; all they really want is to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us even if it violates the Constitution. Sort of like they keep telling us Muslims are doing, only no Muslim has tried to pass a law telling me what kind of contraception I can use, let alone legislating an unnecessary, invasive and painful vaginal probe.

Oklahoma is the same state where earlier a female Democrat added an amendment to a personhood bill stating that “every sperm is sacred,” which effectively would have made masturbation illegal. Her amendment read in part, “[A]ny action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child.” For some reason, that bill did not pass.

Mississippi voters told the Personhood Peeps where to go last year, so even after it got on the ballot, it still failed. Hrafnkell Haraldsson reported for PoliticusUSA:

Personhood USA blamed Planned Parenthood for their defeat – really, they should blame voter sanity – after all, nearly 60 percent of them voted against Measure 26.

When that failed, Mississippi Republicans tried it again: House Concurrent Resolution 61 aka “The Right to Life Amendment of 2012,” (HC 61) would “provide that the right to life is the paramount and most fundamental right of a person; to provide that the world ‘person’ applies to all human beings from conception to natural death.” Fortunately, this bill died in committee on March 6, 2012.”

When these people say “liberty” they mean liberty for white, rich men and feti until they are born, at which point females will be rendered second class citizens akin to the family pet, unless they are super cute and then they will be the beauty bread winner for freedom.

Now ladies, that’s not so bad, right? Just because Republicans want to take your rights from you hardly means there is a war on women. Stop being hysterical. See, if you could be counted on to do what men wanted you to do, then they wouldn’t need to legislate away your rights. But you all had to get full of yourselves and think that your life might be worth saving.

When you ladies agree to stop expecting liberty, the Republicans will be happy to stop waging war on you. After all, they’ve got liberty to steal from gays, brown people and union members.

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