The Girl Power Unity of Fluke and McCain Spawns a Right Wing Meltdown

Last updated on February 7th, 2013 at 10:27 pm

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Here’s something to feel good about for your late night snack. Last night, at a Nerd Prom after party, Meghan McCain and Sandra Fluke swapped stories about being attacked by sexist losers after expressing an opinion publicly.

Meghan tweeted out this gorgeous picture of the powerful pair:

Meghan added, “My fav meeting of the night, the very brave and badass Sandra Fluke! #MSNBCafterparty”.

To which Ms Sandra replied, “.@McCainBlogette thanx 4 support/advice re: public attacks! We girls have 2 have each others’ backs despite polit diffs. #MSNBCafterparty”

Meghan wrote back, “@SandraFluke There’s like ten women on the planet that know what being in the middle of a political media firestorm feels like. Any time”

How cool is this? Ah, that’s just how we women like to roll. Everything is not a war, you know. We like to find common ground. That’s just one reason we think we need more of us in elected office….

But I digress.

Meghan later had to defend herself from conservative accusations of actually treating a liberal like a human being. But not to worry, if there is one thing Meghan McCain is, it’s truly steely-spined unlike some pit bulls we all know.

Meghan told her conservative followers to chill.

Naturally, all of this sisterhood power got patriarchal puppet Michelle Malkin upset. She sounded like the perennial third wheel trying to hop on a ride of more relevant peeps, whining about conservatives needing air sickness bags over the two “Twitter besties,” as if we all never left junior high.

Meghan knows these waters well. Here’s just a few of the sexist attacks she earned from her side of the aisle for speaking the truth about “I am not a witch” Christine O’Donnell:

Blogger Doug Powers kicked off the mud-slinging with a post on Michelle Malkin’s blog Sunday morning. He began his post with a photo of McCain that spurred controversy after she posted it on Twitter a year ago and commented, “Disregard the above photo. I’m only putting it there to remind myself to check my tire pressure later this afternoon.”

Later that day, conservative blogger Dan Riehl on his blog Riehl World View referred to McCain as “Meggie ‘Big Mac’ McCain” and wrote that “this self-indulgent set of mega-breasts doesn’t belong anywhere near a TV studio commenting on anything.”

Jeff Poor, a staff writer for the Media Research Center’s Business & Media Institute, rounded out the evening by re-tweeting a conservative blogger’s comment that “I swear, if Meghan McCain gets any dumber she’ll be drooling on her boobs” with the remark: “Haha.”

Malkin is probably really upset because deep down inside, she knows that Meghan McCain is the only force pulling the Republican Party to any semblance of sanity. Meghan has dedication to her chosen cause, and she refuses to act like a crazy person just to be accepted by the nuts who’ve hijacked her father’s party. Let’s face it, McCain doesn’t need to act nasty to get press. She’s already famous, she has already proven herself as a political voice, and frankly, she’s rather charming and likeable on camera.

Anything that disturbs Malkin has a high probability of being good for the planet, so I say donate an air sickness bag to a conservative in the name of sisterhood. She won’t know what hit her, because we all know that mature people run around hating on anyone who doesn’t agree with them on like, everything!

Bravo to Meghan and Sandra for reminding everyone that women have needed, necessary and important skills and perspectives to bring to the table. It’s not about being as good as a man; it’s about being fabulous because they’re smart, outspoken women who know the importance of sisterhood. And yes, Michelle, sisterhood trumps politics and so does general humanity — or rather, it does for some people.

Bonding with our sisters is good for the soul. Just watch out for the pit bulls, they like to eat their own.

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