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Tea Party Patriots Terrified That Scott Walker Will Be Recalled

As if a successful recall of Scott Walker was not enough reason to celebrate, there could be an added bonus.  To hear Jenny Beth Martin, of the Tea Party Patriots tell it if Wisconsites succeed in the recall effort it would mean the end of her liberty loving organization.  Well at least if you are white, male, belong to the Dominionist sect of Christianity and think liberty means giving to the needy rich while your children go hungry.

According to an email obtained by the Huffington Post:

They know that if they can con the voters of Wisconsin into recalling tea party leaders like Governor Walker and his allies in the state legislature, they can stop cold our national movement to cut the size and scope of government… These enemies of freedom and free enterprise know that if they can just win in Wisconsin — if they can just recall Scott Walker and some of his allies — they can then roll to victory across America this fall.

“They” refers to the big Union monster and the hairy scary left that Martin warns her flock about in the beginning of the email.

Of course, this is a fundraising email with the goal of raising $300,000 as soon as possible for Scott Walker. That means the sheeple need a compelling reason to make a generous donation.  What could be more compelling than a dramatic plea to save their beloved Tea Party Patriots?

How many sheeple would reach deep into their pockets in response to a begmail that says, “We’re kicking a$$!  How about sending us some ca$h?”

The TPP conveyed its desperation on its website, as reflected in this passage:

Show your support for the Conservatives in Wisconsin who have fought to bring Fiscal Responsibility – against union thugs and well-funded special interests that believe government should spend even more of your money.

At the same time, the TPP could recognize that America just is not that into their special vision of a theocratic oligarchical society in which the solution to everything is mindless compliance, prayer and the unregulated market.

Most Americans recognize that there is a correlation between Unions and a strong middle class simply because Unions are the only means to balance relationships with corporations.  As collective bargaining rights have weakened, the income disparity gap has grown to epic proportions.  Worker productivity has increased, along with corporate profits.  However, wages remain stagnant as reflected in these charts, courtesy of the New York Times.

Americans want things like affordable and accessible healthcare, reasonable wages, fair taxation, clean water and education.  American woman just are not that into being denied access to cancer screenings or asking their bosses for permission to use birth control.  Americans do not subscribe to the idea that taking their voting rights away is a good thing.

The people in Wisconsin know firsthand what a Tea Party America looks like and how it feels.  They tried it and the reality is they did not like it.

They also know what thuggery looks like and it sure isn’t coming from the Unions.

Image from Salon


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