Proof the Right Used Pre-Rally Picture To Claim Obama Arena Was Empty

The right has tried to claim that the arena was empty for Obama’s Ohio rally, but an analysis of the photo reveals that the picture was taken before the president went on stage.

Here is the picture of the “empty” arena:

Here a picture of Obama taking the stage at 1:20 PM ET:

Here is a view of the upper bowl that the right didn’t want you to see:

(That arena looks so empty with all of those people in it).

By comparing the first two photographs, we can see two things that prove that picture of Obama “failure” was taken before the event began. Notice that the crawler between the lower and upper bowls is blank in the first photograph, but once event began, the crawler/scoreboard featured a blue Obama/Biden logo. Secondly, check out the lighting in the first photograph.

If you look closely, you can see the shadows cast by the people standing on floor. The lighting likely wasn’t at full power, in other words the stage lighting is not on. As anyone who has ever been to a concert knows, the stage lights aren’t turned on until an act takes the stage. The house lights, which are the lights beneath the retired jersey banners, are used pre-event, post-event, and during intermissions. The photo was likely taken before the event because the people in the first photo are looking towards the stage. There also people in the stands, and there aren’t any visible people moving or heading for the exits. It looks like the crowd is waiting for the event to start, which suggests that President Obama wasn’t even on stage at the time the photograph was taken. Drudge and Breitbart’s evidence is a photograph that was taken when Obama wasn’t speaking.

The so called empty arena wasn’t empty at all. Over 14,000 people showed up in Columbus to kick off Obama’s reelection campaign.

Here are more pictures of the empty arena.

The crowd behind Obama:

More people who according to the right, aren’t there from Sarah Jones’s great slideshow:

Another look at the 14,000 + empty seats who disguised themselves as people:

More people in the upper deck:

To put a bow on it, here’s video of the crowd from YouTube via DebbieDoesDaleks

The truth is that President Obama drew 14,000+ in an 18,000 seat arena. It wasn’t a sellout, but it was about 13,500 more people than Romney’s largest crowd in Ohio. As the Washington Post pointed out Romney has drawn crowds of several thousand during the campaign, what they didn’t mention is that most of his thousands were bused in Mormon college students, but Obama’s crowd today was exponentially bigger than anything Mitt Romney has drawn this year.

The right wing media was trying to level the playing field. They want to erase the memory of Mitt Romney giving his big economic address to 80,000 empty seats at Ford Field in Detroit. The problem they have is that even though right wing media does, the photographs don’t lie.

The arena for the Obama event wasn’t empty. This was just another attempt by the right to plant a lie in the media, with the hope that it takes root and sprouts, but visual evidence and common sense are the pesticides needed to make sure that this weed never grows in our 2012 garden.

117 Replies to “Proof the Right Used Pre-Rally Picture To Claim Obama Arena Was Empty”

  1. My, they’ll do anything, won’t they?… I believe the assertion that Romney means to stalk the Obama rallies and photoshop the crowds to make them look like his. I suspect when he dies, they won’t have to embalm him because he’s made out of plastic.

  2. “Drudge and Breitbart’s evidence”???

    LOL, Breitbart? Anything connected to his name is a lie to start with

    I bet this photo was taken by Romney out circling the Obama bus

  3. This is quite literally “beyond the pale”…anyone who has lived in a city that Obama is about to visit knows exactly the rock star attraction that he — and Michelle — generate. People standing in line for hours or vying for tickets and the opportunity to see a truly beloved President speak. It’s true, you can’t fake it. They’ll probably take pictures as people are leaving an arena when the President is done speaking and caption it, “crowds leave in disgust!” But the fact remains, if people don’t vote for Barack Obama we could end up with a vulture capitalist for our president, and that would be truly horrifying.

  4. LMAO! Seriously, what is wrong with the brain function of people who actually believe this will fly? Who actually thinks no one is going to notice? Who has no CLUE how third grade behavior this is and how much it reeks of desperation? I would be humiliated to be associated with a campaign that desperate.

    Dayum, it’s nice to be on the winning side.

  5. Hey! I’m somewhere in that “crowd behind Obama” shot! Thank you, Jason, for putting my video footage to good use. I am honored. -eMJay a.k.a. DebbieDoesDaleks

  6. I saw the video of this rally today and thought Obama’s speech was amazing! Repubs are going to do anything they can to try and stop this…but if this is the best they can do????

  7. I was at the rally and it was packed and Michelle and POTUS were awe inspiring. The right has always had a problem with numbers ( just look at what they’ve done to our economy) and a problem with truth.

  8. The right-wing media lies? This is a “story” like the sunrise is a story. It’s not. It’s what they do. They have to. If they didn’t lie, they would never hold office.

  9. Sure looked like a full house to me when I saw it livestreamed. I figured that Fox would do the opposite: use pictures of the Obama crowds and credit them to Mittens. I hope the Obama people pass out lots of signs at each venue so the GOP can’t pretend that Obama crowds are Romney’s. What a sorry bunch of losers.

  10. Missed seeing the Columbus rally on cspan but I did see the rally in Virginia.The place was packed.Great speech by both our wonderful First Lady and our exceptional President.Glad to see they are both still rock stars.Did I say,”FIRED UP-READY TO MOVE FORWARD?Well I am.

  11. Looked like a pretty full place when I watched it on television! Plus the crowd was really into it and fired up. I’m glad they emphasized voter registration, too, because the GOP is going to do all it can to suppress the vote this election and we need as many people registered as possible. Overall, the speeches by both the President and First Lady were great and really inspired the crowd there…and those of us watching on TV!

  12. The RePiggery LYING Obstructionist Team apparently can no nothing, not even eat breakfast, without LYING. They are stalking POTUS, LYING about everything and somehow think nobody does anything but watch Faux Noise. That is their problem, Faux Noise tells them that people do not watch other channels and they believe it. Pathetic.

  13. Are there any people out there, that still think the Right-Wing cares about you or America. Anyone that still claims to be a Republican must be stupid and pathetic. In any other country, the people who lie and cheat the citizens would be considered traitors, why are these crooks still not in jail? The Republican party has decided that even if they have to destroy America, to make President Obama look bad, they will do it, They have said this publicly and they mean it. This is Treason, I for one, can’t wait for the day, that the House Republican leadership is arrested and tried, for the whole country to see that we don’t tolerate traitors in our government.


  15. This is a great article on how crooked the GOP is. They do this a lot, try and twist reality to farther their advantage that is. Thank you for calling them out on their BS.

  16. Same subject, different event…

    We attended a lecture give by SPLC, Morris Deeds and Richard Cohen in AZ 3 weeks ago. It was over-whelming to see almost every seat filled (late-comers had to stand in the back) and the house packed. I think the speakers were not only over-whelmed, but “shocked” that Arizonans would turn out in record numbers to hear 2 lawyers from Alabama about “hate”…they mentioned several times during the evening how they’ve never drawn crowds like the one that in the south.

    But, it never made the local news…not one word.

  17. I was there. The right is wrong that the arena was empty, but you are wrong also. You’re not looking at pictures from the same side of the arena. The lower level was full throughout the rally, but the upper deck, pictured in the first photo, was empty on that side of the arena even when the president was speaking. The video and other pictures show the areas that were full.

  18. I’m so confused. I thought the latest Karl Rove-created, corporate-funded ad attacked Obama for being a “celebrity” with too much charisma.

    Make up you’re freakin’ minds, wingnuts. Which is it? Nobody likes him or everyone does?

  19. Hello All: Thank you Jason for once again exposing the truth. A friend of mine attended the re-election campaign announcement and emailed me a bunch of pics. It was an enthusiastic and adoring crowd, the norm at an Obama ‘event’. Michelle spoke as did National Campaign Co-Chair Ted Strickland, Ohio’s former governor. My favorite Senator, Sherrod Brown addressed the gathering as well as heroic favorite son, John Glenn,looking fantastic for a guy about to celebrate his 91st birthday. Yes, as usual the republicans misrepresented the crowd size, but that said,it was a disappointing total. Organizers had hoped to fill up the place. It’s like they say on American Idol…don’t take it for granted that your favorite is going to win just because it appears he/she is safe. We do need to start filling these arenas like the Schottenstein Center to the rafters. Perception is vital.

  20. Sally, it’s a two-pronged deception – pretend that Obama speaks in near empty stadiums and that Mittens speaks in near full stadiums. The Right will try stunts like this to “prove” people aren’t going to Obama events, but will use pictures of Obama’s crowds photo-shopped into Mittens’ events (with tell-tale signs “fixed” to support Romney).

    Won’t work, except with the FAUX News watching crowd.

  21. Paws, that’s another thing – Obama’s crowds are enthusiastic, but Romney’s are so bored, some fall asleep.

  22. Anyone who “buys” this propoganda must have an IQ in single digits, if not 0. People work hard to support themselves andd their families and live honest lives. These people get paid way more money to promote lies. Is it “conservative” to spend on lies? If you want to rein in wasteful spending, that would be a good place to start.

  23. I went looking for further evidence of this lie and found it. I’ve got a photo up comparing the same section with the Breitbart photo and one by the Obama campaign at the time of the rally. You clearly see empty seats in the Breitbart photo, while the same seats are all full during the rally. That proves without a doubt that what is said in this post is accurate.

  24. That sounds like the McCain acceptance speech at the convention in 2008. Poeple in the cheap seats were dozing off

  25. Beware! the right will stoop at any low and beyond. Their plan is to take the Presidents strengths and diminish them.C-C-span had a camera that showed the crowd.Why is the media indulging the right?

  26. This effort is just as inept and amateurish as the Romney ad claiming that the president didn’t create jobs as a community organizer,” as if President Obama hadn’t been president since 2009. The idiots who tried
    this stunt obviously have an extremely low opinion of the
    IQ’s of their followers. But the media is every bit as much to blame for conferring an undeserved dignity on what amounts to patent nonsense.

  27. Talked with a graduate student who was there. Yes, there were a lot of empty seats up top and part of the crowd was asked to move down, maybe for photo op purposes. She said it was an enthusiastic crowd that was “energized” by The President and his wife. Romney will have trouble with filling up places bigger than a few thousand. However, people who vote for Obama tend to run on emotion and charisma, like all cults of personality. I suspect Romney’s voters have more substance and go on more intellect and consideration of issues. The bloom is off Obama, and more and more people see him as weak, effeminate, and excessively ideological. All those speeches and campaigning has worn most of us thin with his hollow promises. It remains to be seen if Romney can generate enthusiasm of his own. A tweedle dee, tweedle dum election may follow.

  28. Wouldnt you say they go on Romneys lying and flip flopping more than intellectual substance? So far Romney has no substance, simply rhetoric. And of course the Ryan plan, The Norquist pledge and the Nom pledge to do away with birth control.

  29. I was sitting behind the President. I saw people moved from the seats to the floor, and saw others move out of the top seats into the seats across the arena from where I was. This happens at rallies when all those with priority tickets are settled. I have been moved closer at a rally before. Others are moved closer as space permits. The scoreboard and stage lights prevented me from shooting the upper deck across from me. You can see on the video that there are empty seats in the upper deck to the left of the stage light.

  30. Romney as “substance”? That’s a stretch that would make George W Bush giggle. Etch-a-Sketch is not substance.

  31. Gee Clarence, fire marshal estimates Obama crowd at 14,000+ out of 18,000 seats. Romney’s event crowd estimated at maybe 500. 14,000 as opposed to 500. Hmmmm Who is really clueless?

  32. “I suspect Romney’s voters have more substance and go on more intellect and consideration of issues.”

    Thanks for the keyboard spew of the morning. The cognitive dissonance in that statement is epic.

  33. There are entire empty sections of the venue as seen behind the President in some of his photos, so it was definitely not full as he was speaking. The official headcount was 14,000, so there were a lot of empty seats, but maybe not all that obvious, like a sports event with 75% capacity, there still can be lots of noise and enthusiasm. The point is that the mania over Obama is gone as people are coming to grips with his miserable record and endless speechifying. It must be news to most that this was the “kickoff” of the campaign, since he has been in that mode for at least a year already! I recall when over 800,000 Tea Party marchers filled Pennsylvania Avenue and the Capitol grounds on September 12, 2009, and the DC police and MSM reports suggested 90,000 or so, the biggest underestimate of all time, and it wasn’t even covered by the media with the exceptions of CNN and FOX News. These counting estimates go both ways, but liberals are masters of number manipulations.

  34. There was not 800,000 tea baggers on that day. All accounts indicate 96,000 max

    There is a vast difference between 800,000 and 96,000 and it is easily seen. No need to keep bringing that lie up.

    I guess we will have to agree with the miserable record nonsense. But then again this is the GOP for you.

  35. “but liberals are masters of number manipulations.”

    Reminds one of thew Ryan plan and the Romney plan. Imaginary numbers, both can be attributed to raising the debt in the trillions over 10 years but neither will tell where their numbers come from

  36. I don’t see an empty space. How can any citizen back a candidate who lies, lies, lies….about everything. Then he often changes his lie to another lie when it backfires. Some fine example of the Mormon faith Romney is!

  37. Conservatives are looking at reality: bad economy, awful energy policies, unbelievable government waste, unsustainable debt, ongoing scandals, fewer jobs now than 11 years ago, failed stimulus, dreaded ObamaCare, anti-capitalism redistribution, goofy green initiatives that uniformly fail, an on and on. Progressives go more on the popularity of their multicultural hero, so, yes, there is less considered opinion by individuals on the left as they march along lock-step. They can be characterized as having highly monochrome politics, almost clones of one another as they adhere to humorless political correctness that characterizes progressivism. “Comrade, you must believe what the rest of us believe, or you are out!.” Think abortion, for example. Policy outcomes mean nothing, as they thrive on good intentions, never mind the miserable failures they have racked up since 1963. Progressivism is a toxic brew that creates a sick society. What’s the cure? For them, its more and more bad medicine. Another program, more money, and greater government dependency. Like all love affairs, they cool when reality sets in, hence the decline in Obama mania among the college students and the electorate as a whole. He isn’t the messiah after all, just an above average skinny kid from Hawaii backed by a machine unlike any other.

  38. Same here in Austin… Last time Obama came to town, they had to move the venue THREE times because there wasn’t enough room. Finally had to move it to town Lake and it was still crowded.

    He draws a crowd because he’s just awesome!

  39. Romney plays to the uninformed and the gullible. So far, he’s managed to stand for nothing, but has nodded to the disastrous ideas of extremists like Ryan and Norquist.I presume you, “Dr.” are one of those intelligent and thoughtful types that plan to snif at, but vote for this mascot for the Corporate State: Mitt Romney. After all, he does have the five digits that crowd says they require of a president!

  40. You are right those realities they are looking at were created by the right. So quit blaming Obama, and now they want to go back to those same realities, get a clue. Tired of your same old talking points.

  41. Better informed? By whom Fox news or Brietbart articles, or Rush Limbaugh. Or all the talking points given to them by others. It is hard to find any conservative articles or news that are not lies. I mean really that is second nature to them, and then they repeat and repeat.

  42. No, they did not. Hitler was losing ground at the last free election. He got the chancellorship via a backroom deal brokered by General Schleicher, and consolidated power after the Reichstag Fire. As for Austria, Chancellor Schuschnigg was imprisoned by Hitler at Berchtesgaden until he signed accords that compromised the sovereignty of his country, and when he attempted to hold a referendum on Anschluss, the Germans pre-empted it by invading and taking him prisoner. Scuschnigg lived to see the end of the War. Schleicher was murdered on the Night of the Long Knives.

  43. Let me guess– the Lord speaks through the Republican Party, right? And you know this because they told you so. And you are calling others sheeple…

    Okay then.

  44. Sorry, but a) her video pans all around and b) No one said there were no empty seats.

    The attendance number is from an impartial source, not the organizers, so discussing people moving is irrelevant.

    The truth of the matter is that Romney could only get 500 people and they were bused in. Obama got 14,000 people and yet Breitbart’s site et al are claiming it was “empty”.

    Does that video or the pictures look like the image of “empty”? Is that descriptor accurate? If the dictionary were going to use a picture of an empty rally, they’d show Romney’s completely empty stadium with a smattering on the floor in Michigan.

    Only a partisan would even dare to suggest that the stadium in Ohio was “empty” for Obama.

  45. I just debunked the lie that this web-site claims in it’s banner “no corporate money, no masters” by showing that Obama, whom I imagine that most on this site supports, is a puppet of the banks just like Bush and the editor is too much of a totalitarian to allow it to go. Further evidence that the left, in order to succeed, must censor any opposing views lest their constituents begin to hear the TRUTH.

  46. I guess thats why the banks are giving to Romney and not Obama this cycle.

    Nor does that have anything to do with this website and its owner.

    Try to catch up will you?

    LOL at censorship, go to C4palin and post that you dont like palin, it will be deleted in a heartbeat.

    Did you have your cheerios this morning?

    BTW, Goldman Sachs is supporting Romney

  47. …”Progressives go more on the popularity of their multicultural hero, so, yes, there is less considered opinion by individuals on the left as they march along lock-step…”

    Nonsense, sheer nonsense!

    Progressives have been critical of Obama and openly state opinions when they see his flawed actions or where he could improve. There is no lock-step on any progressive shows/voices…but of course, you wouldn’t know. When was the last time you listened to Randi Rhodes, Dave Marsh, Thom Hartman, Alex Bennett, Travis Smiley to name a few?

    The only people in the country who are STILL full of self-loathing, low-self esteem, fret over “popularity contest” are republicans…I’ve never seen a more insecure bunch of people who will go to any length to appear like the homecoming queen (Sister Sara) and Ken Doll escort (Romney) running for student council than republicans in “heat”!

    Multicultural hero worship from Dems?…projection as fact?…amusing.

  48. The truth is that President Obama drew 14,000+ in an 18,000 seat arena. It wasn’t a sellout, but it was about 13,500 more people than Romney’s largest crowd in Ohio. As the Washington Post pointed out Romney has drawn crowds of several thousand during the campaign, what they didn’t mention is that most of his thousands were bused in Mormon college students, but Obama’s crowd today was exponentially bigger than anything Mitt Romney has drawn this year.

    Doesn’t it bother you to tell lies? Doesn’t it at least bother you WHEN EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU ARE LYING? It should.

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  50. and you are a prime example of what is going on here,people like you deserve what the gop will do to you ,but the rest of us dont!

  51. Okay “the banks are supporting Romney”. Does that mean he will be the next president? Do you think it’s rigged? I do until we can stop the special interests. When was the last time the President wasn’t a Beldeberger or CFR? We’re fighting eachother so they can keep from agreeing together on anything; such as the Federal Reserve Bank is the keystone and if we stop them, maybe we can restore integrity to American politics. The Federal Reserve Bank is where the monster gets fed, in the entire world. Bailouts to banks, corporations and dictatorships is how the system works. But if we can’t even agree on this, we are doomed. And yes God will judge us.

    Take Care.

  52. …about the censorship comment. I said that because I posted earlier and it never showed. This is my first time here so I just figured “they” weren’t going to let me post anything in opposition to the apparent left leaning editorial board. I didn’t expect my last response to be posted either, so I just wrote those things for the benefit of the editor.

  53. No, I dont think its rigged except for the voter restrictions the GOP has put out in so many states. I do not think its rigged that Obama will win.

    As to the rest of your post I agree. Money is the monster under the bed. and it has set us aside to pay for the rich

  54. So you admit that on the campaign launch, a totally set piece that the administration had months to plan in a swing state where this same president two years ago drew as much as 35,000 he couldn’t fill an 18,000 seat arena.

    I’d say that’s a story, and the rest is spin.

    You can argue one photo vs the other, you can attack the right, but even you are forced to admit the reality, the president couldn’t fill a stadium half the size of the crowds he drew just two years ago.

  55. Actually, that could just be caused by the first photograph needing a longer exposure, and the crawler’s light became a blown highlight.

    But that point sort of underscores your second one – that it was darker in the arena.

  56. Remember all those candidate God told to run for POTUS last/this year? Yeah.

    Just remember, Man cannot subvert God’s will. This November, don’t vote, pray.

  57. No one said the arena was empty. They said that the administration fell short of their promise of 20k with only 14k present. That’s a true claim. It’s pretty clear that picture was taken with the purpose of showing empty area/seats. Any assumptions made about the rest of the arena based on the first picture are just assumptions.

  58. Doctor, A crowd estimate is different from a headcount. Indoor events actually count people as they enter. There were warm rumps in 14 thousand chairs, more than three quarters of the seats in the building. I suppose that if you came late, you might be willing to take a seat on the side behind the President, but that section would be the last place anyone would want to sit.

  59. What is it about god that makes people love the caps lock. You are not help your cause. Sane people are ducking to avoid the flying spittle.

    And I think there is something in Leviticus about the caps lock and stoning — look it up.

  60. “it wasn’t even covered by the media!” except for, the highest rates cable news network (Fox), and the second highest rated cable news network (CNN), and hundreds of newspapers that printed the wire service stories.

    I love the persecution complex of the tea party types. Just hilarious. That they cab trot it out when the conservative media is caught red handed lying is even funnier. Play that victim card every time you get caught red handed.

  61. It’s the authoritarian personality. They do and believe what they’re told, and it makes the feel like good little boys and girls. Factor in the Dunning-Kruger Effect, and you have GOP lemmings who won’t let go to save their lives.

  62. Your belief system is exactly how this country got started … by escaping religious zealots and persecution. You really don’t know much about the Constitution or the Founding Fathers.

  63. Because the right owns the media. The “liberal media” idea is a giant lie created by a right wing (pardon the oxymoran) think tank. Romney owns Bain. Bain owns Clear Channel. Clear Channel owns Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Beck. Ugh.

  64. What is it like to be this dim and this dishonest?

    Romney is scum; a vulture capitalist. NO ONE likes him .. except Grover Norquist (you know – the guy who holds our future and economy hostage,despite the fact that he has never been elected to anything?)

    Here is Grover, describing his ideal Presidential candidate:

    “All we have to do is replace Obama. … We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don’t need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget. … We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don’t need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate.”

    He wants a puppet. Mitt the S*** is perfect.

    How do you SLEEP at night? Which are you? A liar, or a sucker?

  65. Andrew continues to lie his fat sweaty florid face off, even from beyond the grave … thanks to his army of nasty little TeaParty weasels with all the ethics of crack whores.

  66. Nice repetition of the Far Right Wing catechism!

    Too bad none of it is true.

    I hope you’re getting paid for this …

  67. His country was founded in a very strong belief in God and in the inalienable rights granted by our creator. What they didn’t want was religious persecution yet in California it’s illegal to meet for bible study and all across America Christians are being insulted as on this site–go take your meds?? Go look up caps lock in the bible? Really? Why the insults? This only degrades discussions.

  68. Romney is not a sitting president– he isn’t even officially the nominee….. It’s comparing apples to oranges.

  69. Voter ID laws are necessary to verify only American citizens are voting and only voting once. It will also ensure that illegal immigrants are not able to vote. Surely if someone can provide ID to cash their welfare check they can provide ID to vote.

  70. Except for the fact that voter fraud is so small it doesnt exist

    next, welfare checks are auto bank deposit

    You are stupidly assuming that all elderly are all on welfare which of course makes you look stupid

    Your racism sticks to high heavan

  71. It is not illegal in California to meet for bible study. Who tells you this stuff?

    This country was NOT founded on religion or religious beliefs.

    What degrades discussions are complete unadulterated lies from someone who only quotes what they are told to quote. You

  72. Dr. of ???
    Since I was at the campaign kick off I must reply to your idiotic post. People are inspired by Obama, and the first lady. How inspired are they my Mittens Romney? The proof is in the numbers, which you as a freaking conservative won’t believe unless they are in your favor. And the comment about the campaigning… Romney has been doing it unsuccessfully for what 20 years. The man is a loser, which I think will be shown again in Novemeber.

  73. I seriously doubt “dr of many things” has a doctorate and therefore doesn’t deserve the honorific.

    Something I’ve noted about conservatives and especially dominionist/tea party types… they like to claim things for which they don’t have the right, although sometimes they try to come up with ersatz excuses to claim that right.

    They have their diploma mills… we know them well. They’re the fundamentalist/dominionist religious schools and the “pay $$$ for your degree” types.

    I know of one group that offers a “Doctor of Theology” degree – for completing a bible study.

    It’s also well known that as a general rule, conservatives disparage higher education. They claim it makes people more liberal… well yeah, exposure to the truth and learning the tools used to analyze and critically think about claims does tend to make one more liberal.

  74. The comparison between the Republicans (especially the Tea Party/Dominionist types) and Hitler’s regime is actually quite apt and accurate on most of the points (including the religious angle). The comparison between Hitler and President Obama… NOT.

  75. No, this country has already been judged long ago and found wanting.

    It was conceived in greed.
    Born in deception and theft.
    Raised on stolen lands and resources.
    Grew up on ethnocide and genocide and enslaving innocent people (and repressing others).
    Matured with lies and propaganda and stereotyping and forcing religion on others.

    Only recently have people started trying to recognize the truth about this country – that it’s been evil since the first days, while claiming to be good (with only a hint of good now and then).

    We believe in the promise of this country, but the promise of America is almost the inverse of the reality. Only the people at the top – the comfortable white males (I could say white people in general) don’t realize the truth about their country – or they do and refuse to own it.

    You talk about God and enjoy freedom of religion. Think about this documented truth… we (my tribe and my people) didn’t have freedom of religion until a little over 30 years ago. Indeed, every time my family and I came to Florida to visit my grandmother, we violated old (and still enforced to a degree) state laws against our very existence in the south – and as a little child, could have been thrown in prison at hard labor (yes, even children were included) until my “debt to society is paid” – just for being in Georgia and Florida.

    So preach on, hypocrite. Enjoy your stolen fruits. If your idea of God is even close to right (and there is any justice), you enjoy good things while you can… hell is waiting for you.

    Better yet, try coming to understand and practice that word prattled by “Good Christians” but never practiced – REPENT.

  76. You’re prattling lies told by preachers and don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Why is it that the fundamentalist and dominionist preachers lie so much? (And who is the father of lies?)

  77. manipulating numbers? (LAUGH!) That’s the one thing anyone with a higher degree is taught NOT to do (if you really had the right to claim to be “doctor” you’d know that). They may make errors (everyone is human, after all), but anyone with any knowledge of statistics would see through attempts to deceive in a heartbeat and anyone with a higher degree knows that fact.

    I’ve rebuked newspaper reporters and even editors on misusing statistics (and my corrections have been published on occasion). The problem usually appears when someone who doesn’t know statistics tries to use the lingo. I HAVE also caught people using statistics to lie.

    Guess what – they were always conservatives and Republicans.

  78. If you have any sort of doctorate at all, I’d bet it’s from a diploma mill… like the “Good Christian” dominionist ersatz “universities” instead of a REAL school.

    If a graduate student lied like that to anyone in our department, they’d be out on their ear in a heartbeat. That is, if you’re not the liar anyway… which I strongly suspect.

    Yeah, I think your “doctorate” you’ve been implying doesn’t really exist.

    My degrees (and that of many others here), on the other hand, are well documented and I can prove the existence of my own. I won’t do it in public, however, or to someone like you – because I’ve suffered enough violence at the hands of “Good Christians” already, and don’t want to end up dead for exercising freedom of speech.

  79. I used to believe crap like that back before I returned to school and got my BA.

    Guess what? I came to realize I’d not only been lied to, but I’d bought those lies.

  80. Wingedgod3ss… if that were true, why has research shown that voter fraud is not a problem – EXCEPT THAT PERPETRATED BY REPUBLICANS?

  81. I said nothing to you about cap locks. And, where on earth did you get the idea that bible study is illegal anywhere in this country, especially California? Please share that tidbit!

  82. The rally in Virginia was equally well attended. Romney was supposed to have sent some of his people to disrupt the proceedings, but nothing like that ever surfaced. Perhaps the size of the crowd and the security checks frightened them away.

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