Obama Hits Ohio Fired Up, Firing Away and Romney is in Big Trouble

President Obama launched his 2012 reelection campaign in Ohio, not only fired up with a positive vision for the future, but also firing away on Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.


After discussing some of his achievements, Obama said that this is a make or break moment for the middle class. He also went after Republican nominee Mitt Romney by name, and said that Romney has drawn the wrong lessons from his life experiences at Bain and being governor of Massachusetts. He said that Romney doesn’t get and understand that maximizing profits by outsourcing, layoffs, and union busting isn’t good for America. Obama said that Romney and his friends in Congress think the same bad ideas will lead to a different result, or that we don’t remember what happened before. The president said, we remember and we aren’t going back.

Obama said we want business to succeed, but it doesn’t matter how many times they try to explain it corporations aren’t people. People are people, and people and businesses succeed when people get a chance at a good education. Obama said that we don’t expect government to solve all of our problems, and it shouldn’t try. Not every regulation is smart, not every tax dollar can be spent wisely but that isn’t an excuse to tell people you are on your own or that they should have borrow money from their parents to go to college.

The president managed to walk the fine line between criticizing his opponent and maintaining his positive message. The theme of Obama’s speech was togetherness and what we can achieve together. In contrast with Mitt Romney’s constant negativity, the president laid out a positive vision for the future which he contrasted with Mitt Romney’s turn back the clock to the Bush years campaign. Obama called Romney a rubber stamp for the congressional Republican agenda. The president did something that Mitt Romney has refused to do since he began his campaign. He laid out his vision for the future.

Obama called for an end to the four billion dollar a year Big Oil subsidy, and appealed to the middle class with his fair share taxation argument. He also said that nobody who fights for this country should have to fight for a roof over their head or a job when they come home. The president hammered Romney’s support for continuing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and promised to use half of what we have been spending on war to pay down the deficit, and the other half to rebuild America.

The president hit Romney for proposing a quarter million dollar tax cut for millionaires without telling us how he will pay for it, and said that he refuses to pay for another tax cut for millionaires by cutting programs like Head Start and Medicaid. He said as long as he is president, he will will never let Medicare be turned into a voucher program.

Obama’s argument was simply that a vote for Romney is a vote to go backwards. The Romney campaign has been trying to put the president on the defensive, but instead Obama has made this election about what direction America wants to go in.

Romney is in big trouble. He can’t match President Obama’s ability to communicate. He doesn’t have a positive vision for the country. He can’t even clearly express why he is running, and why he wants to be president.

Obama told the crowd that Republicans won’t be offering an answer to America’s questions, but they will be spending a record amount of money on negative ads that will be used to exploit people’s frustrations,and his speech was summed with the question, it’s not about how you are doing today, but how you will be doing tomorrow? Obama asked the question will we be better off four years from now if we still have the courage to move forward?

The president said that there will be more nastiness and negativity than they faced in 2008, but unbelievably Obama was able to make the argument as an incumbent that his campaign is still about hope and change along with ordinary people who believe in the face of great odds that we can make a difference in this country.

If this is the course the president is going to take, he is not going to let the Republicans get away with an unchallenged negative campaign, while also running on a hopeful vision of the future. The Obama campaign is already allowing the Romney campaign to define itself with their own negativity.

Mitt Romney just saw his future today, and it is a buzz saw named Barack Obama. After listening to Obama, it is clear that Mitt Romney is in deep, deep trouble.

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  1. Romney is on record as saying that government jobs need to be cut, yet he is running for the biggest government job of all–namely, that of the presidency. It looks like Republican hypocrisy of their elected officials causes them to deny that they are or want to be part of the very government they profess to despise. The president is right in saying that the GOP has no solutions to America’s problems, only repeating the same policies that created the abyss that the president has kept us from falling into. I hope he continues to push his positive vision, while rightly hammering the GOP.

  2. The Man Is Simply “Dead On Point” he hit every note and then some. Everything the Repub’s said he could not or would not run on, he mentioned it and why and how he is running on that LOL!! Everything the Wicked Right and RMoney tried to hammer into their crowds and the public’s head over the last few weeks…well Pres. Obama took and used as a nail in their coffin….He told America we are not going back to the same failed policies that got us here and that’s what the Romney and Repub. plan entails…more of the same. We are Going To Keep Moving Forward! It;s going to take work but we still Fired UP Ready To Go!!

  3. Ha and to think Romney will be tailing Obama wherever he goes and trying to compete with the president. lol!

    Too rich!

    I see Romneys campaign head quitting within 2 months

  4. I’m still waiting for the ABO’s to explain why Romney is a good choice for president or what his plan to move America forward will be without using “Obama” in the answer.

    Especially after the release of Draper’s book, I’d say President Obama has done a pretty gosh darn good job in the face of relentless obstructionism and sabotage by the Republican Party and being blamed for their misdeeds by Republican surrogates at Fox News.

  5. They would never in a million years be able to give an even remotely adequate explanation. The truth of the matter is that they have so bought into the toxic nonsense of the GOP that their hatred of President Obama clouds their judgment. The only thing that matters to them is the president’s defeat by any means, and they are unwilling or unable to take a good, hard, analytical look at what a Romney presidency would truly entail.

  6. You’re so right Anne. They would rather see the country go down in smoke than be true to American Democracy. It’s so sad and dangerous.

  7. Thanks Jason for this post. I didn’t get a chance to tape the broadcast even though I did get to watch it. It was so refreshing and hopeful! It renewed faith. After watching these horrible and negative, racist and bigoted Republicans talk about more greed and taking from the poor and ending many civil rights…, it’s enough to make you seriously ill and depressed. I am so proud of our fearless leader. He’s truly the leader of the free world and the one most capable of handling the job! Keep your hope alive. Get registered and vote. Get others registered to vote. FORWARD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. Romneys betting on this quote made in 1930 Germany. “What fortune for the government that the people do no think”.

  9. Bill Maher made an excellent point Friday night in his show also. They were discussing how Mittens just doesn’t seem to relate to people, everyday regular people. How he’s always spewing about entrepreneurship and small businesses. How he went to that pizza mogul’s house and said Republicans want everyone to have a pool and a golf course. Maher said, but not everyone WANTS to be a small business owner, and not everyone WANTS a golf course on their property, that’s what Mitt doesn’t get (paraphrased). He is so spot on. Some of us aspire just to be comfortable, middle class teachers, or firefighters, or secretaries, or whatever. Mitt’s outlook is exactly why we do NOT need a businessman trying to run a government. His world view is of no one but rich folks and the world they revolve in, and he thinks that’s how everyone aspires to live. It simply isn’t true. It takes all kinds to make this world go around, all the way from the guy who makes your burger, or mows your lawn, right on up to the president.

    The other great point Maher made was that Mitt seems to be completely indifferent to the middle class and poor. He makes all these “business” decisions but we regular folk just don’t ping on his radar. “Indifferent”….the perfect description of how he views us.

  10. Im not falling for this small government idea. I am not up for giving it and our vote away

  11. It was a great speech & Romney is a doofus. But that said we can’t take anything for granted – the R’s will spend huge amounts trying to tear down our president and everything he’s done. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who will believe the lies. The election will be closer than we think. We can never stop fighting, do something every day to re-elect our President. If your state is safely blue like mine, phone bank into battleground states, go there if you can. Register voters R’s are putting in obstructions to voting that we must overcome. I am absolutely passionate about this – it is the most important election of my life. Look at the Supreme Court – the balance must be changed. There is no time for complacency, we have to fight like our lives depend on re-electing the President. In many ways they do, and certainly our children’s lives depend on it. So cheer his speech and then go out and fight like the devil is at your door.

  12. I have been trying to figure why the republicans “despise” President Obama so much. I’ve tried not to think of “race” but can’t help but go there.

  13. I agree Tessa. Can’t take anything for granted and we need to work hard to get people registered to vote and do what we can to make sure people get to the polls to actually cast their vote. I have a feeling there will be a lot of suspect stuff going on at polling places in November so we need to make sure there is a poll watcher at each place. All that said, I am fired up and ready to go!

  14. The republicans have been paving the way for subversion of the Union, and eventual genocide of the “Other” and “The Different.” Before this November, Republican governors will declare emergency, appoint emergency managers, and any lawsuit against them will go to the supreme court and the corporate justices will make an extraordinary decision to quash elections in their (republican) states. We will be Gore-d a second time. Unless Norquist, Rove, and their financiers are charged and arrested for inciting to rebellion, subversion of the Union.

  15. Stunning what our President has been able to accomplish especially when we have recently learned that on INAUGURATION DAY the leaders of the Republican Party met and decided that they would OBSTRUCT EVERYTHING the new President proposed – no matter whether they agreed with it or not – EVERYTHING!! How do you like them apples? How un-American is that?!!

    Once this came to light the country should have demanded that every one of those guys who participated in that meeting resign!

    I’m in and I hope everyone who is reading this will work from now until Nov 6th to re-elect our amazing President!

  16. Tessa – you are 100% right – our children’s lives DO depend on re-electing the President!
    The rights of women depend on him being re-elected!Making sure a decent education is available to EVERYONE depends on his being re-elected!

  17. I have written my rep who was there, accused him of treason and politely demanded he resign.

    I have no idea why so little attention is paid to this, I think its the blowout of the last 3 years. Boehner and all the GOP house should be under investigation

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