SlideShow: President Obama Launches 2012 Reelection Campaign

Fired up and ready to go, the President kicked off his campaign in Ohio this afternoon to a huge crowd of supporters. See the pics here, click to enlarge:

Photo credits: All photos from PoliticusUSA except for the last image, an Instagram from chwyant entitled “Amazing Crowd”

8 Replies to “SlideShow: President Obama Launches 2012 Reelection Campaign”

  1. This is what real America looks like! These pics show people of different races, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religion, etc., standing TOGETHER and not being afraid of each other. I’ve yet to see pics of this type at any of Romney’s events, and believe me, I’ve looked.

  2. These are great photos and what a contrast between this crowd and the crowds Romney draws! No wonder the GOP is scared.
    Obama/Biden 2012.

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