Thank you, Mr. President! But This is Going to Get Flat Earth Ugly!

In a single moment the President has made history by endorsing same sex marriage and simultaneously became an instant target by the extreme religious parasites bent on “Reclaiming America”. There is a large religious sect in America that harbors political Christians under its umbrella known as Dominionism. Dominionist Christians believe in such an archaic scripture-twisted version that some would argue the earth is flat; that women are to be subjugated to men; Jesus wants us to start a Holy War with all of Islam; and they think that “In God We Trust” has been our nation’s motto since 1776. These are the religious extremists who infested the Republican Party and usurped conservative politics in America over the past two decades, and with this unprecedented presidential announcement, they are now apoplectic.

Nationally, Americans support the President’s position of marriage equality by a growing majority just since 2004 showing that the numbers have flipped. That trend will continue to grow as those in their 20s and 30s mature and vote, and the tide of baby-boomers swells, dominating the roll of the “older voting population” –  neutralizing an outdated entrenched ideological viewpoint of a generation that is dwindling.

The outcries are building as I write this within moments after the President’s words were broadcast. Hate groups like the American Family Association through their mouthpieces like Bryan Fischer will be screaming their disdain for President Obama in the name of Jesus Christ, furthering their assertion that he is the embodiment of all things evil and anti-Christian in America. Some going so far – again – as to insinuate that Obama is the anti-Christ.

All this and more will reach outrageous levels of histrionics from uber-conservative political Christians who are afraid of their own lily-white shadow. These people are not – I repeat not – mainstream Christians. They are a bible-based cult that claims Christianity – the ones that believe the Christian Nation myth; that God supports turning on the poor and downtrodden by kicking the virtual crutch out from under them; that it is their mandate through some bizarre set of beliefs to reclaim America and establish biblical law for all; that it is the duty of Christian Dominionists to eradicate the monster of secular humanism – and many, many more truly delusional goals. They will beat that same ol’ tired dead horse about how – by allowing gays to marry – this is an attack on their marriages and that somehow it diminishes the meaning. As upsetting as this might for them grasp, this really isn’t about them.

As usual, it matters not that no one is requiring them – by law – to perform gay marriage in their churches, but then reality doesn’t brush up close to their world often. They actually think that America is run by majority rule and mob mentality where the positions and views of the majority rule. If that were the case in America, minorities would always lose. An prime example of this was earleir this year when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made this unbelievably ignorant statement as reproted in ThinkProgress:

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) defended his call for a ballot referendum on marriage equality, suggesting that the majority should vote on the rights of the minority. “The fact of the matter is,” Christie argued, “I think people would have been happy to have a referendum on civil rights rather than fighting and dying in the streets in the South.” Christie opposes marriage rights for same-sex couples and has promised to veto a proposed bill legalizing same-sex marriage.”

And then to emphasize my claim that most of the voters who are lead by this pathetic misinformation, Governor Christie was chastised by his own legislative Speaker who had this to say:

“New Jersey Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver, the first African American female to hold that post, responds ”Gov. Christie better sit down with some of New Jersey’s great teachers for a history lesson, because his puzzling comment shows a complete misunderstanding about the civil rights movement… It’s impossible to ever conceive that a referendum on civil rights in the South would have been successful and brought justice to minorities. It’s unfathomable to even suggest a referendum would have been the better course.”

They have adopted the role of the persecuted Christian like ducks to water and there they are successful at a one-size-fits-all into that schema. They will interpret President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality for homosexual couples as yet another sign that we are, indeed, in the End of Days and the 2nd Coming of Christ is growing nearer.

They will justify misuse of their status as non-profit churches and religious organizations to capitalize in every way possible on launching an all-out political campaign against democrats nationwide while knowing full well that engaging in political lobbying is blatantly illegal for them to do. But hey, lying for Jesus is actually sanctioned in their skewed world of religion. Winning at all costs is all that matters and justifies the means.

They will ramp up the hate speak against homosexuals decrying that this is sending a dangerous message of legitimization and in doing so will incite the Neanderthal brain of the most passionate of their followers, putting innocent people at risk who will become targets by virtue of their sexuality.

President Obama had to weigh his moral position against his political vulnerability to come forward today and make this announcement. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a very difficult decision. As a gay citizen myself, I understood the complexity of making this endorsement, but it is far more important in my perspective that President Obama win a second term than for me to be validated and get the warm and fuzzies from his endorsement of my genetically determined sexual orientation.

Every advocacy group has blinders on when it comes to pushing their message, allowing them to see only the ‘win or lose’ options as they relate to their issues – but politics is a game of chess and strategy is crucial. I understand this game because I was a lobbyist on social justice issues for years and I can tell you that every time someone pushed lawmakers from a position of all or nothing – they routinely got ‘nothing’.

I sincerely hope that the pressure by gay activists and others who insisted on forcing this moment now in an election year where presidential politics can hardly be more contentious, are comfortable with this political gamble. All I have to say is that as long as all those who bitch about what Obama doesn’t do – actually show up and vote – this will not come back to slap us all.

If this fodder tips the scales in November – then equality for not just those of us who are gay and seek the right to marry will be squashed and set back years – so will protection and rights for the poor, elderly, minorities, and women & children in general who can kiss progress good-bye. In a time where politics is more religiously politicized than ever in America we have to be smarter. We may get lucky this time – but I am afraid that it is showing that too many of us never learned to play chess. About the Author ~ Leah L. Burton

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  1. With the statement on gay marriage, at least he has cut off the allegations about his being a muslim.

    Hasn’t he?

  2. Doubtful. If the loony right is good at anything it is good at mental gymnastics. It will be (bad) syllogism to like “gay marriage will destroy the country”, “Muslims want to destroy the country,” “therefore Obama must be Muslim.”

  3. The dimensions of fundamentalist Christian behavior are almost beyond comprehension – as Leah has shown, the claim that 3/4 of the population can be oppressed by 1/4 of the population is absurd, specially since that means that most of those voting FOR marriage equality in state after state, or polling in favor of it nationally, are themselves Christian.

    Of course, they have had almost 2000 years of practice where absurdity and martyrdom fantasies are concerned.

  4. What I am worried about is that this will be the signal for wave after waves of assassination attempts, armed insurrections, domestic terrorist incidents, private level murders, or combinations of any or all of the above. Mob rule is okay when they do it, despite the fact that they routinely trash actual democracy as mob rule.

  5. I feel better about the Prez now. I was worried about a constitutional law professor who ignored the basic premise of the constitution – inalienable rights, not majority given rights.

    Constitutionally, you cannot legislate discrimination. We keep trying to ignore that simple fact, but everything else is window dressing.

  6. Good then I suggest everyone vote, for Obama because he came through for you, then come through for him.

  7. I suppose if one were to twist words one could say that the ‘abomination of desolation’ spoken of in the book of Revelations with reference to the Anti-Christ could be twisted into the Obama-Nation of Desolation. After all it works for Nostridamus.

  8. Jesus Christ WAS NOT WHITE, HE WAS NOT EUROPEAN AND HE WAS NOT AMERICAN. He was more Brown and African than anything else. Everything that Jesus was racially, socially is hated by many in White America! What hypocrites!

  9. As long as we tolerate discrimination against ANY minority, NONE of us is safe, because what is to prevent any one of us becoming “the next new minority” to be discriminated against?

    The Union motto: “An injury to one is an injury to all” and the Populist motto: “Equal Rights for All; Special Rights for No One” are the way to go.

    It’s long past time that America live up to “All men are created equal” and the 14th Amendment of our Constitution.

  10. Fundamentalist Christianity is basically Satan worship. These people will be on their hands and knees worshiping the a-c while Jesus makes his second coming leaving them all behind and with only an hour to realize their mistake and repent before their bodies are vaporized by incoming nukes. They are not to be hated but to be pitied.

  11. Right. It’s just like their “religion”. Yes, Jesus loves you…unless you are gay, Muslim, etc. etc. etc.

  12. I dont think so, blacks are not going to vote republican and this is hardly a major issue to blacks. Not enough to make him lose their vote

  13. Agreed. I taught my daughter that Jesus probably looked more Egyptian than anything else – dark skin and very dark curly hair. This sent my Dominionist mother into a fit when my daughter colored a Euro blonde haired and blue eyed Jesus while in church at the age of 5.

    You are right…these people are loaded with hypocrisies!

  14. As someone who has worked on projects like “Get out the Vote” I am painfully aware of how poor liberals and progressives are at turning out to vote. It just doesn’t work to try and make a point by NOT voting…it simply empowers the other side.

    If nothing else…the very real possibility that the president will have to make at least two more appointments to the US Supreme Court is reason enough to make damn sure that it is Obama’s decision to make.

    We MUST vote. I can assure you that this issue will be used to galvanize their voting bloc by cretins like Rove and it works – they consistently turn out and vote.

  15. Note to Dominionists:

    The sanctity of marriage is not dependent on who is in the marriage, but on how the 2 people deal with the marriage or what they make of it. You are destroying marriage.

    Jesus has judged you and found you to be………filthy

  16. Leah, great article. One point that I have a slight issue with is the “genetically predetermined sexual orientation” comment. I think too many of us Dems and Liberals get caught up in the nature vs. nurture debate with ultra conservatives when it doesn’t really matter. I never decided that I was gonna like girls, it just happened. YOU never decided you were gonna like girls, it just happened. There certainly is a lot of evidence that points to a genetic component, but does this mean it was 100% genetic predetermination? Gee, I dunno. It makes for some interesting scientific research but it’s meaningless when looking at it through the bigger issue of human rights.

    I think the point is that sexual orientation is not a matter of personal CHOICE. We are who we are…. and we should be proud of who we are regardless of nature, environment, or any combination thereof.

    Once again great article.

  17. I hear what you are saying, Johnee…and I think we are pretty much in agreement. My point was, as you state, that “choice” is not the reality. Thank you for your supportive remarks.

  18. Well it has CERTAINLY worked for the ‘Blacks’ has it not? Do they not get better treatment in prison then their victims?? Do they not get better medical treatment and benefits for their fatherless children? Do they not get hired first and fired last? Has this country bent over backwards to appease them? Have we not let them marry who they want and leave their family fatherless on taxpayer dollars? They need to grow up and go back to …… and help them out..WAIT!! They do not want them back,got enough gangsters running their countries…

  19. (Laugh) Well, biological anthropology would tend to back you up.

    Very complex subject – inherited traits. Orientation is one that has both biological AND cultural connections and I expect there are actually quite a few. It’s neither nature or nurture… the reality is a combination of both (how culture affects biology and vice versa is still not well understood). I should add that biological anthro is my weak area and I could probably give even better information – if I could remember what I learned about this topic a few years ago.

    People rarely discover just how powerful culture really is and how it does limit one’s responses to things.

    Anyway, the important point to make to people is that choice has nothing to do with it.

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