North Carolina Church Apologizes Amendment 1 Vote

Right when you were just starting to lose all hope that tolerant, loving Christians would speak up…

Spotted on HRC North Carolina’s Facebook Page in response to the passage of an amendment barring equal rights to gay couples:

“MissionGathering Christian Church IS SORRY for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who took away the rights and equality of so many in the name of GOD.

Our Hearts are with you all. Christianity for all.”

Well done, Mission Gathering Christian Church. I might only suggest that instead of “Christianity for all” they probably meant “Christian love for all” — I’m just a wee bit touchy about anything remotely suggesting “one religion” for the United States thing right now. But we take the best of what is offered and amplify the love.

Open hearts, equal rights.

I was taught that a Christian does not wear a cross to announce themselves, but is known by their actions. This sign speaks to the values of Christianity that most of us are familiar with, instead of the ugly, divisive, and angry rhetoric of the political fundamentalists.

I personally can’t even understand why anyone would care who marries someone else, but taken from the Right’s argument, I don’t understand who they think they are to judge others in the name of God. It’s obscene, frankly, especially given their own behavior.

When the Republicans stop cheating on their wives and having sex in bathroom stalls, maybe then they can start judging others. Until then, they are only making a foolish spectacle of themselves and a mockery of their alleged faith.

Anyone who is concerned with the state of “traditional marriage” should go work on their own marriage. That is their right, and it’s a right that everyone should have, traditional or not.

HRC describes its organization as: We are a diverse group of volunteers working to bring the mission of HRC to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender and straight-supportive people in North Carolina.

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  1. Interesting, that when I read the bible, I never saw where Jesus tried or encouraged his followers to FORCE his beliefs on anybody.

  2. God loves all his children equally – heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transvestite, white, black, brown, red, yellow and pink with purple polka-dots! We should do the same!

  3. I live in Philly. The local Fox News channel which has pretty liberal hosts went to the streets after the Obama announcement on gay marriage.

    The one thing that they pointed out is that it was about 50/50 on the announcement.

    But the people who were against gay marriage were 100% for not showing their faces on camera.

    Not one of the one’s who disagreed would show their face.

    I found that pretty telling.

  4. there are a few churches around who recognize that people are what they are and that they need to be loved no matter who they are. I’m glad to see that

  5. This is a lot of hypocrisy for such a short article. Let me first say that I’m 100% pro gay marriage. That being said…”a true christian doesn’t wear a cross to announce themselves”…is that anything like putting up a huge banner that criticizes people who have an opposite view on a particular issue?

    Also…the “who are they to judge others in the name of God…”…is that anything like a big banner from a Church that judges others? That seems eerily similar.

    I’m for gay marriage and I’ve voted to legalize it in California. But I’m also tolerant of my friends and family members who oppose and would not describe them with the terms used by this organization on their banner. They feel strongly in their beliefs, as do all of us.

    I would encourage all of you to see this banner for what it truly is…an announcement by a group that pays its bills through donations as a way to appeal to a specific group of people (homosexuals and those who support their right to marry) to get them to say to themselves “hey, that church supports us…we should give them money.”

  6. Is there a bigger hypocrite than one who pretends to speak for God and in doing so, propagates hatred for another of God’s children? Wearing a cross and a flag pin does not a Christian or patriot make.

  7. First, remove the beam from your own eye, before you attempt to remove the splinter from your neighbor’s eye…

  8. It never fails to amaze me that those who are not believers think they know more than those that are. God speaks very little in the Bible about gayness except to condemn it. Jesus never tackled the issue because it was not allowed or tolerated under God’s commandments, (ie. the Mosaic Law) or in Israel during his walk here on earth. Those who speak badly of those who are against it are just as hypocritical as they make the Christians out to be because of their hatred for those who oppose them. Those who are against it do so because they have as much a valid opinion against it in America as those who are for it and just as much right to their opinion. If the majority is against it then they have a constitutional right to ban it.

  9. you are incorrect. Civil Rights under the US Constitution grants Freedom From Religion not only Freedom Of Religion.

    Biblically speaking:
    The Old Testament allowed polygamy are you for that? Jesus Christ came in with the New Testament right? The New Testament message is of Love and not Hate. That is why Christ left those types of attacks mute.

  10. Opinions of hate are not valid I don’t care how nicely you put it, or what religous beliefs enforce it, and this is a democracy not mob ruled, even if there is a majority ruling on an issue if it infringes upon the constitutional rights of others (gay marriage) then by our constitution that notion would be unconstitutional. As I stated before this isn’t mob rule, it is a democracy, no one under our law shall have their rights taken away just because it stifles the majority.

  11. I do not believe that the Christian right should dictate what other citizens can do – if they don’t like gay marriage, they should marry members of the opposite sex. Neither should they overly concern themselves with what other people do. I love the banner – it does speak to the narrow-minded who believe they should have the right to legislate a morality for everyone else based on faith. I don’t vote in your church – stop preaching your religious agenda on the political scene. Go Obama!

  12. C Phillips, the majority of the people want to ban YOU. It’s our right, isn’t it? Rarely do I read such bigoted and self-righteous drivel as yours. If your logic held, we’d still have slavery and Indians would still be slaughtered as savages, because that used to be the majority view in many places. The majority’s opinion does not trump an individual’s rights. That’s why they are called rights. And you presume to speak for God? You sound like Christian Taliban. So you want to impose your interpretation of God’s commands on civil society? And don’t come whining about anti-Christian sentiments. With spiteful and prejudicial stances like yours, you deserve it.

  13. My problem is with the “literal word of god” nonsense. Language changes and evolves, and everything loses something in translation. If you say the words were written under the influence of the Holy Spirit, I am going to ask a follow-up…what about those who did the translations?

  14. Not to mention that 2 of the 4 gospels were not even titled when written and certain people decided who wrote them, or that the pslams of David were written TO him and not BY him

  15. So if the majority decided marriage between a man and a woman is wrong you would be ok with those who do voting to take your rights away Right?

  16. debracababallero,
    The Catholic Church started forcing me in the first grade. I finally got over it. SHCCCC

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