Fox News Roots against America and Hopes for Higher Gas Prices

Fox News hit a new low today by openly hoping for more pain for the American people in the form of gas prices reaching $5 a gallon before the presidential election.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

Fox was blunt about it and put their strategy to defeat Obama on the air for all to hear, “Our crippling debt is what the issue is. For the first time in U.S. history our creditworthiness was called into question, and S&P downgraded us. That’s a huge wake up call, president. Stop the spending. Someone has to rein it in. Create the jobs that we need. Control the gas prices. You know, it’s amazing. I’m hoping gasoline stays close to five dollars in November, because that will be the reason. No joke. Think about it everything gets affected by it, your groceries commute, commutation costs.”

The big strategy to get Mitt Romney elected is to hope that the trend on gas prices reverses itself, and the price of gas goes up. This will cause the American people to have to pay more for everything, including necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. In Fox News dreamland, voters get so angry with Obama for causing the prices of gas to go up that they flood to the polls in November and vote him out of office.

Notice that nowhere in that scenario was Mitt Romney’s name mentioned. The whole conversation was an unspoken admission that Republicans know that no one is going to vote for Mitt Romney. Their best, some would say only, chance at victory is to get a majority of voter to vote against Obama.

As with everything else Fox News, there are some factual problems with the basis of their plan. Fox News was trying to blame Obama for the debt downgrade, when in reality the whole crisis was manufactured and caused by congressional Republicans. Polling demonstrates that voters know this, and hold the Republican Party responsible for the whole debacle.

Voters also aren’t buying the right’s argument that Obama can control gas prices. During the Bush years, Fox News spent many a summer months educating their viewers about the reasons why the president doesn’t control the price of gas. Fast forward to 2012, and the same network is now hoping that they can convince viewers that a Republican president can’t control gas prices, but a Democrat can.

With their open cheering for higher gasoline prices, Fox News has moved from anti-Obama to anti-America. There is something unpatriotic and fundamentally wrong with a news network that would hope for more pain to be inflicted on the American people because it would present a better electoral climate for the political party that they support.

Fox News is hoping for pain, misery, and hardship to befall the American people. In less than four years, Rupert’s network has gone from state run television to rooting against the economic welfare of the American people, but not even the mighty FNC propaganda machine can turn Mitt Romney into a credible presidential challenger, and no amount of bellowing flag waving can disguise Fox News’s contempt for the American people.

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  1. Yes, the credit downgrade report named the REPUBLICAN PARTY specifically as a reason for the downgrade. After Robert Draper’s book “Do Not Ask the Good We Do”, no Republican in Washington should be taken seriously when discussing why more things did not get done since January 2009. There is a deliberate agenda to sabotage the economy and blame everything on the president.

  2. Besides the obvious insanity of this, the low information/intelligent watcher of fox actually thinks that this is Ok. They would rather pay high prices at the pump and the economy crashed in oder to see Pres. Obama defeated.

  3. The oil barons are doing everything in their power to make gas cost $5:

    “Tankers return to Valdez laden with crude oil”

    “Normally Alaska North Slope crude oil flows one way — south, toward refineries on the West Coast. But in recent weeks, something odd has happened. Tankers have returned to the terminal at Valdez still partially laden with Alaska oil. Usually, they come back empty.
    Here are the five back-haul events, including the arrival date, ship name and volume of oil aboard:

    • Feb. 27, Alaskan Explorer, 81,000 bbl
    • March 20, Alaskan Frontier, 175,000 bbl
    • April 11, Alaskan Explorer, 300,000 bbl
    • April 28, Alaskan Frontier, 200,000 bbl
    • May 2, Alaskan Explorer, 140,000 bbl”…

  4. That was hilarious. You’re right Jason, Fox admitted that the only way for Romney to win is total collapse of the system.

    The fair haired bimbos refused to recognize what Standard and Poor said when they downgraded us. It wasn’t the spending, it was the GOP keeping the system from working.

    BTW Fox, the House controls the spending

  5. Every time a Republican brings up cutting spinning.

    Every Democrat should respond with.

    Which Bush program do you want to cut that took us from a surplus to a depression.

    The choice is yours.

  6. That’s a damn shame. The mainstream media and our “beloved” elected officials play their psychopathic ass political games while the country continues to go into the shitter. Bunch of sorry bastards. That’s all that need be said.

  7. There will be a unique opportunity in November to cut these selfish one-way non-thinkers off at the knees…return the president, to continue trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together…that which the Repub-robates have put asunder.
    It is amazing the anything has improved. faced with the overt propaganda of Fixed News, the contrivances of the Repub-robate House leaders, and the follies
    of the Bush failed administration that nearly bankrupted us.

  8. The GOP caused the downgrade, now they want to make everyone suffer with high gas prices!
    what sickos!
    Thom Hartmann described it well today: When a repub is president, deficits don’t matter; they rack em up, lower taxes and wait for a Dem. Then they SCREAM deficit! deficit! and the Dem (Clinton/welfare Obama/social programs) cut spending on what their base wants; then a repub gets elected and makes 3 fake wars, doesn’t put them on the books.lowers takes, (bush) says ‘deficits don’t matter (cheney) and then a Dem gets elected and has to slash programs his supporters want.
    THEY ARE FREAKIN BRILLIANT. We underestimate them at our own peril

  9. We also need to add Democrats to the House and Senate… enough that the Republicans become powerless.

    Otherwise without a change there, we will have more of the same.

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