An American Disgrace: Convicted War Criminals Bush and Cheney Remain Free

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  1. Thank you for outing this. This is what our very recent past is full of, but if Rott Mimney and his Rottenue implement their agenda of Pure War, the future holds worse…far worse.

  2. Justice requires that those responsible for war crimes (even those who have plausible deniability) must be tried for what happened, lest it be silently condoned and happen again.

  3. This is what happens when you can drop a “detainee” down a proverbial dark hole for an indefinite period of time with zero accountability. The fact that a lot of these prisoners were probably murdering S.O.B.’s is irrelevant. How many were not, and just assumed to be so? Did their captors even care whether they were (guilty)? It’s typical ends justify the means rationalization.

    No government should be able to hold ANYONE for an indefinite period of time without accountability, and torture DOES NOT WORK.

  4. And Nixon.

    Failure to prosecute only condones future violations, sets precedent for exceptions made for certain people.

    Yes, there are complicating factors in prosecuting a President (see Clinton – no problem when it comes to sex that did not impact the public or sully our principles), but failure to uphold the law invites lawlessness.

    Was it as bad as we remember? It was worse, actually. And no one talks about it. We go about the next election as if there were two viable choices, as if Romney would not condone the same and worse (as each Republican seems to expand on the violations). We have press induced amnesia.

  5. this is one thing that I will hold against president Obama, and Pres. Ford. Presidents are not held accountable for their actions unless they’re sticking their wicket someplace where it shouldn’t be.

    You can mass murder as many people as you want( referring to Pres. Cheney and Bush) and totally get away with it. You can be the Secretary of Defense and send people to war totally unprepared both logistically and militarily and walk away with a smile.

    I am not sure at all why we try to get Mexican drug dealers. After all they pretty much are doing the same thing that Bush and Cheney did. The only difference between us and them is, We don’t cut peoples heads off. Of course Reagan was are presidential drug dealer and he walked away with a smile as well.

  6. Reagan’s head had already been cut off, long before. What was sitting on his neck in the Oval Office was a ventriloquist’s dummy.

    W was always a marionette, responding to the hands of the malignant puppeteer, Chensfeld. And though I am prepared to grant that Rott Mimney possesses a mind (though I deny he has a soul), he will rent it out to whatever cadre can put him wherever it suits his vanity to be…just like the presstitute corps.

  7. Yes Bush, Cheney and the whole cabal.
    But let us, by all means be bipartisan.
    You are forgetting another war criminal. His name is Obama.

  8. I think Mr. Romney will enjoy the office of president even more because he will not be the president. He will be the one who holds state dinners and makes speeches.

  9. Someone told me I should come read this for a good laugh …
    They were right. Got quite a chuckle out of this.

  10. If so many Americans agree many of their presidents are warcriminals why do they continue to shield them.

    Join the ICC and the rest of the civilized world my American friends.

    Stop shielding the people who tortured and wage war of aggression in your name.

  11. Any decent human being would fail to find any humor in torture at the hands of a president. Mental Health professionals have a name for it; psychopathy.

  12. Us, shield them? Do you think we are supposed to man a lynch mob and go get them? Do you know how many of us have drafted and signed petitions, written officials, even filed briefs? You sound like somebody demanding we pick up a rowboat oar and turn the Titanic!

  13. Can you explain what you mean? Maybe some of us are taking your words wrong, but it sounds as though you’re making light of people being tortured. People who have never been convicted of a crime or even charged. Please tell me I’m wrong in thinking this. It disconcerting thinking some people have that much evil in their hearts.

  14. George Bush should have been indicted for crimes against humanity the night he announced to the American people that we were bombing a sovereign nation which had done nothing to us. How many innocent Iraqi people died that night? Both Bush and Cheney have openly admitted to torture which is a war crime. I would dearly love to see them both standing before the dock in the Hague.

  15. Ok folks can anyone find a good reason why him and his VP Dick Chaney should not have been held responsiable for their lies, war crimes, and getting us into wars that where based on lies.

  16. Torture was banned. As far as Gitmo…. yes it should have been closed, but I do not believe that by itself would rise to the level of war crimes.

  17. Prior to George W. Bush, Dick, Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisors there was 15 American War Criminals. It is shameful that America has added to their disgraceful actions by not prosecuting this recent group of men.

  18. If this happened in another country, our lawmakers would be all up in arms to see these criminals were punished. It isn’t fair to give these men a pass OR let them live in denial of the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Just imagine if the guilty party was Barack Obama. The republicans would do anything & everything to see he was punished as much as the law would allow. All those countries out there, especially the top 10 we owe, only need sit back, relax, and wait until we destroy our country. Afterwards, it’s an easy take over!! Forgetting the parties that divide us, no one can argue that United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

  19. There will no punishment by Obama on the war criminal situation, as well as punishment on Wall Street as we have to concentrate our police forces on items such as medical marijuana

  20. Totally a disgrace!

    And Pres. Obama has authorized secret service detail for Dick Cheney! That’s the thanks he gets.

  21. How about claiming (and using) a right of the executive branch to have American citizens assassinated with no due process? Continuing illegal wars? The vast amount of civilian deaths and the destruction of two country’s infrastructure for no real purpose other than “Well, we’re already here.”?

    Sorry, but aiding and abetting war crimes is still a war crime. Having your own citizens murdered is not a war crime, but it is an impeachable “high crime and misdemeanor” far more than an affair was.

    And as far as him “outlawing” torture…I have seen no reason to believe that the US has changed its practices at all. I believe the same torture going on before is going on now because there has been no increase in transparency allowing me to see otherwise. So long as we have secret concentration camps (and that is what places like Guantanamo are), the government is filled with illegitimate war criminals. Until they are all tried and either found not guilty (in a transparent and fair trial, not one being run by their buddies) or punished for their crimes, the rule of law in this country is a joke and we are living under an illegitimate and illegal government.

  22. Why not also hold Obama to account for not advocating legalization of pot? And also for not prosecuting Wall Street criminals?

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