As Millions of Dollars Vanish Forever, Rush Limbaugh Goes into Boycott Denial

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As the boycott costs Rush Limbaugh’s empire millions, the host claimed that the Sandra Fluke controversy was contrived by Obama to make women miserable.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

But if you dig deep, buried in the numbers that the New York Times/CBS doesn’t report, Romney is leading Obama among women 49-43, after the contrived War on Women, after the contrived Sandra Fluke thing, after all of these efforts that have been expended to make Obama look like the first female president, the first gay president, the first Jewish president, and they’re doing all of that, by the way.

The Democrats are actually trying to build on Clinton being the first black president. Now, Obama’s the first every minority president. The Atlantic has a story on this, somewhat of a parody. But it’s because the Democrats are trying to make that case. They look at America, they see groups of people, they see victims, they see oppressed millions. They don’t see people living free, prosperous lives with ambition and desire. They don’t see happiness and contentment. They see people in misery. They see people in poverty. They see people in oppression. They see people being discriminated against. They see people at the risk of dying. They see people at the risk of being injured, and those are the people they’re gunning for in the campaign. They’re trying to make Obama out as the guy who’s gonna save them from their misery, whatever the misery is, and one of the groups that they have attempted to make believe is miserable is women.

Limbaugh’s latest attempt to explain away the advertisers who left and never returned to his show was based around a flawed poll that only the right is giving much credence to that shows Romney in a statistical tie with Obama. (It’s a statistical tie, because the poll had Romney up by three points, but the margin of error was four points). For some interesting insight on why polling samples may be leaning more right, check out the results of a new Pew study which found that participation in telephone polling has dropped from 37% of those called by pollsters to 9%). In short, not as many people are participating in polls.

Limbaugh is parasitically attaching himself to the CBS/New York Times poll that came up with some odd numbers in order to explain away the boycott against him. In Rush Land there is no such thing as the war on women. In fact, women are pleased as punch by the right wing movement to take away their ability to make their own healthcare decisions.

The war on women was all a giant plot by Obama and the Democrats to trick women into thinking that they were unhappy so that they would vote to reelect the president. Rush’s theory completely falls apart scrutinized by nothing more than common sense, which tells us that it isn’t the Democrats who support transvaginal ultrasounds, and are trying to deny women preventive healthcare screenings, contraception, and access to abortions. How is it that Democrats created an imaginary war on women based on laws that the Republican Party actually passed?

Limbaugh’s desperation knows no limits. Not only has the boycott worked, it has also cost radio stations who run his show millions. Limbaugh has tried a PR firm for damage control, blaming Obama, and creating a Facebook page to show how much women support him, but still the advertisers aren’t coming back.

Rush can believe in his heart that the Sandra Fluke controversy was contrived, but it was born out of his own comments. Limbaugh is still making excuses and refusing to take responsibility for what he has done. Even losing millions of dollars can’t teach man-child Rush Limbaugh his lesson. Rush can make all the excuses that he wants, but his business partners’ wallets are reaping what his mouth sowed.

The war on women is as real as the millions missing from Cumulus Media’s bottom line, and there is no gimmick that can make Rush’s former advertisers come home.

18 Replies to “As Millions of Dollars Vanish Forever, Rush Limbaugh Goes into Boycott Denial”

  1. It’s not costing Limpballs a red cent, Jason, it’s costing his employers. He already has a contract that pays him nearly $40,000,000 a year, don’t forget.

  2. I think Rush is saying the Fluke was a set up in the congress but she wasnt. She was selected by her school mates to be the one to talk.

    Rush fell into what wasnt a trap but turned out to be one and he cant handle it.

    Keep the pressure up

  3. limpburger acts like a big parasite that people should
    give a wide berth to. I’m not reading the transcript of the stupid maggot but thanks for letting us know, Jason, that freakshow has the stupid women brigade down with him. limballs has no heart.

  4. His days as a “macher” are numbered; he knows it as well as millions of “the other” he vilifies as victims, whiners, and worse.

    My favorite lines in his well-crafted lies were…

    “…They don’t see people living free, prosperous lives with ambition and desire. They don’t see happiness and contentment…”

    No, of course not, Rush-mush! No one but him and his mean-spirited party of “no” sees happiness and contentment! Him and his ilk have always use this phoney “we’re the jolly people” passive-aggressive does of denial (Regan acting lessons) as if they invented positive thinking! It’s everyone else who is just negative and down right ungrateful! All this democratically manufactured unfairness! No one sees freedom, desires or ambition unless the are registered Republicans…these are all elite thing one gets upon membership to the private ownership club. These aren’t rights, they’re privileges. How dare “the other”, those miserable little people, point out reality and try to win votes! How dare women not vote for a positive, white man with desires and ambitions who smells good and goes to church; women should be grateful they’re even allowed to vote! What make-believe!

    I know this will go over his head, but, as the old saying goes, a rich miser and a pig are no good to anyone until they are dead.

  5. Polls are useless these days. Pollsters call LAND LINES. The most progressive people I know had their land lines disconnected long ago and now use only cell phones. For the most part, it is the more conservative, distrustful, and/or older folks who actually still have cell phones. Of course polls are going to show a leaning toward conservative values. Those are the only people the pollsters can reach!

  6. Romney is leading among women 49-43? That’s a pretty narrow, specific (and inverted) demographic… If true, that’d be pretty weird to even TEST for.

  7. Given the +/- points, that’d be statistically negligible. Honestly, though, no poll I’ve ever seen. Of COURSE, Rush doesn’t cite any actual sources. Nor do his regular listeners seem to ever expect him to. Just taking his word for it. Probably pulled those numbers out of his… well, there’s plenty of room.

  8. Rush claims 20 million, but can only muster 60k on his FB page (ploy)?! I think we’re about to see the ‘true’ numbers of his listening audience. Well played rush-dumb ass.

  9. So it’s costing his employers. And how will his employers, ahem, cut their losses?

    They’ll fire that fat braggart as soon as their lawyers figure out how to break his contract with impunity, that’s how. It happens all the time. And in this case, at least, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual.

  10. I thought Rush was off drugs. I guess it is the residual brain damage from too many years of abuse that is getting the paranoia going.

  11. Janet – You may well be correct.
    I’m reminded of the famous photograph of Truman holding up a newspaper with the headline saying Dewey had won. It turned out the paper had done a telephone poll and at that time most people didn’t have a telephone

  12. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and don’t forget to LOCK YOUR CAPS AND SCREAM REAL LOUD, clarence. People love it when you yell at them and repeat yourself often. (yeah, not.)

  13. Sure…the little slut couldn’t have thought it up on her own. She’s a girl. Had to be a man in there somewhere. /s/

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