Republicans Label Obama a Metrosexual, Black Abe Lincoln

Flip flopping has truly become a well-perfected art form for Team Romney. Guess they’re taking their queue from the Big Guy.

Here in the past day or so, there was this (almost) Big Story about how one of the GOP Super PACs was thinking seriously about launching what some in the decision-making chairs were convinced would be a devastating attack ad against President Obama. One of the Chief Brains In Charge had determined that one of the best ways to bring Obama to his knees would be to connect him (again) to his once-upon-a-time pastor Jeremiah Wright.

For those who may have forgotten, Wright is the fire-breathing, controversial pastor from Chicago’s South Side who Obama was forced to repudiate to save his campaign based on an excerpt from one of Wright’s sermons that was blown hugely out of context and replayed over and over and over again. That, plus Wright’s extremely poor handling of the fallout in subsequent press conferences (particularly the one at the National Press Club), didn’t give Obama much choice but to distance himself from the man who had performed the marriage ceremony between him and Michelle and who had been a friend and something of a spiritual mentor for years.

From the Times:

The plan, which is awaiting approval, calls for running commercials linking Mr. Obama to incendiary comments by his former spiritual adviser, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., whose race-related sermons made him a highly charged figure in the 2008 campaign.

“The world is about to see Jeremiah Wright and understand his influence on Barack Obama for the first time in a big, attention-arresting way,” says the proposal, which was overseen by Fred Davis and commissioned by Joe Ricketts, the founder of the brokerage firm TD Ameritrade. Mr. Ricketts is increasingly putting his fortune to work in conservative politics.

The $10 million plan, one of several being studied by Mr. Ricketts, includes preparations for how to respond to the charges of race-baiting it envisions if it highlights Mr. Obama’s former ties to Mr. Wright, who espouses what is known as “black liberation theology.”

The group suggested hiring as a spokesman an “extremely literate conservative African-American” who can argue that Mr. Obama misled the nation by presenting himself as what the proposal calls a “metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln.”

Except that Obama cut Wright loose four years ago. Painful though it may have been on a personal level, Obama knew what he had to do, friendship or no, and he did it.  At the time, that spineless war hero wimp John McCain didn’t have the stones to use Wright as a club to beat up on Obama, and some Republicans apparently never forgave him for refusing to sell all of his soul and daring to hang on to at least some measure of class – even though they did somehow manage to overlook and/or forgive his decision to turn a deaf ear to his better judgment and choose Sarah Palin to be his veep.  Go figure.

Anyway, here it is 2012 and now they figure it’s time to dig up that dead body of an issue and have it point its bony, accusatory finger at Obama, reminding everyone (mostly white people) of what a true black radical Muslim racist ‘other’ he really is. Which, of course, would explain the title of the Republican Super PAC campaign playbook that was somehow leaked to the New York Times by a staffer who was troubled by the playbook’s contents; “The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama; the Ricketts Plan to End His Spending for Good.”

Note the presence of the middle name. It’s not potent enough to defeat Barack Obama. They have to defeat Barack Hussein Obama.

But then? Later on the same day? May 17? Somebody else in another Team Romney decision-makers chair decided maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all to try and tie Obama to his ex-pastor whom he cut off long ago.  So another ‘whoops, my bad’ story had to be run to clean up the mess. Could have even been Romney who pulled the plug, although I’m guessing he would have had to do it through channels since there isn’t supposed to be any direct contact between the candidate and his Attack PAC. That’s what they say anyway.

All that money those Super PACs are raising, and this is what they come up with?

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  1. I have to disagree with you on the “John McCain didn’t have the stones to use Wright as a club to beat up on Obama”.
    John McCain knew it was a NON-Issue.
    Stupid Sarah wanted to go there…but stupid sarah doesn’t realize you can’t be a Muslim and a Christian at the same time!
    Now this Rikketts clown, head of a stupid pac wanted to go there? And then?
    Romney is a Mormon and Mormons are a cult is what comes next??? Of course this R’s are flippin’ braindead. BHO already said he didn’t want to go there….
    So funny the msm won’t report that Todd Palin is a pimp or Sarah faked her pregnancy but will print this BS.

  2. This is very simple … Someone in the Romney campaign was smart enough to realize that the last thing they should do is to open up the issue of religion. Wright v Mormonism is a losing battle for the Mitwit.

  3. The fact that the Republican Party thinks calling the President a black Abe Lincoln is an insult shows exactly how far they have fallen in a century and a half.

  4. Hey Crystal,

    Actually I was saying the same thing you just did. I agree with you whole-heartedly that’s why McCain didn’t let his staff pursue the Wright thing is that he knew it was a non-issue. Guess I was trying to be a little too clever for my own good, eh? Anyway, thanks or the comment.

  5. And Better, and it does get better, Ricketts daughter and son are against him. The Daughter going as far as to say she will do everything she can to support Obama’s re-election

    And now Emanuel is incensed because Ricketts wants the tax payers to pick up repairs to the Cubs stadium.

    Ricketts is hated everywhere

  6. Conservatives have once again opted to rely on petty, juvenile snark to attack Obama … a desperate, yet necessary tactic when your party lacks substantive policy positions and realistic proposals and your candidate is emotionally and philosophically out of touch with 99% of the voting populace.

  7. Yeah, I liked the part I read about Rahm not returning Ricketts’ calls today, tomorrow, or anytime soon.

    Only braindead republicons would think it was a bad thing calling PObama a metrosexual, Black Abe Lincoln. And, he’s so much more! lol.

  8. I keep asking why a billionaire wants public money from Chicago to renovate Wrigley Stadium.
    I say ‘let’s close it’

  9. No, not that. I was born a baseball’s throw from that stadium, and it was always a part of mud-wonderful Spring. But if the City of Chicago is supposed to spend money on it, let the City of Chicago eminent-domain it.

  10. What gets me is that Wright was right. Researchers who work with and study “race” issues know he’s right. Even today, there is evidence of the rabid racism in this country – my local paper is doing everything it can to make Zimmerman look good while vilifying Martin and doing their best to smear his name.

    Their latest claim… Martin had traces of marijuana in his system. Well, so what? LOTS of people do, and that doesn’t make them criminals. They immediately downplayed Zimmerman’s racist bigot comments and the fact that he was following Martin against the orders of the police operator.

    They’ve also been fussing about Zimmerman having a broken nose. Well, if that actually happened in a struggle with Martin… he should have obeyed the police dispatcher and stayed away.

    The racism is so blatantly obvious that I wonder why people don’t see it?

    Wright was just calling things as they are, and his response was valid.

    The “Black Abe Lincoln” got a snort from me. That’s honoring Abe Lincoln by comparing him to President Obama! (I also respect President Lincoln, but I think President Obama is a better president, and he’d prove it if we can get the damned bigot Republicans out of the way!)

  11. What I find screamingly funny is the total failure to factor in social media.

    “The world is about to see Jeremiah Wright and understand his influence on Barack Obama for the first time in a big, attention-arresting way,” says the proposal,…”

    That is masturbation at its finest. Self gratifying, and totally disconnected from the real world of tweets, blogs and facebook ‘likes.’

    Nice to have the 10 million back from the 1% though. Keep it coming, Ricketts. I’ve got a great idea for airplane towed banners that’ll get you all squealy and hot.

  12. He WAS right…and the country keeps proving him right. What is slick though is how if a black person mentions something being racist, we get counter charged with racism to cloud the waters. If someone calls out racism, how are they now racist? Just a fallacious and dishonest way to discredit. Further, how all of a sudden are blacks, the most devalued , disenfranchised and discriminated against group suddenly racist? We don’t have the power to be racist. We may protest against bigotry but have nothing with which to effect racism against another group.

    That group which controls the media, and passes laws to suppress the vote, and denies social programs to a certain segment of the population has the power to be racist. And racist they are. Zimmerman being defended in media, lies and all as someone stated above are but one vivid illustration of that.

  13. Uh… add Native Americans to the mix and I wouldn’t feel so much like a forgotten minority.

    After all, we didn’t get freedom of religion until 1980 (as well as the right to exist in Georgia and other areas of the Southeast), and they finally stopped selling Native American slaves about the time of the first world war!

  14. Ricketts is a unapologetic red state sycophant billionaire, but he still has to breathe the same air as us. Some of the shareholders at TD Ameritrade and the ChiCubs probabaly had some ‘personal’ time with out in the woodshed to tell him the error of his ways. Haters are gonna hate, but did you think that they can learn to count the number of heads outside that red-tinged bubble they travel in?!! Unless there’s a serious case of unprotected freeper sex, they are writing their own epitaph in about a generation.

  15. Actually that may be a compliment. The biggest donors on the right are the Log Cabin. And the biggest donors are either LGBTQs or they are closeted. Lincoln was bisexual and calling Obama Lincoln has got to be the biggest support from wealthy donors

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