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Arizona Chases Birtherism While Ignoring Republican Voter Fraud

Arizona wants you to know that the Papers Please law is not racist, also, release the birth certificate!

Birtherism is alive and well in Arizona, where Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett says President Obama may be left off their November ballot because he can’t validate the birth certificate.

Ken, who is toying with the idea of running for Governor of Arizona (and honestly, who better to fill Jan’s trample-on-the-Constitution shoes?), says he is not a birther, but…

The SOS Bennett told KFYI host Mike Broomhead yesterday, “I’m not playing to the birthers. I’m not a birther. I believe the president was born in Hawaii — at least I hope he was.”

Oh, goody for Ken, he managed to get in that omnipresent “If the President says he isn’t a Muslim terrorist, then I take him at his word but there’s no harm in askin’ questions….” Also known as the “If the President says he was born here…” trailing off to suspicious silence.

Watch here if you are still operating under the misinformed idea that Republicans have something worthwhile to say about the economy:

Ken wants you Arizonians to know that no one but Republican paid organizations will be allowed to commit any kind of voter fraud in his great state: “But my responsibility as Secretary of State is to make sure the ballots in Arizona are correct and that those people whose names are on the ballot have met the qualifications for the office they are seeking.”

Isn’t it odd that Ken, as Secretary of State, says nothing about the alleged criminal activity of Republican voter registration groups in his state? I mean, since it’s his job to make sure things are “correct” in Arizona, you’d think he might focus a wee bit on the systemic problem of
Republican voter registration fraud
, especially since it wasn’t so long ago that his state was referred to as allowing Republicans to operate like “organized crime”:

Arizona, Florida: Mark Anthony Jacoby of Young Political Majors (YPM), who also ran JSM LLC with Jenny Breslin, who herself was the subject of a criminal investigation in Ohio for voter registration fraud for turning in registrations with forged signatures (she was never charged), faced charges of serious impropriety in Arizona and Florida for trashing Democratic voter registrations and switching party registrations on an estimated 4,000 students from Democrat to Republican. Once again, the “petition” drive regarding sex offenders was used. Jacoby was investigated but never charged.

A petition gatherer turned whistle-blower (not the same thing as a plant dressed as s pimp and selectively editing video) called what went down in Arizona “organized crime” , “In my opinion, this is organized crime. I will go on the record and say that, because that’s what it is.” (These are very similar tactics as those being deployed currently in California.)

Tens of thousands of voter registrations were thrown in the trash, and voters told they were signing petition for cheaper gas but in reality, they were signing a petition to put Ralph Nader on the ballot.

Since organizations like the YPM are working yet again for the Republican Party this election, one might think that Ken would be busy checking out their tactics, but no, he’s very busy vetting the Commander in Chief. See, Ken is getting suspicious because Arpaio found “inconsistencies” in the electronic version of Obama’s birth certificate. Ken, who like many conservatives seems only able to use the Interwebs to forward World Net Daily alarms, sent an email to Hawaiian officials asking to have things explained to him real slow like so he could get it, and so far, no one has obliged his tea-steeped paranoia. So cruel, Hawaii. Release the birth certificate!

Ken, who clearly doesn’t understand the Constitution, is quite brave to carry on the work of pink handcuff fetish-riddled Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is also in some hot waters these days. At the request of 250 members of the “Surprise Tea Party”, Arpaio launched the latest foray into what will soon be listed in the DSM as a psychological illness. Naturally, World Net Daily is running with this, “Shocker, Obama was still Kenyan born in 2003!” Buy your Goldline here!

Thank goodness for Ken; otherwise, with Breitbart dead and secessionist supporting Sarah Palin hiding out in her bunker, we would have no one to really vet this President. Carry on, Ken, you patriot.

The Teabaggers click their heels together three times and chant, “But it’s patriotic when we undermine the Commander in Chief in a time of war!”

Who will join me in saluting those yellow pseudo patriots on the Right, whose commitment to destroying this country is so strong that even after they crashed their debt ceiling clown car in the rubble of their Bush economy, still find time to perpetrate ugly, false rumors about their President whilst they worship draft dodgers who beat war drums against feigned enemies and starve the children of this country in the name of liberty?

It warms the heart. Next time you run into a “conservative” (aka, radical nut job pretending to care about the deficit whilst screaming incoherently about birth certificates), make sure you whisper, “Obama was born in Kenya!” After all, there’s nothing more patriotic than branding the Republican Party with their well-deserved crazy hate and nothing more fun than forcing Mitt Romney to explain why he isn’t investigating that Kenyan birth certificate.

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