And Now for Something Really Hateful the KKK Invites You to a Cross Burning

The story I wrote yesterday about Charles “Let’s electrocute the gays away” Worley was enough to make one wonder if we’re living circa 1938.  It was shocking.  I don’t know about you, but my appetite hasn’t been the same since seeing that video.

Well, it seems there’s another town in NC that not about to be outdone in the race to the bottom of humanity.

According to a report by TRS,  Reidsville is inviting its residents a good old fashioned, whites only cross burning, brought to you by the KKK in Harmony, NC.

A recording on the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan “24 Hour Hot Line” confirmed the May 26 cross burning event.

“Always remember: If it ain’t white, it ain’t right,” the recording concluded.

Earlier this month, KKK members were <a href="

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  1. We should encourage this. Make sure everybody knows about KKK rallies. Then, we can see who goes- what neighbors, or ‘good churchgoers’ go. Take down their license plates, take pics, etc.

  2. This too disturbing to contemplate. I am from the mountains of NC, know college graduates from Harmony, have friends in Winston Salem. In my neck of the woods, the KKK was sort of in the background as Whites did not want to “stir the pot” as to draw unnecessary attention to our area (tourist zone).

    There are occasional KKK marches that are permitted by city governments as well as opposing folk as long as everyone showed each other and everyone else respect (as if) and stick with peaceful demonstrations.

    Palin, Bachmann, Tea Party, all, have stirred the pot and the wicked believers began surfacing in earnest. Old myths were promulgated and published, people were targeted with horrible political rhetoric, and gun wearers began showing up at Tea Party gatherings and other locations.

    Where are the literate adults?

  3. The mask is coming off, and others are seeing what we’ve been seeing (and saying) for a long time.

    Bigotry is alive and well in the United States.

  4. Sounds like some folks need to have their robes burned – especially while they are wearing them

  5. I have to ask myself sometimes what we did the Sixties for, but here is my calculation: it has taken them half a century to take us back as far as 1965; if we had not fought that battle, they would have taken us back to

  6. The .com wasn’t supposed to be there, of course. Today, I had to wash a giant white tomcat. I have only three light wounds on my left hand and I’m not shy of too much paint and plaster off my bathroom wall, but, damn, I’m exhausted.

  7. The worst kind of racism is aversive racism, meaning, the racism that you don’t normally see overtly. Sad stuff.

  8. Further evidence that the movement to get as primeval as possible is alive and well. Gays cant marry but white hate groups are acceptable.

    It you want hate and you cant wait, come to the south,

    The 1940’s have arrived

  9. Someone should tell these guys that this sort of thing isn’t too cool considering the demographic shift of the country as a whole. That, and having your face plastered on tv and blasted on the ‘Net for all eternity. This is what happens when you sleep with someone who is related to you by blood. The offspring produced may look normal, but geez Louise those brain cells are firing backward for gods sake!!!

  10. That’s white Democrats.

    Between 1889 and 1910 it was the Democratic Party that kept blacks from voting after the 15th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed giving them the right to vote.

    The question then is, “Why was the Democratic Party trying to keep blacks from voting?” The answer is because they were voting for Republicans.

  11. how much FURTHER back in time does America and its “white folks” have to go…can’t they go ALONE?? Is there an island we can send them to to hate amongst themselves…and breed haters…who of course, share the love of Jesus…?WTFH?

  12. NC is finally showing the world what America has been hiding. That it has irredeemably gone off the deep end. The KKK shot my grandmother. My grandfather shot back. They never showed up again. They are cowards under sheets.

  13. This is disgusting, shame on NC.
    These days the world is watching and seeing the bigotry in the US. Having lived in Europe and the mostly the UK I have never seen anything like this.
    The irony is that weer have the smartest and most effective president in my lifetime who is respected overseas, the folks over there are shaki9ng their heads in sorrow for us.

  14. It struck me as very very sad.
    My town too, had a campaign against hate, when the Rev. Phelps came to town.

    So citizens of two towns had to organize marches against hate.
    Hate spewed by supposed men of God, preachers.

  15. That may be true, but at the same time the same damned white racist bigots fled the Democrats when Kennedy started working for equal rights.

    Now they’re where they should have been all along, with the party of the rich and especially the businesspeople (read crooks).

    The Republicans, unlike the Democrats, haven’t changed that much. They opposed slavery because they wanted their competition in the south destroyed, and resented their southern counterparts having slave labor while they had to pay wages. Only some of them actually cared about the slaves. I’d rather be in a party that stands for real morality… not the ersatz stuff you hear from Republicans.

    Personally, I like it when an organization realizes it was wrong about a subject and openly changes it’s stance. That’s a whole lot more mature and shows a lot more strength than blindly keeping to the same old falsehoods (like the “America was founded as a Christian Nation” crap you hear from the Religious Right).

  16. A few years ago they were going to invade and shoot up one of our ceremonies. They didn’t show, because they learned that we were armed and capable of fighting back.

  17. When I had my business, I saw how a lot (most) of the business owners in this area thought. They thought I was a “good ole white boy” and didn’t watch their speech in my presence. They talked about ways to avoid hiring minorities, and the racist slurs were flying. I kept my mouth shut and didn’t show my feelings because I didn’t want to destroy my business. To anyone who wasn’t a business owner, the racism was hidden, and they made sure that African Americans (for instance) never learned the real reason why they weren’t hired.

    When it became public knowledge that I’m American Indian by birth, that eventually did destroy my business. I lost just over 60% of my customers in one month and never recovered (later my health forced the doors shut).

    Oh, and about the same time the priest of the Episcopal church we’d been attending found out. He threw us out of the church and almost excommunicated us (hesitated so long before giving us the elements that the entire church started murmuring).

    Suddenly life became a lot harder… and you could never prove it was because of the ubiquitous racism in these parts.

  18. Understand there’s a special on ‘I am stupid’ tattoos at the event.

    I suspect these guys haven’t grasped the whole “World wide web” concept. Good. Makes them easy to spot, laugh at and neutralize. UTube rules!

  19. Why is it seemingly always these fanatical type
    men of God who spew this hate to all.
    What kind of place did they grow up in with all that hate?
    Real men and true men of God would not spread
    all this hate.

  20. Sad to say, it’s been going on for generations.

    Three things were said of the Klan in the Southeast that I’ve heard:
    (1) On Saturday night they’d be lynching black people and on Sunday morning preaching or worshiping in the churches (and if you weren’t active Klan, you probably wouldn’t have a clue).

    (2) In black yards they’d burn crosses, in Indian yards they burned families.

    (3) They’ve always insisted that they were “Good Christians”.

    They learn it at their parent’s feet and in the pews of their churches. It has gotten better in the south during the last 40 years, but only marginally so – the racism and bigotry were forced underground for a few decades. Now I think they’re tired of keeping their vitriol hidden and because of the Republicans and Tea Party, they don’t feel they have to “be nice” anymore.

  21. “Someone should tell these guys that this sort of thing isn’t too cool considering the demographic shift of the country as a whole. ”

    Let them find out by themselves.

    I think if the Black Guerilla Family, MS-13, Black Panthers, etc. have nothing to do that day, they should show up and enjoy the food and beverages in a spirit of togetherness.

  22. If Lincoln had not been assassinated maybe reconstruction would have gone the way he wanted it and the KKK would never have been… who knows?

  23. This type of hideous person dosnt care what their neighbors think, They’ll sooner see you dead than tolerate your opinion. This resurgence will not be “underground” for much longer. Check out or The majority of photos are of citizens in plain view, unashamed, proud to commit murder. They hired photographers and made postcards! Not much changes over the decades.

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