‘Job Creator’ Mitt Romney Has Created 1.33% as Many Jobs as Obama


In Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, his minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth,” and as Americans witnessed for the past decade, Republicans have had a measure of success transforming unbelievable drivel into the truth. Goebbels would be proud of Willard Romney for his penchant for repeating lies to portray himself as an astute leader and master job creator, but time will tell if the electorate accepts his perpetual lies as truth. It is impossible to know definitively if Romney’s proposals to create jobs will be successful, but there are incredibly strong indicators that returning to convicted war criminal George W. Bush’s policies will not create jobs, but they will create more wealth for the one percent. What Americans can verify on their own is whether or not Willard was a successful job creator in the past, and to hear his senior campaign adviser tell it, he created more jobs as governor of Massachusetts than President Obama has during his three year tenure as President.

Yesterday, Eric Fehrnstrom claimedWith respect to Mitt Romney’s period of time as the governor of Massachusetts — in that four years as governor he created between 30k and 40k jobs,” and that “that is more than President Obama has created for the entire nation.” Romney’s senior liar also touted Willard’s expertise at creating jobs while he headed Bain Capital where the vulture capitalist claims to have created in excess of 100,000 jobs. Now, speaking about the future is one thing, but Fehrnstrom cited Romney’s job creation figures that are part of the public record, and unfortunately for Romney, so are President Obama’s.


It is unclear if the Romney campaign is populated with pathological liars or just fact-challenged sycophants, but if Mr. Romney did create 30 – 40 thousand jobs while serving as Massachusetts’s governor, then he created far fewer jobs than President Obama did in his first two years in office. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office and myriad other sources, President Obama’s stimulus program created between 3 and 3.3 million jobs as of September 2010. No-one knows for sure if Romney’s campaign fails to grasp rudimentary arithmetic or are just lying for propaganda’s sake, but while governor, Romney did not create more jobs than the President did for the entire nation. In fact, using Fehrnstom’s higher figure of 40 thousand jobs, and the lower 3 million numbers for President Obama, Romney created approximately one-and-one-third percent as many jobs as President Obama.

The stimulus was not the only job creation success for the President because the auto industry bailout added 36,000 jobs in the fourth quarter of 2011, and 11,000 jobs were in December. In total, since June of 2009 after Chrysler and GM emerged from bankruptcy, the industry added more than 170,000 jobs eclipsing Romney’s alleged numbers during his tenure at Bain and as governor of Massachusetts. Romney’s claim of creating 100,000 jobs while creating wealth for himself while he led Bain is highly doubtful because in 1994 when he ran for the Senate he claimed he created 10,000 jobs during his 18-years at Bain according to a Washington Post fact-check. It is worth noting again that Romney predicted that if the government bailed out American car makers, “you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye, its demise will be virtually guaranteed.”

This past week, Willard laid out his plan for his first day in office if he is victorious in November, and his plan to create jobs is to “introduce tax cuts and reforms that reward job creators, not punish them,” and it is the Bush job creation failure that has never worked since Reagan introduced the failed trickle-down economic theory. While we are looking at Romney’s day one economic plan, he also promises to “immediately approve the Keystone pipeline, creating thousands of jobs” the pipeline’s owner, TransCanada, estimated at 2,400 jobs lasting two years. Even Speaker John Boehner revised his lies of hundreds-of-thousands of jobs after TransCanada faced a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation for exaggerating the number of jobs to manipulate share prices and misinform the government.

There is a veracity problem with everything that comes out of Romney’s campaign, but for Fehrnstrom to ridiculously assert that Willard created more jobs as governor than the President did in under three years is an outlandish lie even for Romney. It is nearly as bizarre a claim as Willard telling his ignorant followers that the economy is worse today than when President Obama took office when the economy was losing 750,000 jobs each month and there was no economic growth. Since the stimulus, there has been steady job growth and economic gains because President Obama did not fall into the austerity trap that is wreaking havoc on the European Union member countries. Still, despite the negative or no-growth inherent in austerity programs, Romney is hell-bent on retarding the economy with drastic job-killing spending cuts and deficit-increasing lower tax rates for the wealthy to the tune of $10.7 trillion with the majority going to 1/10th of the 1% richest Americans.

It is apparent Romney’s campaign has to lie because he has no substantial job-creation record to stand on as reason to support his candidacy. When he was governor of Massachusetts, the state was 47th out of 50 in jobs created making Fehrnstrom’s 30 – 40 thousand jobs numbers pathetic in comparison to the rest of the nation. The preponderance of lies emanating from Romney and his campaign is stunning, and maybe Mormonism requires mendacity from its adherents, but if that is the case, then Romney is not even a pseudo-Christian; he is a pathological liar modeling Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

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  1. Why does this information not get the coverage it deserves?
    A Romney presidency scares me to death, it has already been said by Grover Norquist that it is not important that he knows nothing, as long as he can hold a pen and pass the legislation he is told to!
    It will be rule by the corporations for the corporations. Americans will be just subjects of the corporate empire.

  2. Fehrnstrom Is what I have to call an incredible liar. This guy can set their and say things that have absolutely no meaning whatsoever. I have seen him saying that Romney has created more jobs as Gov. then Obama has for the entire country and I just had to laugh. Romney’s tenure as governor was absolutely nothing that Fehrnstrom should be bringing up because that’s the next thing to be exposed by Obama I’m sure.

    Little doubt in my mind that the entire basis of their candidacy is their ability to lie.

    By the way Fehrnstrom, when Romney was 47th in the United States in job creation he was not facing anything like what Obama faced when he came into office. Not even remotely close. To try to compare the two is to tell the American public that they are idiots if they believe it. The same goes for trying to compare one person in a state to one person and 50 states

  3. I just don’t understand why the pathetic excuses for journalist continue to allow Mitt and his snycopants to lie without the mdica countering with facts or at least calling Mitt out on his lies?

    Ok, I really do know why Schieffer, Snuffolopolous, Tapper, Todd, Wolfe, Brian Williams, David Gregory, Charlie Rose, Joe (what happened to the intern who died in your office?), Scott Pelly and the rest of the hacks at CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR and CNN cover for Mittens.

    It is because they are nothing more than lapdogs and hacks for the republican party and the rest of the right wing kabobs.

    And I don’t count Fox because we all know that are just w*****.

  4. Let’s say the stimulus did indeed create 3 million jobs and dwarfed Romney’s job creation record. Does this prove anything? If I had close to 1 trillion dollars and was told to go create jobs, I’m pretty sure I could create a whole lot more than 3 million jobs. You mention “rudimentary arithmetic”, so let’s do some more. What’s 800 billion or so divided by 3 million? Oh Noz!…its about $265,000 per job. Whoops-a-daisy. You call that a success? Yea, Obama is a real miracle worker…let’s absolutely re-elect this guy.

  5. Once again you show you are not knowledgeable. Did all that money go strictly for jobs? No. It went for materials, it went directly to corporations for assistance And many other places.

    While you on the other hand want to add 10 trillion to the debt with Romneys plan, raise your own taxes to make up for money that goes to the wealthy and watch while Romney goes to war with Iran with his supersized military.

  6. Julia, you need to redo your math. 40% of the stimulus were in the form of tax cuts. While tax cuts may help the bottom line, they do almost nothing to stimulate the economy. But at that point in time, Pres.Obama was trying work with repubs. So your cost per job is WAY off.

  7. Obviously it didn’t go strictly for jobs, but Rmuse is talking about job creation and cited the stimulus as the engine for job creation. My point, which you missed, is two-fold. 1. Obama had absurdly more resources than Romney to create jobs 2. Even with those resources he failed to budge the unemployment rate.

    Also, Mr. Knowledgeable…enlighten me with the actual breakdown on how much money was spent on jobs, since you must know. Then we can come up with a more accurate calculation. Also, how many of these created jobs still exist? I assume since you are super duper knowledgeable about all things you must know far more than “it, uh, went for materials and stuff”. Did you consider that when you remove $800 billion from the economy it may actually have the opposite effect and stifle private sector job creation? Are you aware that more jobs were lost in the first seven quarters of the 2001 recession than were lost in the first seven quarters of this recession? The reason that unemployment is still hovering around 8-9% is because job creation is 8.5 million below that of 2001. Do you see what I’m getting at here? 2001 no stimulus better job creation/ 2008 stimulus-FILL IN THE BLANK

    One other thing, you say that “once again i show I’m not knowledgeable”. This I don’t understand because I thought we were in total agreement. After all, two days ago you posted a link that fully bolstered my argument. What happened?

  8. The link didnt bolster your arguement. You cherry picked it. The first part of the article refuted you.

    2nd, its ROmenys people that are bragging about Romney making more jobs than Obama. Terrible way to go .

    3rd, this was your last post here

  9. “Arithmetic challenged?” Yes, you are. Because you and other RWNJ’s think that the job only counts for one year? Are those people employed year after year? Are they paying back taxes so that RWNJ’s can continue to fund and make weapons that don’t work and extend wars on lies? Are those people buying school books and shoes and going out for pizza once a week? You of course would prefer that Mitt Romney pass on the pension funds and jobs of hardworking Americans to his sons so they never have to work for anything in their lives?

    Mitt Romney made 20M the last time he deigned to show us his tax returns? What ‘jobs’ did Mitt create with that money?


  10. if indeed it is Julia’s last post… what took you so long?.. have to give the admins credit, a troll has to have a credible track record, before getting shown the door.. doubt there are many on the right end of the spectrum that are as tolerant

  11. Julia what a one sided jerk I don’t mind you saying how many Obama jobs still exist? But I do mind when you don’t ask How many Romney jobs still exist? OR George Bush the father “Read my lips no new taxes. Or George Bush th son Mission accomplished. And weapons of mass destruction. No mention of 9/11 which happened on his watch. no mention of I like firing people I understand Peopled have to be fired but you don’t have to like it ‘
    Start telling the truth on both sides or shut up.
    P.S. GAS WAS OVER $4.00 a gallon when bush was in office.

  12. “Even with those resources he failed to budge the unemployment rate. ”

    That’s not true. Without the stimulus, the unemployment rate would have reached an additional 2% or so. Don’t take my word for this, this is from private sector ratings agencies like Moodys. Besides, the economy was losing about 700,000 jobs/month when the stimulus was passed, and you can see a clear slowing down of these losses, until they bottom out in 6 months. Since then, the economy has added over 3 million private sector jobs.


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