Roger Ailes Amps Up Fox News’s Desperate Attempts to Discredit Jon Stewart


Roger Ailes spoke at Ohio University yesterday and one of the things he told the crowd is that Daily Show host Jon Stewart admitted to being a socialist.

According to journalist and media lawyer Jonathon Peters, who was in attendance, Ailes said, “Jon Stewart is a comedian. He wouldn’t do well without Fox. And he basically has admitted to me, in a bar, that he’s a socialist.” In case you were also wondering about the mindset that fuels the lack of news in Fox News, Ailes also said, “One thing that qualifies me to run a journalism organization is the fact that I don’t have a journalism degree.”


Fox News’s treatment of Stewart morphed from a symbiotic good natured interaction to editing the Daily Show host’s appearances to make him look bad, and personally attacking him as a racist. Ailes is greatly over inflating the value of Fox News as comedic fodder for Stewart. The Daily Show is a political comedy program. It isn’t a Fox News parody show. If Fox News vanished off the face of the earth tomorrow, Jon Stewart would be fine.

Notice that in typical Fox News fashion, Ailes provided no context to support his claim that Jon Stewart admitted to him that he is a socialist. For all we know, Ailes could have asked Stewart if he was a socialist, and he could have sarcastically replied, Yeah, right. I’m a socialist. The views Stewart expresses on his show are far from socialism. He has shown the ability to agree with both conservatives and liberals. If anything Stewart is a centrist. His both sides do it in politics claims pretty much rule out the fact that he is some sort of partisan bound, myopic, one sided lefty.

The most hysterically funny thing about Ailes labeling Stewart as a socialist is that we are supposed to recoil in horror and view socialism as a bad thing. The truth is that Americans love socialism. They have been conditioned by decades of conservative propaganda to believe that socialism is a bad word, but in practice Americans are very socialistic. How else can you explain members of the tea party protesting Obamacare, but demanding that the government keep its hands off Medicare? Medicare and Social Security are programs with socialistic values.

The term socialism is only an insult to those on the far right. It doesn’t matter to anyone on the left or middle if you call us socialists. We don’t care. Only in the right wing bubble is the word socialist considered a vile insult.

It is not exactly a fall off of your seat shocker that the man who runs Fox News would have little use for journalism. Ailes oversees a network where journalism is nothing more than a pretext for propaganda and message delivery.

Fox News hates Jon Stewart because he crushes them in the ratings. By using comedy to expose the propaganda techniques used by Fox on a nightly basis, Stewart is teaching viewers to think while they watch cable news, and educated questioning viewers are bad for FNC’s bottom line. Fox News already has the oldest viewers in all of television, and Jon Stewart’s popular program is inoculating millions of potential future viewers against being infected by the Fox News propaganda machine. This is why Ailes and Fox News would love to discredit Jon Stewart.

But, seriously, calling Jon Stewart a socialist was the best that he could come up with?

After all, who doesn’t like socialism? If you want to see how popular socialism can be, just ask your Fox News watching parents or grandparents if they like their Medicare.

Jon Stewart is the future, Rupert and Roger’s cable news conservative circus is the aging past. Everyday FNC’s viewership grows older, while Jon Stewart keeps future generations away. Roger Ailes won’t admit it, but Fox News as it is today could be a dinosaur on a low slow march to extinction.

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  1. During a 2011 interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Stewart admitted to voting for George H.W. Bush over Dukakis in 1988.
    Socialist my ass!

  2. socialism is the oldest scare word in America. We have a socialist in Congress, but other than that you would be hard-pressed to find any examples of pure socialism in the United States. Even countries like Britain and Canada who have universal healthcare are not socialist countries. But there are socialist elements in all countries. All of course except for the Muslim countries who would die to have it.

    Fox news is just a character that lives to make fun of itself even though it doesn’t realize it. When normal same people watch shows like Sean Hannity is little more than a poor version of Jon Stewart.I think that’s what has Roger Ailes so upset, he can’t compete with a good comedy show.

  3. Even Greece, who had a Socialist Party in name, didn’t turn out to be very Socialist. At least not in the way Faux Noise tries to make everyone believe.

  4. “Jon Stewart is a comedian. He wouldn’t do well without Fox.”

    Right, sure.

    Say, anyone know what ever happened to CNN’s “Crossfire”?

  5. It’s pretty bad when a bloated old racist coot only has Jon to bat around. It make ailes look more desperate and silly.

    ailes can’t compare his show with MTP or some other type of show like mtp because they aren’t that intelligent in their news stories.

    I wonder if he mentioned murdoch during his speech?

  6. Exactly! When I think of “socialism” I think of an entire system…not public and social welfare programs within a capitalistic framework. This hybrid is what the entire western world has to varying degrees.

    Most people posting on this site would not want to get rid of the private sector. We just don’t think that the free market is the answer to everything under the sun. There is no reason on earth that I shouldn’t be able to take my kids to Disneyland, run my own business, AND have reasonable expectation of a social safety net, accessible health care, and common sense regulatory programs.

  7. Notice how “Jolly Roger” made his remarks while Stewart & Colbert are on break for another week? That’s like sticking your tongue out at your second grade teacher at the mail during the summer…a classic pot shot. He knows he won’t get chewed up in the meida 48 hour sound bite game…but Stewart & Colbert can wait…

    And both of them will “shave his shaft” and nick his ass for an entire week with daily up dates, Colberts’ creative “contest” and a wide assortment of “oh no he’di’unt” disses.

    Ailes needs to meet my 2 year old nephew who loves to walk up says, as he pokes a finger at your nose, “You’re Tuuupid”…adorable.

  8. Ailes has his chance at funny with that derpfest Half hour news hour. To say it was material that would make a buzzard gag is a understatement. Ironically the most humorous part of Faux nooze is the fact that they believe that they hold sway over the American populace, when in fact it’s the country’s entire population of derpies whom swim around that large red bubble they surround themselves in. When that bubble pops and they realize they aren’t as big they were led to believe, whooee look out.

  9. I think the MOST RIDICULOUS thing to witness, for anyone who was not brainwashed in the US, is mainstream America’s baby fear of the word “socialist”. For a society priding itself with inclusiveness and tolerance, this hysteria is an absolute joke, revealing to the world the level of conditioning that the US subjects its people to through endless propaganda.

    The president of France is a socialist, and France has a long tradition of socialism in or near power, just like the rest of Europe. Socialist governments get elected and there are no gulags, no curtailing freedom of expression and, for that matter, nothing but a slight itch for the richest in those countries who may be prevented – occasionally – only to take unelected power as they do here in the US.

    Who cares even if Jon Stewart is a socialist, which I don’t think he is as he seems to the right of the Occupy movement, which he does not understand nor seems to want to (after all, he’s just a comedian doing political satire).

    And Occupy is center left at the most, according to all political standards except the US’.

    I wish Americans started walking the walk of freedom and inclusion. it’s ok to have a socialist party, it’s ok to have a communist party or even a nazi party for that matter. People are free to create their own delusions.

    What is not ok is to curtail other’s freedoms (provided those freedoms do not damage the freedom of others). And to declare a nation as the standard bearer of freedom in the world, all the while repressing and demonizing dissent as it is happening these days on the streets, on the internet, in prisons, in courtrooms all over the US is building a growing stain of shameful hypocrisy which only the Americans – thanks to their hypocritical mainstream media – is not immediately obvious.

    But the rest of the world, as well as the history books, know very well that the US is a failing empire attempting to maintain power through intimidation, coercion, and abuse, now applied to its own citizens.

    I only wish Jon Stewart was a socialist, it would speak volumes for a free media and freedom of expression. Unfortunately, he’s as far away from being a socialist as Warren Buffet, or for that matter, Obama, is.

  10. It’s no wonder FOX is such a Republican propaganda machine when you have people like Roger Ailes running the network, under majority owner Rupert Murdoch. Both are old like their viewers, but hopefully, whoever takes over in the near future will realize they’ll need to attract a younger audience if they are to maintain their popularity. Other wise, they’ll be on a fast track to oblivion. When they’re replaced, lets hope they become more moderate and stop misrepresenting the truth. If they do, people like Hannity, Doocy, and all the others who continually mislead their viewers by using scare tactics and misleading statements will no longer have a place on the network.

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