Colin Powell Stomps a Mud Hole In Sean Hannity and Walks it Dry

Bad things happened to Sean Hannity when he tried to spew his anti-Obama Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers nonsense and the buzz saw of reality known as Colin Powell.

Here is the video from Fox News:

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In case you can’t stand watching Fox News, here’s the transcript:

HANNITY: That’s when you made the endorsement. You said because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, reaching out across America. The president himself has now said the Republican plan for this country is for dirty air and dirty water. You are still a Republican, right? That Republicans want kids with autism and Down’s syndrome, the elderly to fend for themselves. We have the Democratic ads, Paul Ryan look-alikes throwing granny over the cliff. Does that sound inclusive? Seriously, because I find him one of the most divisive figures that I’ve witnessed in politics today.

POWELL: Well, that’s a term that’s being used rather freely. I don’t think it’s that divisive of an issue. I think we have right now, we have dueling points of view strongly held by both sides. And the president is starting to go to the mattresses, just as the Republicans are going to go to the mattresses to try to win the election.

What could have been more divisive than when President Obama was inaugurated for a number of Republicans, friends of mine and a number of commentators to say, we are going to destroy him. We are going to destroy him.

HANNITY: Who said that?

POWELL: A lot of people saying, I can get you a list, but I don’t want to just take it off —

HANNITY: I was one of the harshest critics. I wasn’t out to destroy him.

POWELL: I don’t ever remember you saying it.

HANNITY: Well, I was critical about Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright.

POWELL: I don’t know Bill Ayers from the man in the moon. Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright are just passing things through his life.

HANNITY: Twenty years in his church? Twenty years?

POWELL: Well, so?

HANNITY: Unrepentant terrorist giving speeches, starting your political career in his house, that didn’t impress you at all?

POWELL: At the time it was a guy who is living in Chicago and happened to have a friend by the name of Bill Ayers. But I don’t see Bill Ayers as having that kind of long-standing terrorist influence on the President. I mean, it is ancient history now. Why are we fooling with this?

HANNITY: Well, I don’t think it’s the issue. I think the economy and the president’s record — I couldn’t see you and Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years.

POWELL: I wasn’t in Reverend Wright — I didn’t know anything about Reverend Wright or his church.

HANNITY: I know but that’s my point.

POWELL: This thing explodes and it becomes a big — everybody tries to make it the defining issue of the 2008 campaign. And guess what, the American people heard it, they heard all the attacks, they heard all the things that were said about the Reverend Wright issue, then-Senator Obama gave a speech on it and the American people took it in stride and they elected him president.

HANNITY: Yes, they didn’t listen to me, that’s the power and influence I have.

For a second there, I almost felt bad for poor feeble minded Sean Hannity. He actually thinks that Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright should be at the top of the list of important issues along with the economy. It was odd to see a person of character and intelligence such as Colin Powell, who will probably forever regret his time in the Bush administration, challenge and so easily debunk Hannity’s hysteria.

It was even more surreal to see facts break through the clutter of Hannity’s nightly sycophantic circle jerk. As soon as Hannity started on Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright, he didn’t stand a chance with Powell. Gen. Powell reaction of, “well, so” summed up the way most Americans feel about the right’s obsession with Obama and Wright.

What Republicans don’t understand is that voters heard all of this Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright stuff in 2008, and they saw it then for what it was, a baseless personal attack. If voters dismissed this obsessive lunacy in 2008, what makes people like Sean Hannity think it will work in 2012?

Hannity does have power and influence. His nightly empty headed anti-Obama babblings are one of the main reasons why the right is still holding on to the fantasy that if the American people only knew the truth about Obama and Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright, they would throw him out of office in a heartbeat. Voters saw through what the right was trying to do with Ayers and Wright. They rejected it in 2008, and they will reject it again in 2012.

Colin Powell was way out of Hannity’s depth. In the future, the softball tossing Larry King of the right would be best served to stay in his safe zone and stick to guests like Sarah Palin. Hannity got his ass kicked by Powell, as for a shining few moments facts and reality penetrated the Fox News Death Star.

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  1. “In case you can’t stand watching Fox News, here’s the transcript:…”

    I am hearing impaired, and video clips are rarely captioned, so I really appreciate this site and the frequent posting of transcripts.

    Also, I can’t stand watching fox news.

  2. Colin Powell would have made a great President.I respect him for following his intuition and supporting President Obama.Thank you General Powell for your service.

  3. When Colin Powell gave that miserable speech at the UN, he mumbled in a way that struck me as mortification at having to lie. He might better have served us by resigning before that, but he has done the right thing since, and is continuing to do it.

    Some people wanted him to run for President in ’96. At that time, he declined, saying that his right-wing primary opposition would make him look like Willie Horton. That is the wing that has taken over the GOP now.

    I am glad he is speaking out about this. The public needs to hear more and louder.

  4. I love to see this reasoned debate, but I truly hate the fact that you have given it such a violent and mindless title. There is no mudhole stomped here, nor ought there to be! We have way too much stomping and spewing in our political conversation, and not nearly enough listening to one another and disagreeing in reasonable, respectful ways. What I see in this clip is reasonable, respectful disagreement, and it gives me hope for the nation and the future.

    But do please try to back down from the adolescent trash-talking mentality, please. Wing-nuttery is ugly no matter what wing you are on.

  5. This is what happens when people who live inside the self-reinforcing right-wing echo chamber, as is the case with Fox News, expect people who are grounded in reality to validate their prejudices. Hannity wanted to discuss the past because the Republicans don’t live in the present or care about the future.

  6. Well, I guess you have to be a really partisan liberal to hold that strong a reaction to this interview. I didn’t see a pummeling at all, but many of the concerns people had about Obama in 08 turned out to be true – the man is incompetent. He controlled the White House and Congress with a super majority in the Senate, and he STILL couldn’t get anything accomplished other than ramming Obamacare down the country’s throat. Hopefully, he will be gone this time next year.

  7. So Hannity has no memory of anyone wanting the President to fail? Wow. I guess working at Fox is as detrimental to one’s brain cells as watchigngit every day. Or does Sean just lie?

  8. I am old enough to remember presidents since Dwight Einsenhouser. Never has this political system has been so screwed up, until the last two decades. The republican right has gotten so divisive, it’s tearing this country apart and if this action keeps up, it will surely destroy this country. The injection of the Tea Party has made it worse, and with no ease in sight. Although I feel they started with a mild agenda, and wanting to have the system fixed, but even they have elements within themselves that are so far to the right, they don’t believe in compromise. This too was stated in the video by Colin Powell and he’s exactly right. You cannot get anything accomplished within a democratic system, when you have two parties looking for results, but only one is willing to compromise. What’s making the system even worse is the supreme court decisions of late, particularly of passing the citizen united ruling. What were they thinking? If I haven’t completely lost my mind, I believe any court body, when deciding on cases, the cases are being decided by the facts of law, and not by party interest. Every sector in our democratic system is broken and now needs to be corrected, or this country will not last for too long. The debate of the 1% vs the 99% is very real I think. I believe what is happening is that the corporations and some wealthy entities are trying to take over this country for their own goals and have the rest of us fend for ourselves. If the american society don’t wake up before it’s too late, it could very well happen. Then this country will fall like many countries around the world in past situations.

  9. I would never watch fox “news” in a zillion years even if I had a tv. I hadn’t had a tv in the ’90s for awhile and when I landed on terra firma I got one in ’99. It took me 2 weeks to realize they were a propaganda machine. Only gotten worse, eh, everybody?

    Glad to see Colin Powell shot hannity’s stupid mouth down. Thanks, Jason.

  10. You know when you get down to it, if the president has to remain forever associated with Rev. Wright and whatever he may have ranted about in church, then doesn’t it stand to reason that every Catholic in America should be associated with child molestation? Just saying.

  11. Yeah, I feel sorry for those that have to report on FuXNews. Only people with vapor between the ears and cold gravy for blood could enjoy watching Hannity and the other assholes on FuXNews.

  12. “yes, they didn’t listen to me, that’s the power and influence I have” LMFAO- yeah Sean it sure does show the influence you have you f-ing moron!!!

  13. And before each of these steps there were people with a religious agenda that passes as a political agenda.

    The rich THINK they’re going to use the dominionists, but if they win, I think the elites are going to find themselves in a world of hurt, after the dominionists get through with the rest of us.

    This all has been planned out for many decades, going back to the New Deal in many instances. It really took off when the “Good Christian” schools were told they had to integrate… I suggest reading what Frank Shaeffer has to say on it.

  14. Indeed the lead in heads are often exaggerated and misleading, slanted, etc. Colin Powell is a great and reasoned man and he put much in proper perspective. Obama isn’t the divisive figure, the republicans who sought to block and work against the President from day ONE with NO regard for the country or bipartisonship are the divisive ones and it is clear to anyone who is not blind.

  15. Robyn, I think the use of ‘mattresses’ was precise. A pivotal scene in ‘The Godfather’ has Tom and Sonny arguing over strategy with Tom being, as usual, the voice of reason but Sonny’s blood is up. “No, no, no, not this time, Consigliare. No more meetin’s, no more discussions, no more Sollozzo tricks. You give them a message from me. I want Solozzo, if not it’s all out war. We go to the mattresses.”

  16. How is it that the right wing can not remember that the ARRA, that you likely call the stimulus, sent billions to out nations veterans? The conservatives love sending our youth into battle, but hate to pay for their long term care if they survive.

    Ray LaHood (R), Sec. of Transportation says that America is one huge pothole. That is what happens when you cut funding to maintain the interstate system so that the wealthy can pay lower taxes. And of course you won’t sue anyone if one of your family members happens to be crossing a bridge when it collapses.

    Our President honored the SOF agreement with Iraq, even when the GOP said we should stay, but still have no plans to pay for 10 years of war. There are plenty of lists of the Presidents accomplishments in just 3 years, with one year being blocked by a party intent on return to power, and not intent on what is best for our union. Search for a list, I dare you. Of course you would have to be a Reich wing hack not to.

  17. For Hannity this is a pummeling because he never has anyone who disagrees with him on his show. He also definitely did not get the answer he was expecting. To be honest, I am surprised that it wasn’t edited out of the interview that aired.

    2 things Brock…

    1. The Democrats are a diverse party. There are liberal, moderate, and conservative democrats. They are not like the republicans who walk lock step with each other regardless wether they agree or not.

    2 You’ve obviously never heard of a filibuster.

    Also, isn’t it funny that the republicans already mentioned that if the SCOTUS finds what the right has termed “Obamacare” unconstitutional, they will draft legislation to eep the popular parts like the insurance companies providing coverage for pre-existing conditions and children able to stay on their parents plans until age 26 etc, etc. Thing is that they walked that back within literally 30 minutes. Surely because their real bosses, corporations, (in this case the insurance companies) put in a call and told them that they would definitely not be on board with that if there is no mandate because then the pool would not be large enough for them to keep making their insane profits.

    Isn’t also funny that the mandate was a republican idea to begin with?

  18. So Hannity thinks Obummer could not be in a church unless he supports everything the priest/pastor does.

    Hannity is a Catholic, right?

    So clearly Hannity supports pedophilia, right?

    By his ‘logic’ it is obvious.

  19. Really right wing partisan Matthew Brock probably won’t be back — his type hit and run — and even if he does, won’t follow the two link I’m posting below, one from and the other compiled by a unabashed supporter of what President Obama has accomplished.

    I feel sorry for the headblindness people like Matthew Brock exhibit. I don’t expect any of our arguments or presentation of facts to counter the propaganda they’ve been fed.

  20. Sean Hannity is perhaps the biggest liar in history. He pretends he does not know about any of the actions of the GOP in trying to bring president Obama down. However, as is noted, Colin Powell is the very essence of sanity. you have to love how Sean tries to change the subject whenever it isn’t going his way.

    for Hannity to still be making an issue of Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright is absolutely hilarious. While at the same time pretending to be dumb on the subject of the GOP doing its best to destroy America. Sean should’ve spent some time watching what Colin Powel was saying on the other networks, he would have known that his style of BS wouldn’t work.

  21. Yes. Colin Powell would have made a brilliant President. Possibly he will be in the field in 2016. I don’t care that he is republican, because he is moderate and understand that the way to bring America back to its’ respected position of world leader he will have to work with the democrats.

    Another reason I would vote for him is that he would drive Grover Norquist crazy. He wouldn’t sign a no tax hike pledge, nor would he be the necessary number of digits to sign approved legislation.

    Colin Powell would not follow the pack or allow himself to be used by them.

  22. Hannity and Faux News just keeps trying to make something out of nothing (Rev. Wright, Ayers). If they can’t do that, they just make it up (Obama keeps apologizing).

  23. Dems are too diverse this is why we lose elections, so much. There is no solidarity among Dems. Too many Dems voting for Repub candidates.

  24. I recall thinking in 2008 that the GOP was pitching to a shrinking demographic with the Ayers scaremongering. I am too young to remember left-wing terrorists. Black Panthers, Weather Underground, or even the Chicago Seven? That’s the stuff of history books.

    But McVeigh? Eric Rudolph? That’s squarely within my recall. If the Right wants to raise the boogeyman of domestic terrorism, they’d better take a hard look in the mirror. (OK, so Kaczynski was a lefty. He was also indisputably a “lone wolf”, as righties would prefer their terrorists to be known.)

    And I was 40 years old then. I figured, nearly half the electorate must be younger than me. (I’m also only 7 years younger than the President.) As I age, so do others who only remember right-wing domestic terrorists. As I said, the GOP might want to think twice about this.

  25. It’s about time someone put Hannity in his place. I simply cannot believe how he spews (just like Beck and Limbaugh) such hatred for one man. Ask yourself why? Colin Powell is as honest as the day is long and he spoke the truth on Hannity’s show. It’s truly a shame when people like Hannity, tea partiers and the right make such horrific statements about the presdient without having figures or documentation to back up their falsehoods. I have alot of confidence in the American people and they will see right through this pile of lies come the November 2012 election. Go America and put people like Hannity and others in their place. The nerve of them: taking from the old, the young and the middle class to serve themselves. Shame on them!

  26. I’m old enough to remember the left-wing “terrorists”, and with very few exceptions, the general public wasn’t at risk from them. As for the Unabomber, he hated everybody.

    You have to have a special degree of self-righteousness to be Roger Ailes, Eric Rudolph, Timothy McVeigh, or Grover Norquist. In this country, it would be extremely rare to find that outside the right wing. Only they, you see, have “Gahd” on their side.

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