Bill Maher Shreds Birthers By Becoming a Mitt Romney Wifer

bill maher wifer

Bill Maher shredded the return of birtherism by becoming a wifer, and asking how many wives does Mitt Romney really have?

Here’s the video from Mediaite:

Maher said, “Mitt Romney comes from a Mormon background. I don’t know how many wives he has. I am not saying I believe in that. I am just saying he was born on a Mormon compound. I’m not a wifer, but for some reason he has never shown his original marriage certificate.”

Later Maher said, “Again, I’m not a wifer. I’m just saying that he has the blood of nomadic polygamist tribesman and I think that has shaped his world view. Now, this is a copy of Mitt Romney’s marriage license. I specifically asked for the original. I even offered to go to the Romney house and take it out of Ann Romney’s marriage scrapbook, but some reason they frowned upon that idea and instead sent me this obvious photocopy. And isn’t a little weird that they chose to send only the short form license? And why next to Ann Romney does it say spouse and not only spouse? I’m just asking the hard questions that the mainstream media won’t ask about Mitt’s unholy harem of obedient sister wives which I really hope I’m wrong about.

Maher asked, “How is it that Ann and Mitt Romney have five kids and they’re all thirty years old? And here, what is Mitt pointing to in this picture? The Olympic symbol. What is it five rings. What else has five rings? Five wives. And why did Mitt Romney strap his dog to the roof of his car? Could it have been because his station wagon was full of wives? I’m not saying I believe this wifer stuff. I take Mitt Romney at his word, but how do you explain this video.” (Video of Romney saying he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, and a woman, and woman, and a woman).

If the Romney campaign keeps playing around with this Obama birther nonsense, they are inviting trouble of their own. Bill Maher may have been the first, but there are many on the left, though not the Obama campaign, that are chomping at the bit to discuss Mitt Romney and his faith. On the surface it is easy to mock the birthers, but there was a deeper point to what Bill Maher was doing. He was essentially saying that there are plenty of things in Mitt Romney’s background that are waiting to be dived into.

Perhaps the only thing saving Mitt Romney from deeper scrutiny is the fact that nobody cares about him. The far right hates Obama to the point of cult like absurdity, but Romney doesn’t inspire the same fanaticism in the left. In many ways the left’s treatment of Romney revives memories of their attitude towards George W. Bush in 2000. Many thought there was no way that Bush could defeat Gore. They didn’t take Bush seriously, but two wars, a botched hurricane relief effort, and a collapsed economy later, they saw what a lightly considered president can be capable of.

The left doesn’t need to hate Mitt Romney, but they need to keep in mind that the right hates Barack Obama, and they will stop at nothing to defeat him. Maher’s mockery was an effective take down of the birthers, but it is what birtherism represents that should trouble every American. Birtherism is hatred taken to the level of delusion, but if pushed far enough the left will fight fire with fire, and Mitt Romney may end up having to prove that he has only one wife.

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  1. Bill is, as usual, right on point. Love this man and will always appreciate that he bothered to come to our little burg in So Oregon. Y’all come back Billy, you proved there are a lot of classy, intelligent liberal hearts beating here in the red part of our Blue state.

  2. I think the horrifying truth that everyone is trying to hide and only the Birthers have caught onto is that Obama is actually a Vampire, who has lived hundreds of years–that is why there is no clear birth certificate–he is using vampire hypnotism to cloud our minds and in Trumps case–cloud his hair. Be part of the resistance–only birthers understand the very truth behind the first Vampire President–at least as far as we know! Join the Vampire resistance! Become a Birther–to save humanity! For all we know Biden is a Were-wolf!

  3. Gremlin, you may be on to something, but I think you chose the wrong vampire. Mitt even LOOKS like one of the Munsters, doesn’t he? He must dye those sodeburns gray so we don’t notice the resemblence to Eddie, but it is there. And he has no idea how to wear casual clothes: any real man would not appear in those bagy jeans day after day. And don’t vampires eat dogs? And why does Anne always wear high collars? Covering up a bite there Annie? It would also explain the rather fixed expressions of his sons…no animation there at all (although I would have pegged Santimonious’ eldest daughter for a witch.)
    And as far as VPs on the right, a better bunch of half-deads was never shown in public before. It explains Trump’s hair, Palin’s wonky eye, Bachmann’s spite, and West’s insistence on living in 1850.

  4. The Quack is the one pushing PObama was born in Kenya and none in the m$m corporatate “media” are calling him or willard on it. But, they sure called Hilary Rosen out for weeks and she wasn’t even associated with the Obama Campaign.

    Good on Maher for going there with the whole Mormon wifer thing. Willard needs to answer for more on his Bishop status in the Mormon Church. I just hope after November we never have to hear from this demon barber from hell Ever Again.

    Thanks, Jason.

  5. This is original comedy. Why not? Look at the atmosphere Romney grew up in!

    Now we know the magic underwear is to keep all them wives out

  6. Thank God for Bill Maher! I don’t agre with everything he says, or does, but I trust his motives. I don’t trust any Republicans motive, anymore.

  7. I really like having a funny thread to start my morning with! Yeah, there is a really good message beneath the surface, but having my day start with laughs is a delight! (Thanks, Jason, Gremlin, Sally!)

  8. I hope the Bill Maher video is circulated widely, the billionaire Ricketts is going to fund a new and vicious video saying that Obama is from Kenya, and that shaped his world view and lots of trash,
    this video would go a long way, although it is meant to be amusing, to counter Ricketts and show just how crazy he is.
    I sure hope he does not get that taxpayer money to renovate his stadium.

  9. If Ricketts starts circulating that one, maybe it’d be fair play to juxtapose Rott to Warren Jeffs and the Lafferty Brothers.

  10. There has been a shocking omission here by Mr. Maher. Despite several requests from myself, Mitt Romney has never produced his Certificate of Compliance with the Brigham Young University Honor Code, which forbids undergrads from boinking each other while matriculating at that hallowed institution. Please, Bill, make Mitt produce it!

  11. Ask about the Mormon practice of “Bleeding the Beast” with having one “official” wife and the rest being “Celestial” wives with only a Temple ceremony. That way the C wives can apply for government assistence for their UNWED progeny (the goods/money given to the community larder or to the husband) The Beast they referr to is the US Government. Now is that what you want with all the power invested in his office. This IS the original Manchurian candidate.

  12. Thank you for bringing up this practice. Warren Jeff’s little “Bleed the Beast” campaign drained the county funds needed for public schools…

    There are also claims that they do not “practice” this fraud via food stamp claims. However, the claims filed around these communities are 4 times higher than other state averages. And, the whole thing is “murky”; they haven’t had many cases of fraud amongst polygamist, but, that doesn’t mean they aren’t using government resources instead of the money that goes into the Mormon Church to feed the 15 kids of “one” father who can’t support that many mouths to feed.

    They are so secretive, the only way you get information is when renegade run-away emerge through the underground railroad of former members.

  13. You may have a point here–this may be a battle between the vampires and Golem-type characters…

    Should be interesting!

  14. Don’t they have to wear some kind of special underwear and gown or something? Or is that the Masons? Oh well.

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