Conservatives Freak Out and Proclaim That a Non-White America is Bad Thing


America has been labeled the world’s melting pot for the diverse people who emigrated here from around the world, and unfortunately there has always been opposition to some nationality or other regardless if they were white Europeans, Asians, or Hispanics. African Americans can hardly be considered immigrants because they, for the most part, did not come of their own volition. The news a little over a week ago that white births are no longer a majority signaled that, in due time, minorities will be the majority of the population and the implications for the economy, political life and its identity will be substantial. One of only decent things Ronald Reagan did besides raising taxes eleven times was signing legislation welcoming and granting amnesty to millions of undocumented aliens in 1986. In 1977 Reagan dismissed “the illegal alien fuss” and in his 1989 farewell address, he described America as a “shining city” and that “the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here.”

Now that within many Americans’ lifetimes this country will be inhabited by a truly diverse population where whites are not the majority, a conservative group exposes their belief that the country is in dire peril of becoming infested with uneducated and decidedly un-American people who also happen to have skin that is not white. The report from the Census Bureau that non-white births made up over 50 percent of all births incited the Eagle Forum, a Phyllis Schlafly conservative group, to issue a legislative alert that “America is becoming non-white” and that “it is not a good thing. The immigrants do not share American values, so it is a good bet that they will not be voting Republican when they start voting in large numbers,” and that New York Times liberals were seeking to “destroy the American family of the 1950s, as symbolized by Ozzie and Harriet” whose characters symbolized “happy, self-sufficient, autonomous, law-abiding, honorable, patriotic, hard-working, and otherwise embodied qualities that made America great. In other words, the show promoted values that NY Times liberals despise.


The Eagle Forum did not just go into detail extolling the virtues of a scripted television family, they impugned minorities’ character for failing to live up to the Ozzie and Harriet model of good white Americans who epitomize “real American values” and always vote for Republicans. They asserted that “the USA is being transformed by immigrants who do not share those values, and who have high rates of illiteracy, illegitimacy, and gang crime, and they will vote Democrat when the Democrats promise them more food stamps.” So there it is, and one may be inclined to attribute the Eagle Forum’s offensive way of characterizing all immigrants, and people of color, as uneducated criminals, but their portrayal is not on the fringe of the hard right, it is the Republican mindset promoted by Paul Ryan, Willard Romney, and the rest of the good white Republicans who are working tirelessly to keep minorities hungry, uneducated, and producing more minority babies.

First, all those “dirty minority babies” are American citizens by virtue of the U.S. Constitution, and are afforded all the rights and privileges guaranteed to white Americans. For an unknown reason, the xenophobic conservatives lusting to return to the 1950s fail to recognize that they too are descendants of immigrants unless they are Native Americans, but that is irrelevant because they are white. If conservatives and Republicans are so concerned that minorities are uneducated and desperate for food, they would not slash education spending and would spend their time spurring economic growth with jobs programs instead of tax cuts for the rich and banning contraception. Indeed, any opportunity for minorities to pull themselves out of poverty is being thwarted by Republican austerity measures that are really wealthy and corporate entitlement spending.

Second, the Republican meme that minorities are draining the wealthy’s entitlements by using food stamps is fallacious and meant to engender outrage among the “good white Ozzie and Harriet” Americans. According a United States Department of Agriculture report’s distribution of households participating in the SNAP program (food stamps), white, not Hispanic or African Americans, use food stamps by a margin of 35.7% to 32%, over 26% of all participants are employed, and over 15% are elderly Americans who are barely surviving. The good white Republicans are on a tear to guarantee that more minorities, elderly, children, and poor white Americans struggle with their Draconian budgets slashing food stamps for over 47-million Americans, and keeping them illiterate with drastic cuts to the only means of attaining that “white American ideal” of “happy, self-sufficient, autonomous, law-abiding, and hard-working” people with devastating cuts to education and legislation giving tax incentives to corporations that ship Americans’ jobs out of country.

America is changing, and to keep minorities and the poor from ever realizing the mythical American Dream, Republicans are raping Americans who are not fortunate enough to have been born into the 2% wealthiest income earners, and their portrayal of the poor as “takers” robbing the rich (makers) is pure Ayn Rand libertarian ideology. Besides cutting education, housing, food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid, Republicans like Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan propose raising taxes on the poor and not to be outdone Willard Romney proposes raising taxes on the poor by 60%.

It is a mystery why Republicans hate minorities, but their policies guarantee that they will vote for Democrats and it has nothing to do with food stamps. Republicans hate all Americans who are not wealthy, but they have been relentless in their assault on minorities and the poor, and yet they are befuddled why minorities vote for Democrats. It is no mystery that Democrats are desperate to create jobs, increase education spending, and create an environment that rewards education and hard work, but Republicans obstruct every measure as a matter of course in order to provide more entitlements for their wealthy “job creator” class that has never created jobs regardless the gifts from the American taxpayer.

The Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum had one thing correct; when all those minority babies reach voting age, they will vote for Democrats because they will have experienced the oligarchic Republican agenda that starves their families and obstructs their opportunity for a decent education so the wealthy maintain their grip on power and prosperity. They will also remember that Democrats waged a sustained battle to bring equity and income equality to all Americans while the GOP obstructed jobs, education, and safety nets that offer the only means of realizing the American Dream Republicans reserve for the wealthy. However, more than anything, the minority children being born today will remember that Republicans impugned them and their families as illiterate, illegitimate, and gang members based solely on the color of their skin, and as legal American citizens with the right to vote will turn out in droves to vote for Democrats who work tirelessly for all Americans regardless the color of their skin.


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  1. What the Dissocialists need, actually, is a large, outcasted group that can be disposed of for cheap labor and for war, and that can be used to compete with, frighten, and be a target for, a shrinking white middle of “ril uhMericuhns”. As the base of a pyramid must be the largest and the lowest to support the heights, so must this group be the largest and the most oppressed. I can foresee, therefore, that the Dissocialist agenda is going to depend heavily on progressive disenfranchisement, and the first step is likely to be the de jure or de facto repeal of the Fourteenth Amendment. Such a repeal is likely also to render descendents of those not yet naturalized when their children were born on American soil, “stateless persons”. It happened in the Dominican Republic. We’re just bigger- that’s all.

  2. Have they not read their history books. America started out with brown skinned people, that seems to have been god’s original plan.

  3. “…immigrants who do not share those values, and who have high rates of illiteracy, illegitimacy, and gang crime…”

    Well, the GOP will at least have a shot with the illiterate ones.

  4. there is no mystery here as to why the Republicans support the rich. In their hateful bigotry they know full well that only the rich can get rid of the minorities. The Constitution they still passionately cling to is totally helpless to create the world that they want.

    We will remember the Scott Walker discussion with that rich lady that when he said that Wisconsin will be in all red state. That is the goal across the United States with all of the voter repression laws. No one will vote that doesn’t vote Republican. At that point you no longer have a Republican Party but more than likely a monarchy

    I am sure the rank-and-file GOP members do not feel this way. I’m also sure they have no idea what the major plan is behind women’s birthing rights being repressed, voting rights being Repressed and workers rights being repressed. The ritual beside who has babies and when and who works. Minorities will probably be workers but they wont be citizens. Ever wonder why Ron Paul wants to get rid of the 14th amendment?

  5. Ah, but we don’t count. They used to claim that they wanted us to “become white”, but even when our people assimilated, we were not tolerated. It was all a trick to swindle the tribes out of their historic homelands.

    That’s why you so rarely hear about us, because they want people to forget that we still exist. Look at any list of minorities, and with some exceptions, you are not likely to see “American Indian” or “Native American” on it.

    Plus, the idea that we’re “Brown Skinned” is a stereotype. How brown-skinned we get is based on how much time we spend in the sun, and there used to be tribes that were fairer than any European of the period (because fair skin was a standard of beauty for that tribe). We aren’t monolithic; in belief, appearance, skin color, or even hair and eye color (and when intermarriage happens… as it has with all tribes, all bets are off as to characteristics).

  6. I would like to add one further comment ‘brown skinned’ to me is not an insult, I wonder if the republicans have ever come to the realization that Jesus (by virtue of his birthplace) was a brown skinned person.

  7. Never! They all have their “pictures” of a white, European Jesus. Right up there with God speaking in Elizabethan English.

  8. Yup! I am one of those swarthy skinned people of middle eastern extract. It’s kinda funny because in the Eastern Orthodox church that my family attended, Jesus was always portrayed in the icons as dusky or olive skinned with dark hair. As kids, we used to laugh at pictures of WASP blue eyed, blond haired, white skinned “Euro-Jesus”. I mean c’mon he was supposed to be from Galilee….look at the appearance of the people living there, even today.

  9. Wow, This deep-seated ‘FEAR’ these Cons are now articulating…must have been really sparked/pushed by watching a ‘Half-Black’ President of The USA!
    It’s no wonder they’re all going off the cliff…imagine their agony.
    When will they realize…we can’t put the Genie back in the bottle?
    Yet, that’s exactly where Democrats Shine…Liberals know adaptation is the Key…FORWARD!

  10. oh the irony, it is their own fault for banning abortions, birth control, family planning clinics, and sex education–they are reaping what they sowed!

  11. All I’m able to say is that it’s about time!! And you stooooooopid repthuglikkklans better start a fuggin’!!!

  12. One of my elders has a painting of “Jesus” (we really don’t know what he looked like, after all) done in Traditional (Native American) garb, wearing feathers and with a somewhat reddish complexion (tanned too) like you’ll find with a lot of us. We love it! Of course, we know that Jesus was an Aramaic Jew, and that He was probably a lot darker than any of us, but the picture was done because we acknowledge and value Him too. We’d like to think He’d be comfortable around us.

    The blond haired, blue eyed Jesus… (eyes rolling).

  13. You have heard of course about the rumors of jesus showing up and walking among the indians right? Supposedly to fill in for the fact that the bible says something to the effect that everyone who has ever lived has heard the word. Thats an eye roller as well

  14. More than rumors, but not from that point of view. That sounds like the “Last Days” crowd are working overtime, after hearing some of our legends. Uggh. They’ve steeplejacked some tribal groups and tried to take over ceremonies (make them dominionist), and now they’re after that. Cultural thieves, that’s what they are.

    I’ll say this… from the many points of view I can take, I don’t recognize their “Jesus”.

  15. Or better yet, people come to appreciate the beauty in all of the “colors of the world” and accept people for who and where they are.

  16. The remarks by the likes of the Eagle Forum go hand-in-hand with the disrespect shown toward the First Couple by the far right on a regular basis. The people who are drawn to the Eagle Forum, or simply share the same mentality, are folks who have to elevate themselves by diminishing others who are not like them, especially non-whites. As a black woman, I find it hugely ironic that so many white racists actually do not get to participate in the benefits that their being white is supposed to entitle them to, according to the Eagle Forum. Yet, they are raised from childhood and encouraged by powerful individuals and groups to demonize those they consider “others,” and it’s even worse that those powerful entities care no more about them than they do those of us they think of as “others.” They are swimming against an inevitable tide, exemplified by the ascendency of a black man to the presidency.

  17. One of the odd little ironies about the Schlafly drek is that not only is the world of Ozzie and Harriet a thoroughly discredited fable, but Ozzie and Harriet Nelson were well known in Hollywood as drunks.

  18. As for Phyllis Schlafly herself, all that shit she sprays into her hair has seeped into her gray matter and has reached critical levels.

  19. If Eagle Forum proves to be correct and the United States morphs into a country where the majority are not narrow-minded and hypocritical, then all I can say (as a white immigrant!) is thank the Lord for that.

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