Mitt Romney May Now Begin His Cross Country Campaign of Homophobia and Dollar Chasing

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:03 pm

Welcome back Dennis, how were the Great Smoky Mountains and Knoxville?

Curling through the Smoky Mountains is always a sight for sore eyes in need of a rest especially for my spouse who just finished a rewarding, albeit exhausting year of advancing Special Ed Emotionally Disabled youngsters’ needs step by step. It’s a complex process for all and I consider my wife a magnificent lady for her selfless 12-hour days (in class and extra work at home) in working with these precious children while abysmally uninformed right-wingers slash funding that makes it much, much tougher to help them.

But enough about the family and me. Let’s talk about foregone conclusions, like Mitt Romney’s Texas May 29th Texas primary win giving him at least 88 delegates with 64 still unofficial, enough to put him over the numerical clincher of 1,144 for the official Republican Presidential Nomination. You would think Mitt would be in Dallas or Houston or at the very least the state capital of Austin conveying his appreciation to voters for such a historic event.  He opted instead for Vegas, some 1,300 miles from Austin by way of Phoenix. He was trying his damnedest to extract some major money commitments from two allegedly wealthy players, one of whom actually has money, the other leverages it like Mitt used to do with Bain Capital. Readers who have followed these primaries are already familiar with this motley pair. There was the fickle Newt-backing Casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson who hinted at changing donation allegiances to Romney even before primary voters kicked Sheldon’s first choice to the curb. It should be noted that Gingrich is now all in for Romney.

Adelson is loaded. He can drop huge coin on Romney, but doesn’t seem to have that much affection for the guy. So I’m sure Romney told Adelson what rich candidates tell rich potential donors. “I won’t tax capital gains or dividends. I’ll see to it your casinos pay the same taxes as the local dog-walker and I’ll make sure you’re repaid by pushing for every piece of legislation you want passed that will personally benefit you.”

We’ll see if it works.

Donald, ‘birther’ Trump was the other reason that drew the devout Morman to the bright lights of the gambling, prostitution and pretty much naked showgirl Sodom & Gomorrah of Vegas. Trump was coming off a week where the venerable right-wing pundit George Will called him a ‘Bloviating Ignoramus’ on an ABC-TV chat show. Never to be outdone, Trump fired back that “George Will may be the dumbest and most overrated political commentator of all time.” Both men threw in other ugly and gratuitous comments as Will referenced Trump’s ‘low IQ and The Donald compared Will with Trump’s selection for the most horrible human on earth, Rosie O’Donnell. Such an off-putting family feud. Sadly, were it not for Will & Trump’s homophobia they could hug it out and all would be forgiven.

Will’s opinions notwithstanding (he’s also on record as doubting Romney can win), money is money, even if it comes from the guy with the Mt. Everest ego and the funny hair. Speaking of hair, Romney likes to attack gay hair with scissors, so the pair clearly have more in common than one might think.

Money issues aside for the moment, the Romney campaign just received some good news.  At least what passes for good news in the Teapublican political universe.

As you know by now, a recent poll on the subject found that 58% of veterans adore Romney vs. 34% who support Obama. Of course that’s because of an Obama move nearly a year ago repealing DADT. Old veterans, (2/3rds are over 50), don’t accede to that kind of equality. That’s what their 2,000 year old advisers and 70-year-old preachers tell them. That gay people (including gay soldiers apparently) should A. Go to hell and B. Be the main reason for turning the pages of history back to 1942 and establishing the updated version of what the preacher was talking about; internment camps for gays with electrified fences replacing barbwire, just as we did for about 100,000 or so Japanese-Americans some 70 years ago.

Franklin Roosevelt authorized the camps and Ronald Reagan later signed legislation apologizing to the affected Japanese. But I thought only sissy socialists, black presidents ever apologized for an action of the United States!

So we’re back to ‘exclusion zones’ where certain parts of the country are declared off-limits to a segment of the population. We’ve reprized such zones, only it appears that for a certain percentage of the population the ‘exclusion zone’ subsumes the entire United States.

So please don’t moralize older veterans who spent your Viet days with a doobie dangling from your lips and took R & R at Patpong, paying for diseased and underage village Thai girls who would do any kinky and defiling thing you asked them to. Maybe even more kinky than gay sex.

I say these things in hope that veterans, especially those who slid in and out of Vietnam for a decade will rethink their knee-jerk homophobia. While you may have caught the occasional furtive glance at your buttpack, remember the guy who covered the grenade, giving up his life to save dozens of others. He just might have been gay. Or that first guy over the hill seemingly oblivious to VC & NVA AK-47’s and American (yes American) Thompson Submachine guns. This crazy, wild soldier’s soldier who finally bought it in Khe Sanh might very well have been gay. Or any number of the young men giving you M-14 or M-16 cover or the young gays who were killed along with their straight ‘buddies’ in a war congress gave away with their lack of financial support to the South Vietnamese.

The average age of the dead was 23. And also remember, having been drafted, a lot of gay kids didn’t want to be there anymore than you wanted them there.

Don’t succumb to hate of a class of people who have basically never done anything to you, my great and brave warriors. It’s beneath you. Wear your scars proudly. You’ve got a huge booster already occupying the White House. Don’t risk his unstinting support for the rich guy who wants to cut everything, most especially tolerance.

Image: Amercia Is With Mitt!


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