Elizabeth Warren a Communist Because She Supports Everything Conservatives Hate

Brian Carmenker of hate group MassResistance

Liberals, at least, are aware that the problem lay as much in the people doing the reporting as the people doing the speaking. If you get a bunch of ignorant, dishonest people making speeches or comments or writing op-ed pieces and then get another bunch of ignorant, dishonest people reviewing or reporting what they said, you’re basically propagating propaganda, that is to say, biased or misleading information.

If, say, somebody says President Obama (I still like the sound of that) is an anti-colonialist Kenyan, conservative news sources will report that Obama is an anti-colonialist Kenyan rather than examining the charge for truth content (let alone, inquiring what an anti-colonialist Kenyan might be and what relevance this has to 21st century American politics).

So when I read on fundie-friendly OneNewsNow that Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance thinks that Elizabeth Warren is a communist because “she’s a supporter of everything conservatives hate” I want on the one hand to shrug, but on the other, to inquire as to why this might be so. Chad Groening, who reports this factoid for OneNewsNow certainly shows an appalling lack of curiosity on the subject. He is content to simply report it, without question, without examination:

“People are finding themselves from the conservative standpoint much in the same way that they feel about Mitt Romney nationally, in that we really don’t like him, but look at who he’s running against,” the activist suggests. “Elizabeth Warren is basically a Communist — she’s a supporter of everything conservatives hate.”

Are we to understand from this that Carmenker (who, like Bryan Fischer is fascinated by gay Nazis) thinks that a communist is a person who takes positions opposite those of conservatives? Are we further to understand that Chad Groening accepts this as the definition of a communist? He certainly takes no issue with it; he makes no attempt to examine the truth content of Carmenker’s accusation.

Now most of us know that communist (like Nazi and socialist) is a term conservatives like to throw around without really comprehending what it means. And not just the average ignorant Tea Partier but congressmen like Allen West, who is convinced that there are between 78 and 81 Democrats in Congress who are members of the Communist Party.

On the surface, it would seem both West and Carmenker are on agreement: a communist is one who is diametrically opposed to conservative ideology. This is all very Cold War and McCarthyesque and it’s no wonder it’s an attractive thesis to conservatives. It’s a simple appeal – emotional and “patriotic” and it requires little thought – everyone knows that those commies were the enemies of American democracy and since conservatives are “real Americans” communism must be its opposite, right? (remember too that witch-hunts have historically been conservatism’s response to people getting uppity and thinking for themselves).

Actual communism, of course, to be separated from its later Soviet counterfeit, is both a social and a political system is very community-centered -property is owned by the community (including especially the means of production) and each person contributes to the common good. There will be no classes (okay, you can see why conservatives would hate this).

You can readily understand communism in its mid-19th century context – the era of the Gilded Age and industrial robber barons and the oppression of workers without appeal to unions or state protections – if the people own the means of production there will be no industrialist to oppress them. Communism can be understood in its historical context to the Industrial Revolution and its widespread effects on society and culture. Since communism throws away the status quo and conservatism is based on maintenance of the status quo, it is easy to see why conservatives would label communists as an ideological bogeyman.

But does Elizabeth Warren argue from a communist position? Is she opposed to the ownership of property and for the communal ownership of the means of production? No, of course not. Elizabeth Warren is no more a communist by any definition of communism than are those members of congress so accused by Allen West, who is arguably not the brightest bulb on the tree (this needs to be said in the interest of accurate reporting). You can look at where Warren stands on the issues here and elsewhere with a quick Google and see for yourself.

But it makes good press. As I said, it is an emotional appeal. These people are our enemies, it says. It doesn’t have to be explained; it doesn’t have to have any basis in fact. It’s like calling everyone who isn’t a Christian a “pagan” or a Christian who doesn’t have the “right” kind of belief a “heretic”. Groening is no more interested in the whys and wherefores – that is to say the facts – than is Carmenker, and a reporter should care about the facts.

Unquestioning reporting: Chad Groening of fundie-friendly news service OneNewsNow says that Brian Carmenker of Massachusetts-based anti-gay group MassResistance says that Elizabeth Warren is a communist because she disagrees with conservative positions. OneNewsNow says of itself,

At OneNewsNow.com, you will get your news from reporters you can trust to give the latest news without the liberal bias that characterizes so much of the “mainstream” media.

Liberal biases like appeal to a fact-based universe, apparently. They claim that “For a refreshing and informative change in where you get your news, log on to OneNewsNow.com.” If by informative they mean dishonest and misleading, they are apparently spot on and certainly in good company (FOX News and now CNN leading the way).

While we’re on the subject of fact-filled reporting, I should also mention that SPLC declared MassResistance a hate group back in 2008 and noted Carmenker’s predilection for making fact-free claims in the interest of hate.

Apparently, conservative viewers and readers want to be liberated from the world of facts and from the millstone that is a fact-based universe where fantasy is not allowed to have its way with reality. If one hate-filled group says something the hate-filled news service has to report it and certainly won’t violate the precepts of the agreed upon fantasy universe to question it. Why introduce facts when the fantasy is so congenial?

Now of course, the old joke about communism for those not old enough to remember is the Cold War Soviet credo that in communism “everyone is equal – except for those who are more equal than others.”

I don’t know about you, but (stream of consciousness here) that sounds to me to have a lot more in common with conservatism than liberalism. But I’m not going to make that charge here because I’ve already used up my time and my space and can’t give the subject the attention it requires: it will have to be a topic for another day. Oh, and when you think about Brian Carmenker’s resistance to a fact-filled universe, think about the robo-calls he made in support of Rick Santorum, another guy with a deep-seated hatred of actual facts.

Image from SPLC-designated hate group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

13 Replies to “Elizabeth Warren a Communist Because She Supports Everything Conservatives Hate”

  1. Actually, that was the McCarthyist definition of “Communism”, too. The following are a few things that were “Communist”:

    Robin Hood movies (he took from the rich and gave to the poor)
    Hiawatha (journeyed home with Minehaha before the wedding ceremony-clearly an endorsement of premarital sex)

    The Gospels (too much anti-rich propaganda and sharing)

    Atheists, because they didn’t believe in the Bible

    Integration (only Communists could want to level things out like that)

    Wonder Woman (encouraged little girls to be uppity, stompish baby Lesbians)

    The United Nations (what do you mean, ril uhMericuns have to listen to anybody?)

    The Girl Scouts (see the two foregoing)

    Other than the fact that gay males weren’t on the radar yet, except as the probable products of upbringing by stompish, maladjusted, penis-envying mommies and we weren’t even thinking of Mooslins yet, it all looks tiresomely familiar, doesn’t it?

  2. It is so refreshing to see communism being discussed with such accuracy (most -but admittedly not all- anthropologists I know would strongly agree that communism is dated). And you’re right, the essence of communism is once they get in power, they are conservative – they want to maintain their new status quo, that is, with the new elites in power and the new way to keep everyone in their place, and a stable society (no matter how miserable the people are).

    Besides the USSR and China (whom I’d argue were never true communists in the first place, and the Chinese certainly aren’t now no matter what they prattle), there have been few communist societies (one of my colleagues has argued that the Inca were, but I don’t know if I’d agree). One thing that I can say is that the ones I’ve heard of were all the same and not that different than what the capitalists want – a few elites and everyone else subservient to them – really an oligarchy.

    I’ve heard the bullshit about communism being an extension of liberalism, but the speakers don’t know what they’re talking about. Usually it gets to where they argue that there is no political spectrum from left to right… from absolute freedom for everyone on the left side, to the far right with every bit of freedom nonexistent. I’ve heard people argue that it’s a circle with the far right and far left being nearly the same. They’ve never shown evidence to support their argument, and the observations I’ve made over my lifetime disproves their assertions.

    It is possible to see societies close to the extreme on the right, but only small egalitarian groups can even approach that on the far left. The nature of society is such that it requires something closer to the center (but as far to the left as possible should be sought if you value people and their freedom). If you’re liberal, as much freedom for the individual as possible is the goal, as long as the individual’s freedom doesn’t take from the freedom of others (thus a balance).

  3. hey, where was my invite to the latest meeting of the us commie reds? i have all my commie red book stuff ready! and we are re-releasing Pravda, [oh wait thats fox]
    yo comrades unite! that commie [see jews] label will be a fav meme of the liars in the reichwing…..

    when fascism comes to america it will be wrapped in a flag, and carrying a cross…..

  4. Know who else was “anti-colonial”?

    George Washington!

    But, everything which does not confrom to the conservative dogma du jour is ipso facto Communist!

  5. Lately, they have been using “Mooslin” as a codeword for “Jew”, and dumb crotches like Pamela Geller never get it.

  6. Thanks for this post, Hraf! I just posted the definitions of fascism, Nazism, and communism on my FB page the other day, and I made sure to point out that neither of these is related to liberalism. I also supplied links to the source articles. I did this because I live in GA, and most of my FB ‘friends’ are staunch conservatives who believe that PBO and liberals are fascists and/or communists. Since I spent over 30 years teaching high school social studies, I figured it is time for my conservative FB ‘friends’ to get the real facts about what these terms mean instead of the RW pundit/politician version. Socialism is next on my list. I’m going to keep posting this information on my FB page because I am ashamed of having so many Americans misapply these terms and feel as if they’re making valid points by using them to disparage their fellow citizens only because they have a different way of viewing the purpose of our government.

  7. We sometimes have to correct the misunderstandings of college students regarding the meanings of those terms. There is some really amazing bs being taught to the kids these days, and it is worrisome.

    In fact, according to a newspaper report and editorial, they no longer teach civics in Florida.

  8. You’re welcome, majii. Walkaway,that is truly frightening but not terribly surprising, given the state of the state, if you take my meaning. The most kids need to know about civics there right now is Republicans are allowed to vote and Democrats aren’t.

  9. Defeating the Rightwing on the Road to Socialism……Please read this article by Sam Webb Chairman of The Communist Party of the USA. They endorse the Left,Democrats, and the Obama Administration!


  10. They probably think that this is one step towards communism. They still haven’t gotten the memo that communism is so 19th century, and this is the 21st century!

  11. Socialism and communism are not identical and frankly, I don’t see any real problem with socialism – we have plenty of it in the system already and it’s worked pretty well for America

  12. The Tea Party/GOP abused the filibuster more than any other time in history to stop bills to improve the economy, death threats against the president are up 300% over Bush era, and right-wing white racial groups dramatically increased in numbers, Right Wing politicians started talking about secession and “second amendment remedies” and Rush Limbaugh stated, publicly and repeatedly, that he hoped Obama would fail. If THAT’S what a conservative considers “patriotism,” they’re delusional. Patriotism is more than what you are against. You have to stand for something besides your own petty little needs. Conservatives have forgotten this.
    Republican politicians and pundits passing around racist emails, calling President Obama a skinny little crack head or man-child and demanding to see his “real” birth certificate because being born to an American mother and a Kenyan father magically makes you “not American” despite several past (white) presidents having a foreign national as a parent. When the Right stops using racial resentment, we’ll stop calling them racist.
    Socialism! Communism! Fascism! Conservatives don’t know what these words mean so they lump them all together!! And they’re scary words!!! Communism is when the government controls the means of production and dictates what gets produced in what quantities. Mainstream liberals do not advocate this. Socialism is when everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of our collective labor. The interstate highway system is SOCIALISM. National monuments and parks are SOCIALISM. The public education system is SOCIALISM. Community colleges are SOCIALISM. The police and fire departments are SOCIALISM. Medicare is SOCIALISM. Social Security is SOCIALISM. My god! The word “social” is right there in the name!!!
    Let me know how many of those SOCIALIST programs you’re willing to do without.
    Fascism is a movement predicated on rabid nationalism (America is for REAL Americans), racism (White Power), isolationism (build the fence!), political violence (militias) and wars of aggression (Iraq). Now, which political movement does that sound like? Sure doesn’t sound like any liberals I’ve ever heard of!
    Which states commit more crimes? “Blue” states, by and large, have a lower crime rate than “Red” states. Which states get divorced more often? Again, Red states more than Blue. Which states get pregnant at a younger (unmarried) age? Red trumps Blue! Who encourages unsafe sex, thus increasing the number of abortions and the transmission of STDs? Conservatives. Who cheer the death penalty knowing that innocent men get executed? Conservatives. Who wanted to continue the war in Iraq? Conservatives.
    Reagan roughly tripled the deficit. Bush 42 actually tried to curb it and was punished by his own party for more taxes. Clinton balanced it two years in a row and was on track to erase the national debt in a decade. Bush 44 sent the deficit into the unheard of territory of $1 trillion+ with his $700 billion tax cut, two wars and the Medicare Part D corporate giveaway. None of these were paid for or offset. We still have those tax cuts, one war, and Medicare Part D. How is it Obama’s fault again that the deficit is outrageous? Almost 30 years of the conservative one-two punch of “cut taxes and deregulate” under the guise of “trickle down” have crushed the economy. But let’s blame the black guy!!

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