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President Obama Schools Republicans For Refusing to Pass Jobs Bill

Last updated on February 8th, 2013 at 05:23 pm

Obama Schools Republicans: I Sent You a Jobs Bill Last Fall That Would Have Put Americans Back to Work

While the economy is getting better, it’s not getting better fast enough. President Obama used his weekly address to point out that while there are things we can’t control, some things we can control.

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Like that jobs bill full of bipartisan ideas he sent congress last fall…

The one they didn’t pass.

The President said, “There are plenty of steps we can take right now to continue to create jobs and grow this economy.” Sounded slightly irritated with the relentless Congressional obstruction (read: Republican) , he continued, “I sent Congress a jobs bill last September full of the kinds of bipartisan ideas that would have put our fellow Americans back to work and helped reinforce our economy against those outside shocks.”

The look on his face at this point is priceless. I used it for the featured image of this post because it says everything. He looks like a father schooling troubled teens. You know better, kids. Stop messing around with drugs and stealing stuff. You’re playing with lives.

Barely containing what passes for disgust for the ever even-keeled President, he continued pointing out how even when he tries to do things that Republicans say they care about, like reducing the deficit, they refuse to take action for the country. “I sent them a plan that would have reduced the deficit by $4 trillion in a way that’s balanced – that pays for the job creating investments we need by cutting unnecessary spending and asking the wealthiest Americans (oops, there’s the problem, Sir) to pay a little more in taxes.”

Coming in for the partisan kill against blatant Republican obstructionism to murder what’s left of our economy since they were last in power in hopes of regaining power, Obama pointed out, “Since then, Congress has only passed a few parts of that jobs bill, like a tax cut that’s allowing working Americans to keep more of your paycheck every week.” He continued, “And that’s important but Congress hasn’t acted on enough of the ideas in that bill that would make a difference and help create jobs right now.”

Pursing his lips in disapproval, he condemned the Republicans, “There is no excuse for that. Not when so many people are still looking for work.”

In typical Obama fashion, he ended on an encouraging note, “My message to Congress is let’s get to work.” I picture him patting John Boehner on the head and offering him ice cream if he’ll put down the golf club and the Whiskey and just stumble on into the House for a few minutes to press Yes on a few jobs bill items.

This is what Republicans can expect for their unpatriotic cheering yesterday to disappointing economic news.

Republicans, you’re on notice. Get to work. Do something for the American people.

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