Recall Walker Live: Wisconsin Election Updates and Returns

We will updating all the election returns from Wisconsin as they come in, so come on in and join us for the live chat.

11 Replies to “Recall Walker Live: Wisconsin Election Updates and Returns”

  1. Well, the people have spoken. It IS a victory for the tax-payer; it’s bad enough our elected officials can vote themselves a pay raise,we don’t need other government workers doing the same.

  2. government workers negotiate a pay raise, whereas elected officials simply raise their own pay. The key word is negotiate. When there is a difference between a union and a company, even if that company is a state government, there is always the right to go to binding arbitration or mediation. there is no excuse saying that state unions or even corporate unions taken vantage of anyone. Neither side has to a great unless they go to binding arbitration.

  3. I , and I guess the voters of Wisconsin, don't agree that public employees should be able to negotiate their pay. It can, and often does, result in a politician promising more money to get their votes, and leaving tax-payers to pay it.  The government is not a profit-generating agency, and should have to work with a budget. I'm all for raising taxes on the rich, but not to fund a politicians' campaign. Yes, the rich use their money to influence politicians,too, and that should be addressed, but that that doesn't exclude dealing with public employees.

  4. there is no single politician that determines the wages of public employees. Public employees negotiate their wages the same way that unions do. If the company( or government) does not like where the negotiations have stalled both the union and the company have the right to go to binding arbitration. No one truly has the right to say that unions taken vantage of companies or companies can take advantage of unions except one one or the either agrees to cuts.

    The government may not be a profit generating agency but it does have departments and workers. If I follow your logic then everyone from the president on down who works for us the people should not be paid. As far as our Congress is concerned I am absolutely in agreement with that.

  5. I don't think my logic calls for every public employee not to be paid; only that they be paid with taxes that can be obtained, not promises. And I think we tax-payers deserve a bargain for our money. Rather than bargain with the elected officials, perhaps there can be a general vote on pay and such. (Yeah; I know: that requires a lot of tax money. It ain't a perfect system!)

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