Why the GOP is the Party of Choice for Sociopaths and Psychopaths

“[O]utlaw the practice of witchcraft and Satanism in the US military, lest we offend the God of Heaven.”

-       John Hagee

But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

-       Thomas Jefferson

The Republican Party has become the party of choice for sociopaths and psychopaths. By now it should be more than obvious why this is true. Sure, these people are going to have problems regardless, but conservatives are more than happy to supply them with ammo, both literally and figuratively.

Do I even have to write an article after providing the very different quotes given above? Okay, I suppose I do. But rather than talk about bullets and guns laws and “Second Amendment remedies”, I am going to talk about the hate that pulls the trigger.  Let’s be up front about this: most of what I want to say I can’t put into print. But let me take a deep breath and try.

Watch the video from Right Wing Watch:

John Hagee clearly needs a refresher course in American history and in particular the Constitution.  Likely, if he reads anything it was written by David Barton or by somebody equally ignorant and dishonest.

Look, I just took after these people yesterday (Trapped by Religion) and here they have me back at it the very next day. There is simply no excuse for this sort of willful ignorance on the part of people who should know better (by that I mean people with at least a grade school education and a better than room temperature IQ), and no clearer example can be made of Gerd Lüdemann’s assertion that Hagee’s religion is incompatible with the pluralism inherent in a modern liberal democracy.

It fits in pretty well with the sort of theocracy the Constitution prohibits, however. In fact, it fits in very well with the sort of tyrannical religious bigotry inherent in the church for the better part of 1500 years before the Enlightenment freed the human mind from religious superstition and intolerance.

To make matters worse, Hagee told atheists to get out of America “if our belief in God offends you.” What happened to turning the other cheek? Isn’t that what Hagee is supposed to do according to his professed belief in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? If he wants to be like Jesus, what he should have said was, “We’ll turn the other cheek if our belief in God offends you.” I won’t even get into how he missed the boat on the whole “love your enemy” thing.

I read the Bible. I’m pretty sure that’s in there.

The Young Turks have a scary collection of Hagee sermons if you care to expose yourself more fully to this man’s all-consuming hate. Watch the video from TYT Network (suggested: purification rituals before and after viewing, or at least a bath afterward, perhaps some counseling):

It’s safe to say nobody knows hate like John Hagee, perhaps not even Brian Fischer.  John Hagee is the guy who went on record as saying hate is the only way to save America. He’s apparently still serious about it. And of course, he is the guy who said that God allowed Hitler to kill millions of Jews to give them the needed nudge to go back to Israel. And yes, Hagee is the same guy who said God tried to destroy New Orleans with a flood because he hates gays and lesbians and that God kills birds when he throws a temper tantrum. This is what Hagee calls taking “America and the world back to the God of our Father, asserting all the while that it makes him “America’s preacher.”

A better name for it would be destroying America.

I know, right now you’re saying, “WTF! Why give this a** clown time?” The simple answer is that a lot of people listen to this a** clown. He is an influential preacher and his slimy mode of talk is going to weigh with voters on Election Day.

His own church – Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas – has, according to Wikipedia, has more than 19,000 active members and he poisons many more minds than that thanks to modern technology. He is CEO of Global Evangelism Television (GETV), a non-profit, off which he apparently makes a much better living than Jesus – in other words, Hagee isn’t limited to a change of clothes and a well-worn pair of sandals –  and:

Hagee is the President and CEO of John Hagee Ministries, which telecasts his national radio and television ministry carried in the United States on 160 TV stations, 50 radio stations, and eight networks, including The Inspiration Network (INSP)Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), and Inspiration Now TV. The ministries can be seen and heard weekly in 99 million homes. John Hagee Ministries is in Canada on the Miracle Channel and CTS and can be seen in AfricaEuropeAustraliaNew Zealand, and in most Third World nations.

And though Hagee is a pastor is happily supports presidential candidates through endorsements – from Alan Keyes in 1996 to John McCain in 2008; the latter actively sought Hagee’s endorsement. It’s safe to say to borrow a metaphor that I am David and Hagee is Goliath. I cannot hope to reach 99 million homes.

I wrote last September that I would be hard pressed to cram so much excrement into so small an area. Seriously. You really have to be an accomplished liar to do what Hagee has done. Well, here we are almost a year later and Hagee still has excrement pouring out of his mouth, and is completely missing the point of the whole American exercise as conceived by our Founding Fathers.

Really, if anyone should leave, it is Hagee, because he refuses to get along with the rest of us and to follow the Constitution. Meanwhile, as Towleroad said last year, “For the love of God, someone get this guy on a morphine drip.” Given Hagee is only the tip of the iceberg, I’d say morphine drips all around. It might be the difference between life and death – for the rest of us.

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  1. Actually, Hagee’s sort of religion creates a culture where sociopathy is the norm, psychopathy is the ideal, and empathy is the cardinal sin of cardinal sins; hence, his is the religion of psychopaths, and the Republican Party, which this kind of religion has captured, is now the party of psychopaths.

  2. not that I think for an instant that there is a God, but I think pastor Hagee aught to remember that God deals with individuals not countries. The only time he deals with countries is with the Israelites. Supposedly. Since they are the only people going to heaven anyway the good pastor should remember that when God looks down and sees somebody worshiping Satan he doesn’t say to himself, “oh wait a minute he’s American I must punish all of them”. And actually it God’s fault to start with as he created Satan. Or wait a minute did he? It seems that Genesis never covered who created the angels.

    In any case the good pastor is using or trying to use national hysteria. Dominionism within the military is rampant and I’m sure they have orders to deal with any Satan worshipers at the end of the howitzer.while these people are eminently dangerous, I think they are also just Hysterically insane. Imagine 19,000 people going to church on Sunday and listened idiots like this without having the ability to think wait a minute, this guy is clinically insane and walking out the door. I think that means we have 19,000 clinically insane people just watching This guy

  3. I think it is language like his that brought about last night’s disaster. I’ve been really worried that the dominionists have had far more success steeplejacking this nation, and it does seem to me that they’ve been successful.

    They may not have all the people slavering over their preaching or calling for killing gays, atheists, and liberals in general, but they’ve gotten a lot of them convinced that hurting the 99% is good.

  4. It’s the politics of spite. One time (the joke goes about my mother’s ancestral country), God got so tired about the generational grudge that Stoyan, the Bulgarian farmer, felt towards his neighbor Bulent, the Turkish farmer, that he decided to teach him a lesson in tolerance. “Stoyan”, he said, “I will give you anything you ask for, but I will give double that to Bulent”. And Stoyan said, “Cut off one of my balls”.

    This explains how mean white people keep voting against their own interests. They’ll suffer any injury themselves in order to inflict a worse one on all those icky “others”.

  5. The sad thing is that those “icky Others”, the ones they hate, turn out to be more Christ-like (kind, dedicated to helping and caring for others, concerned about things like truth, justice and mercy) than they are, and I’m speaking from experience.

    I recognize that is because that is what their preachers are programming them. They’ve been taught pure bullshit, and they don’t realize it.

    Our voices are not loud enough to get past the preaching, much less the mainstream media (who amplifies the message coming from most of the pulpits). The people don’t hear a tad of dissonance about what they believe, or at most just enough to be a minor irritant (and the preachers have them convinced it’s because we “serve the devil”, and not because their own preaching is wrong and evil).

    They need to go back to what Jesus himself taught and teach that. Anything else is at cross-purposes with Heaven (and reality).

  6. If you’re talking about Walker, that’s missing the point. His win will encourage more of the same (disenfranchisement, destruction of the 99%, etc.), and the only thing that might help is if he’s arrested and thrown in jail very soon. That will make people think about who they supported.

    If you’re talking about Hagee, every minute he spews his hate, he infects others… and deepens the infection in those who already listen or follow.

    Dominionism is a political/religious/spiritual cancer that will kill or severely disfigure the nations it infects, unless it’s stopped. I think that could be argued of any form of fundamentalism, and especially the more militant forms like dominionism.

  7. Hitler was just a man, and he’s gone. Stalin was just a man, and he’s gone. Pinochet was just a man, and he’s gone. Milton Friedman was just a man, and he’s gone. Their departure did not bring back even one victim, nor undo the rip they left in the fabric of humanity.

  8. if there is good news it is that the younger folks are much more secular than the group that came of age during the rise of the christian right..

    having said that, there is in fact a vast right wing conspiracy.. its not only the preachers and those in the religous institutions, its Republicans in c-street and with the advent of the faith based initiative taxpayer funded bigotry..

    (my knigdom for a spell checker)

  9. Regarding the youth… couldn’t tell that from around here. I hope so, but I’m not holding my breath.

    They’re programming the kids at an early age, and some of the things that I’ve heard come out of the mouths of “educated”, intelligent college students and recent graduates…

  10. I don’t see anything wrong with your spelling, however if you use Firefox it automatically checks for you and underlines anything that’s misspelled. Otherwise my posts be a pure mess. Or messier than they already are

  11. Some good news and some bad news.

    The good news first… I just got an email saying that while Walker remains in office, at the same time we did win in the recall elections on the state senate, and we now have a majority there. The new majority states that they will put the brakes on Walker whenever he does something crazy.

    The bad news (more in line with the topic)… it seems that in South Korea, they’ve removed evolution from the textbooks (the “error of evolution”) and are close to teaching creationism. The dominionists already have a giant presence in that country, and this only reinforces how they’re winning around the world.


    Like I’ve said… they teach lies and call it Truth.

  12. It all shows whom they truly serve, for anything goes in the cause of the “Father of Lies”

  13. narcissistic personality disorders….. with a side of sociopathism…. how the hell do 36% union people still vote for walker, unless they are totally mush brained? the disconnect is off the hook!…

  14. See “The Politics of Spite”, supra, where you’re willing to lose a testicle if you can, thereby, insure someone you dislike loses both his.

  15. Bingo.

    I keep saying, he’s too rich to be too quiet on all that is transpiring. He’s the grand-daddy of all modern mind control techniques; X-tain wanna-be’s, like Hagee, have learned at his knee.

    Moon’s massive cult of converts during the 60’s and 70’s made American fundamentalist crazy with jealousy until he was finally deport…however, Moon figured out he could get back in…All he had to do was use the fundamentalist (and his vast piles of money) as his “back door” (giving money to Liberty U, his newspaper) to get his maniacal message back into the mainstream. All he had to do was “share” his techniques with Falwell and company and explain how he used mind control to convert the masses.

    I tell ya’ he’s the man (or one of the main ones) behind the curtain…everybody thinks I’m crazy or this is conspiracy thinking, but the old F’er is still running around the globe conning people to this day. And his worth is astronomical…his tentacles are long and deep.

  16. That old pervert and his corps of braindead zombies certainly has something to do with it. The connections between him and dominionism in general are known, at least to those folks that have been fighting against it, for years. I remember the first time I read about the connections, and yeah, it flabbergasted me, but then I realized that the dominionists were just another aspect of the same idea.

    He’s also solidly connected to the Bushes, and there has been some talk that the Sr. Bushes may actually be followers in some way (they certainly support him).

  17. Paul Yonggi Cho, sometimes aka David Yonggi Cho may be even worse in some ways than Moon.  Moon is very old and while he's setting up his dynasty, Cho is, or was, still going on very strong in dominionist circles.  He's one of the founders of some of the worst aspects of that movement.
    Dogemperor can say a lot about that, and has, for instance on Talk2Action.

  18. Cho is a first-class charlatan. He has changed his name (a few times?) in order to skirt his past and misdirected his "character"; very strong following in S.Korea. 
    And yes, there is a strong connection between the Bush Family and the Moon Famiy…and arms deals (how is it that he has 2 arms manufacturing factories in the US?), and prostitution rings (his "girl choir" that he brings to the US periodically), money laundering….as a matter of fact, I have read that has one of the biggest money laundering "banks" for his US friends. No wonder there were so many Reps/Sens. at his "ceremony" in DC crowing him "King". He's in on the fix big time…and he's not even supposed to BE HERE as he was thrown out of the country years ago.
    (I should provide the links and back up my words before the followers of "Father" invade here and start their spin)

  19. I prefer to call him the old lying pervert (because of some of the things he requires of his mind-slaves, such as having a picture of him looking over while they have sex).
    Yeah, either link to the info on T2A, or provide links.  It's bad enough to have dominionist and mormon trolls making trouble, don't need the moonies too.
    (They used to be a real headache back in the 70s when I was in school back then… along with the Scientologists and their "e-meter" (aka skin galvanometer) .   They were ALWAYS proselytizing and pushing, even as soon as you got out of class. 
    It's off topic here, but have I shared about the practical joke an engineering student I knew played on the Scientologists (and witnessed)?  Hooked up a hidden battery, and had the wires so that they connected the leads to their "e-meter" to them instead of his skin.  Blew the face right off the meter and a nice little tiny mushroom cloud of smoke.  I don't think I ever saw anyone as scared as those scientologists!  (They ran!)

    The greatest freedom the human mind can experience comes with the realization that “God” does in fact have a plan; you’re just not part of it.

  21. Nice fallacy you have going on there.  Just because there are some crazies that vote and endorse Republicans doesn't mean that all Republicans are crazy, intolerant bigots.  Since people above have already invoked Godwin's law, let me make another point.  Hitler loved children and puppies, does that mean that all people that feel the same are megalomaniacal maniacs?  Doubtful. The fact that this Hagee nutjob support Republicans doesn't mean that all their policies are bad.  Think for yourselves people.
    Insert your choice of fallacy of division, Riductio ad Hitlerum, guilt by association, sweeping generalization, etc
    – an atheist that most votes Republican

  22. I see you are into fallacys.

    Take each example by itself and stop trying to spread false logic

  23. I can hardly wait to see your face when you are brought before the throne of God and discover She is a Cat.

  24. For the record, Rev Moon has now changed the name of the UC (Unification Church) to "Lovin' Life Ministries" and is now re-charging on college campuses recruiting a second generation….he's baaack!
    (don't be surprised if you get a letter demanding that this comment be deleted as they are all over ANY news media outlet that reveals their new name to the public…you don't have to, by the way)

  25. Weasel words spoken like a true apologist…"just because there are SOME, doesn't mean ALL" isn't a sweeping generalization? Come, come cretin, you'll have to do better than that!
    "…The fact that this Hagee nutjob support Republicans doesn't mean that all their policies are bad.  Think for yourselves people…"
    So, it's a fact that Hagee IS a nut job; what has that got to do with Republican policy unless you are saying that Hagee is a part of the party's policy making…obviously…you don't think for yourself or you wouldn't be so quick on the cognitive dissonace game…tell a half truth, turn the logic, lie and then attack others who are thinking accusing them of "not thinking"…you're not smart, just slick…

  26. Make no mistake about it: Hagee is an atheist, not a christian. He is simply another garden-variety grifter who recognizes a lucrative niche for exploiting the most ignorant and gullible among us through two of our most rudimentary emotions — fear and hate.

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